Start Up Visa

Denmark Start- up Scheme allows non-EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) residents to live and start the start-up in Denmark that can contribute to Denmark’s economy. It is an opportunity provided by Danish Government to the overseas talented entrepreneurs to take this platform to excel their business which can contribute to the economy of Denmark on global level. The aim of this scheme is to begin poignant and influential start ups in Denmark.Denmark Start up Visa was started in the year 2015 by Denmark Government in order to invite the talented overseas entrepreneurs.

Start-up Denmark Scheme provides an opportunity to the International entrepreneurs to get the Danish residence permit to build and start an innovation company . An individual or a group of three people both can begin their business together in Denmark under the joined business plan. You must need confirmation for your business plan by a cabinet of experts appointed by the Danish Business Authority prior to the processing of your application by SIRI for the residence permit under the scheme.

Why chose Denmark ?

  1. One of the world’s largest exporters of wind turbines.
  2. Represented as the world’s happiest country in the world.
  3. Accessible state to do business activities in entire Europe.
  4. Highest employment rate in Europe.
  5. World’s leading producer and exporter of ranch mink.
  6. First country to legalize same-sex unions in 1989.


The applicant has to meet the conditions to qualify , in order to run a business in Denmark and attain the residence permit.

a) You must need approval from the Board of experts appointed by the Danish Business Authority.

b) After the approval of your business idea, you can apply for the residence and work permit of under the scheme.

c) Your business idea should be with proper vision and creative approach and should be emerged as a stepping stone for the development of the Danish business community.

d) You must need positive word of mouth in the establishment of your business in Denmark from the Danish business interest.

e) You need to submit documents that you have enough funds to complete your first year in Denmark. If any family member is accompanying you, you have to give evidence that you can financially support them.

f) You need to have funds of approx 135,384 DDK if you are in Denmark without any accompanying members and if your spouse is coming along with you, it is 270, 768Ndkk.

g) If your spouse and one or more children are coming along with you in Denmark, then you need to submit the proof that you have 315, 300 DKK funds for your stay.

h) If your spouse is not accompanying you, but your one or more children are accompanying you, the funds should be approx 179, 916 DKK.

i) You need to show your presence and take part in handling your business activities for the growth and establishment of the business.

j) Conditions for any changes in business: You have to apply for the new residence and work permit if you have switched your business from the original or you want to start a new business because your previous business closes.

Steps to follow for Start-up Denmark Scheme

a) You have to create a user ID while submitting your visa application or appeal with a fee.

b) You have to create your Order ID, deposit your fee and submit your application in the one year. Your application may get rejected if you deposit the fee before 1 January and submitting the visa application in the next year.

c) You have to submit below-given documents like:

1)    Documents of paid fee

2)    Photocopy of all the pages of the passport

3)    Approval by board of experts by Danish Business Authority

4)    Documents of your financial funds

Your application has been submitted correctly, if you have created the user ID, paid the fee, submitted the application and record of your biometric features have been done.

Duration of Stay 

a) The validity of your residence permit begins from the day when you get the residence permit.

b) You may get the residence and work permit up to two years. You can extend your permit for the next three years at a time.

c) You can stay and continue your business in Denmark even after the deadline of your permit if you have submitted the application for the extension on time.

Processing time and fee 

It takes around one month in processing your application and the fee is DKK 2.110.


  1. The applicant receives residence and work permit for the duration of 2 years and there is a chance of extension.
  2. The applicant can set up his/her business in a stable entrepreneurial environment and gets the access to European market.
  3. The applicant along with accompanying spouse and dependent children gets the access of healthcare and education facilities.
  4. You can stay and live in the Schengen area for up to 90 days in the period of the latest 180 days.

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