Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590

Australia Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 is a visa program that allows applicant to live in Australia as a Legal Guardian of an International Student who is less than 18 years of age  studying in Australia on a Student visa Subclass 500. The applicant can stay in Australia on the temporary basis till the time the course of a student is not completed and have to take care and fulfill the Student’s requirements. For being able to apply for the visa, the candidates have to meet the Student Guardian visa Checklist Australia .


Candidates who are in list to to be Guardian of an International Student have to fulfill the below-given eligibility requirements. Candidates:

  1. Be at least 21 years of age and should have legal custody of the student or should be in a relation with the student.
  2. The Guardian can’t bring any other family member during their stay in Australia.
  3. Have to be financially strong to  provide accommodation, general welfare and other necessities to the student.
  4. Have to qualify the health and character requirements.
  5. Can stay in Australia on temporary basis.

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Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 application process:

Candidates must submit all the required documents mentioned in the document checklist to support the claims made in the visa application. You can check the below-mentioned Student Guardian Visa checklist to avoid the delay process.

Australian Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 checklist:

  1. DocumentsIf the documents are not available in English language, translated documents by accessing authority must be submitted.
  2. Financial Requirements :You must be financially strong to support you, the student, and the accompanying member with you for the duration of your stay in Australia.

You have to provide evidence of your financial status by providing any one of the following:

  1. You have to show proof of funds stating that you have sufficient amount of money  to live in Australia.
  2. Evidence that your spouse (who is not traveling to Australia) will support you and your dependents and have an annual income of at least AUD 70,000.
Your living cost in Australia for a year:
CostsAmount required in Australian dollars
You (the Student Guardian visa applicant)AUD20,290 per year
Child, if applicableAUD3,040 per child

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3 Health Insurance

You need to provide proof of your adequate health insurance for the first 12 months of your stay in Australia. This can be obtain through Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) or another health insurance product from Australia or your home country that provides a similar level of cover.

4 Annual Income Option

The annual income requirement is AUD70, 000 or more. The income must be one of the following:

  • The personal income of your spouse.
  • In the form of official government documentation such as a tax assessment (or country equivalent).
5 Identity and Relationship documents

You must provide identity documents and proof of your relationship with the student. This can include a birth certificate showing the names of both parents.

You must also provide:

  1. A birth certificate showing the names of both parents
  2. The pages of each applicant’s current passport showing photo, personal details and passport issue and expiry dates
  3. Proof of change of name, if applicable.
6 Access to funds

You must have genuine access to funds.

Funds to support you and your family members must come from an acceptable source such as:

  1. Money deposits with a financial institution
  2. Financial institution or government loans
  3. Scholarships or sponsorships.

While assessing your application, the final decision whether the funds shown will be genuinely available by taking into account factors, such as:

  1. The nature of the relationship between you and the person providing the funds, where applicable
  2. Your income, assets and employment or that of the person who is providing the funds
  3. Your previous visa history and that of the person providing the funds. 

Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Conditions

  1. Guardian can’t work during his stay in Australia.
  2. Guardian must stay with nominating student and look for their general welfare, accommodation and support.

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Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590 Processing Time

Applicant has to submit all the required documents and complete payment of the application at the time of visa application.  After submitting the visa application, Immigration authorities will inform that they have received your data.

75% of applications processed90% of applications processed
60 days86 months

Processing Cost

Subclass 590Base application chargeAdditional applicant charge (below and above 18 years)Subsequent Temporary Application Charge 
Student guardian visa (subclass 590)AUD 6200AUD 700

Benefits of this visa

This visa  permits you to take care /support  more than one student. Generally, there can be only one Student Guardian visa holder per student visa holder.

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