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The UK is the most- beloved Immigration place for the people who step out of their home country for better career opportunities and to live a standard life. W.e.f 11 January 2018, there have been lots of changes in the Immigration rules of the UK. The UK immigration process is tenacious and convoluted. The people who want to immigrate to the UK need to meet the eligibility requirements, before that, people need to choose the right visa category as per their qualification. To know the latest news about the UK, you can consult Make Visas experts.



UK happens to be one of most sought after destinations for people wishing to live and work in a country with class and quality. UK’s migration system is a bit tangled, however since 2008, majority of work-related visa applications, as well as student visa applications, have been made obtainable via a five tier, points-based system which determines prospective applicants against various criteria made to evaluate their qualification for a UK visa.

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Types of UK Immigration Visa Types

  1. 5 Tier UK Visa System

a) Tier 1 Visa

If you’re nationals from outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland and known for your exceptional talent in the field of science, humanities, engineering, you can apply for this visa program. This visa process goes through two stages. Firstly, you’ve to apply to the Home Office for endorsement. The


Who you’re applying forStage1 – endorsementStage 2- Visa application






The applicant from Turkey or Macedonia£456£97
All dependants –   £608

Duration of the Stay

You can dwell in the UK for the span of 5 years and 4 months if you’ve applied outside the UK.  The duration of 5 years is given to the applicants who apply inside the UK. In addition, you can apply for an extension of this visa for the next 5 years. If you’ve been in the UK for three years with an exceptional talent visa or 5 years with an exceptional talent visa, you may apply for settlement.


a) Your family members can join you in the UK.

b) You are free to travel in and outside the UK.

c) You can start your employment tenure with an employer and you can even change your job without informing the Home office.

b) Tier 2 Visa

This visa category allows the skilled workers to enter the UK . This category is for ‘skilled workers’ from outside the EEA with a job offer in the UK. It includes skilled workers who are transferred to the UK by an international company, skilled workers where there is a proven shortage in the UK, ministers of religion and sportspeople.

c) Tier 3 Visa

This UK visa category belongs to the unskilled migrants and was a replacement for low –skilled immigration programmes such as the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme (SAWS) and the Sectors Based Scheme (SBS), which are presently applicable for Bulgarians and Romanians. After the announcement of Prime Minister David Cameron, this scheme was abrogated on 25th March 2013.

d) Tier 4 visa

Tier 4 visa category belongs to the students who’re outside from the EEA and Switzerland and would like to study in the UK. is for students aged over 16 from outside the EEA who wish to study in the UK.  It is segregated into different categories; the applicants can choose the best one as per their eligibility and preference. Some students can bring their family members along with them, during their study period.

Types of Study Visas:

a) Short-term Study Visa

b) Tier 4Child Student Visa

c) Tier 4 General Student Visa


a) The child should be 16 or above to be eligible to apply for the Tier 4 General Student visa and short-term study visa.

b) To get the Tier 4 visa, you need to get Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) first. A CAS is a 14 digit number given by the university after your acceptance of the unconditional offer.

c) The applicant needs to have adequate funds to support his/her stay in the UK while studying.

The applicants must have a place at a registered UK educational establishment before they can apply.

e) Tier 5 Visa

Under the Tier 5 Visa category, you can look for the work opportunities in different fields such as for charity workers, entertainers, and sportspeople. Majority of the Tier 5 workers must have sponsorship from the UK sponsor, but individuals who have the nationality of one of the countries fall under the Youth Mobility Scheme don’t need a job offer to enter the UK.

Different types of Tier 5 visa categories:

1)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker- Charity Worker) Visa

2)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker- Creativity and Sporting)

3)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker- Government Authorized Exchange) Visa

4)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker- International Agreement) Visa

5)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker- Religious Worker) Visa

6)    Tier 5 ( Temporary Worker-Youth Mobility Scheme) Visa

Documents requirement

The applicant needs to provide the several documents with their visa application:

a) You have to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds and savings to support yourself and look after your living expenses in the UK.

b) You have to submit your latest photograph or other travel documents that have your personal ID.

c) You’ve to submit the separate passport paragraph.


The United Kingdom, one of the most flourished nations, with world’s 12th largest economy, happens to be one of the wealthiest countries on the globe. It not only offers a quality life, health & education benefits, financial flexibility and political rights protection but also gives scope to secure a great life and future. Low rate of unemployment and inflation with a highly skilled workforce, United Kingdom economy promises to prosper and is the number one reasons which attract millions of aspirants who wish migrate to this beautiful nation. Immigration to UK attracts thousands of Aspirants across the Globe every year. Because of its Strong Economical Structure and Famous Education System, it became a dream Destination for both seeking for a drastically successful career and an Academic Career which can drive millions of employers towards your profile. But with this truth of Fascinating UK comes another fact that it also has a complex immigration process to pass before entering the country. So things get easier when some expert opinion with experience be with you. UK Immigration authority has always provided golden opportunities to aspirants who wish to migrate to UK under Business visa, student visa, family visa, and travel visa programs. Immigration to UK can be the best option for you weather you are a student, or want to establish your business, want to visit your family in UK or just need a break and travel the beautiful region of the nation.


Other UK Visa types:

a) UK Family Visa

With Family visa, you can join your close family members who’re residing in the UK as a permanent resident or are the citizen of Britain or the UK.  There are various categories through which you can relocate to the UK.

Types of Family Visas:

1)    The family of a Settled Person Visa

2)    EEA Family permit

3)    UK residence card

4)    Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa

b) UK business Visa

The UK always encourages the people who can commit to its economy. Ranging from investors and businessmen to entrepreneur and new workers from the expanding EU market, every one with a great business plan can apply for the business visa.  There is the number of business visas through which you can migrate to the UK.

Types of Business visas:

1)    Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

2)    Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Visa

3)    EUA Agreement Visa

4)    Representative of an Overseas Business Visa

5)    Turkish Businessperson visa

c) UK visitor visa

With the visitor visa, you can enter and stay for the short-duration for the activities like meeting up your family members, to participate in business activities, to spend the vacations and much more.

Types of UK Visitor Visas:

a) Standard Visitor Visa

Benefits of Immigrating to the UK

  1. Residency holders for UK, have access to public funds.
  2. The applicants can bring along their family to reside with them in UK
  3. With immigrants on rise U.K provides an incredibly diverse and multicultural environment.
  4. UK involves enhanced education system and great career opportunities.

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