Training Visa Subclass 407

 Australia Training Visa subclass 407 is for the applicants who desire to nourish their skills in the current domain of study or professional career by actively taking part in the workplace-training in Australia . You can temporarily live in Australia and continue their training in compliance with rules and regulation. For being eligible to apply, you have to meet the requirements and submit all the documents mentioned in the checklist.

Types of Occupational training under subclass 407 visa

If an applicant is willing to immigrate to Australia, then they should go through these occupational training programs that fall under this visa category.

  1. Workplace based training required for registration
  2. Structured workplace-based training to enhance skills in eligible occupation
  3. Training that supports capacity building overseas:
  4. This training includes-

       A) Overseas qualification,

       B) Government support,

       C) Professional development.

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Eligibility requirements

  1. Assigned copies of travel documents of the people who are accompanying you in the application and biographical papers of passports of you.
  2. Two passport-sized photographs (45 mm into 35 mm) of each individual accompanying in the application with printed name on the back of the photo.
  3. Approved copies of birth certificate of you and the including members in the application.
  4. Nationally acceptable identity card of your nation.
  5. Attested copies of married certification, if any, applicable to each member included in your application. If someone in the application or if you are divorced, widowed; then you are required to submit qualified divorced certificate, or statutory declaration separation documents.
  6. Proper evidences of financial support are required to submit for subclass 470 visa like bank statements, a letter from financial institution explaining your financial status, employment contracts, documents of
  7. A reliable health insurance certificate is mandatory for yourself and your accompanying family members.
  8. Proofs of Functional English Language skills are to be provided for successful enrollment of training program. 407 visa IELTS requirement is 4.5.
  9. Character requirements and police certificates for the country you have resided in with your family for 12 months. This is to be fulfilled by all the family members whether they are joining you or not.
  10. You and your family members must have no miscellaneous debts or liabilities with the Australian government before going for visa this visa.
  11. A copy of the Invitation for training is needed if you are sponsored by a Commonwealth agency, and in case you are not sponsored by Commonwealth, then a copy of nomination approval letter.
  12. A satisfying statement from your sponsor stating their conferment that applicant has professional managerial skills to perform and participate in the development program
  13. A duplicate copy of your educational qualifications together with your CV.
  14. The minimum age should be 18 years.

 Processing Time of the visa

The minimum  processing time  is 42 days to 72 days . Applicants are advised to submit all the required documents to Australian visa authorities to avoid delay in the visa processing.

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 Cost of the visa

The basic cost is AUD 310. There are some additional cost which includes health checkups, police certification, and sponsorship fees (if you are accompanied by other family members in the application) , etc.

Training Visa Subclass 407 Sponsor Eligibility

There are several  requirements which are to be met by the sponsor has to :

  1. As a temporary sponsor you are needed to be an organization operating lawfully in Australia or a government agency or foreign government agency.
  2. Have no adversary records of you as well the person linked to you that can be pernicious to the adaptability as a sponsor. This primarily includes breach notices or infringement notices.
  3. Should maintain harmony with sponsorship obligations like presentation of bank statements, profit and loss statements, tax returns of recent year etc.
  4. Should directly support an occupational training

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Australia Training Visa Subclass 407 Nominator Eligibility

For the nomination process , the eligible sponsor who is desiring to nominate an applicant for the occupational training, is required to comply with nomination process, nomination requirements etc.

  1. The nominator must be a qualified temporary activities sponsor and have already registered an application in order to become a sponsor.
  2. If the sponsor is connected with Commonwealth agency then there is no need to fill nomination application. Indeed, the agency must furnish a letter elucidating that it agrees with the sponsor of the applicant for occupational training and also nourishing suffice details of the type, location, and time period of the training.
  3. The nominator has to incur a cost of AUD 170 as a nomination charge before applying.

This nomination lasts for 12 months from the date of receiving the approval of nomination.

For availing more information about Australian Training visa Subclass 407 , Call the official helpline +91-7042184185 or Email your queries on info@makevisas.com .

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