Post Graduate Research Sector Subclass 574 visa

The Post Graduate Research Sector Subclass 574 visa is a student visa which bestows the opportunity to students aspiring for master or doctoral studies in Australia. The first step is to get acknowledged about the eligibility requirements for subclass 574 visa.

Post Graduate Research Subclass 574 visa Conditions

  1. You must have been accepted to practice full time course in any recognized institution which is registered under CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas Students).
  2. Clearance of English Proficiency Test by abiding by the accepted score prescribed by the organization in which you are enrolling.
  3. Have minimum health eligibility and holding a health insurance for future uncertainties.
  4. Have an upright moral character with police certification and other character assessment proofs.
  5. Satisfy the Australian officials by affirming them that they will not cross the visa limit period, which is also called Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.
  6. The availability of funds to manage your living, travel, tuition and other miscellaneous costs while residing in Australia and if there is any family member included in the application, then their expenses is also needed to be provided.
  7. Must not owe any outstanding debts to Australian Government.
  8. If the student is under 18 years, then the parents are needed to present sufficient accommodation, support and general welfare arrangements for their students.

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Post Graduate Research Subclass 574 visa Conditions for Family members:

  1. Must survive as the member of the family during their living in Australia
  2. Obliged to manage a good health
  3. Possess suffice financial support to live in Australia
  4. Not have to work more 40 hours per fortnight. If the Family member is pursuing a master course from Australia, have permit to work unlimited hours when student kickstart their main course of study.

Post Graduate Research Sector subclass 574 visa Benefits

  1. Opportunity to Study in the biggest economic nation.
  2. Can get the company of one of the family member to Study in Australia.
  3. After you have started your masters or doctoral degree in Australia, you are permitted to work for unlimited hours without any obstruction.
  4. Along with you, your family members will also get privilege to work for unlimited hours in Australia only when you have begun studies.
  5. If you are pursuing a preliminary course like ELICOS course but haven’t begun your master, then you and your family member is allowed to work only for 40 hours per fortnight till the main course has started.
  6. The student’s family member can enroll in three months study program when accompanying you. If the member wants to study for more than three months, then it is advised to go for personal Student visa for Australia.

Processing Time

The average processing time of Australia 574 visa , determined by the Government of Australia is 14 days with regard to latest statistics available to the application process.

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