Training and Research Visa Subclass 402

The Australian Training and Research Visa Subclass 402 allows an individual to live in Australia for short-term for the training, research or professional development ideas. The main locus of subclass 402 visa for Training and research in Australia is to allow applicants to take part in the professional training program, research projects or to enhance your skills in your field of occupation. The Australia 402 visa is closed to new applications.

The Training and Research Visa Subclass 402 has three streams

1) Occupational Trainee Stream: The applicant seeking structured workplace training to improve their skills in their field of occupation, the field of expertise or area of territory studies can apply under this stream.
2) Professional Development Stream: It is for the managers, professional bodies or government officials who are sponsored or being invited to participate in the professional training program or meetings organized in Australia. This program is valid for up to 18 months and should be organized by the employer outside the country.
3) Research Stream: Under this stream, individuals are invited to participate or observe the Australian research projects at any of the Institution in Australia.

Requirements of the Training and Research Visa Subclass 402

If you want to apply, you have to meet the 402 visa requirements in order to be eligible to apply:
1) The applicant should be more than 18 years of age.
2) The applicant should convince Immigration officials that they will leave the country as soon as their visa expires and they have genuine intention to stay in Australia for the short-term.
3) The applicant must have financial funds to support their daily base expenses in Australia during their stay.
4) You have to meet the eligibility criteria of the stream you are applying in.
5) You have to meet the health requirements and character requirements to be eligible to apply.
6) You must be sponsored by the Australian Research professor/training and research professor that has registered for the sponsor application and even have the approval for it or an approved academic visiting sponsor or occupation raining sponsor.

Benefits of the Training and Research Visa Subclass 402

1) This visa program allows you to enter and leave Australia for multiple times till the time visa is valid.
2) You are free to participate in training or research activities.
3) You can live in Australia for the short period of time.

For availing more information about Australian sub classes and its process, you can reach the MakeVisas experts by calling on the official helpline +91-7042 184 185 or you may write your queries on info@makevisas.com.  You can visit the nearest office for more details.

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Training and Research Visa Subclass 402
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