Training Visa (Subclass 407)

Training Visa (Subclass 407) allows an individual to live in Australia for short-term and participates in occupational training or professional development. The applicant is allowed to live and work in Australia for the period of two years under Australian Immigration.

Candidates can apply for one of the following programs:

  1. Workplace-based training required for Registration

Candidates who want to work in their occupation apply under this workplace-based training program, in order to obtain registration, membership or licensing in their native country or in Australia.

2) Structured Workplace-based training to improve skills in a List of eligible Occupations

People who are being nominated by an approved sponsor for the occupation mentioned in the List of eligible Occupations can go for structured workplace-based training program to improve their skills.

3) Training that promotes capacity building overseas: It is further segregated into three categories-

a)    Overseas Qualification

Students who are registered in a Foreign Education Institution and wish to have training, research or observation session in order to complete the degree/qualification comes under this program. Students can take 6 months training in Australia.

b)    Government Support

People who have the assistance and support of Government agency of their native land or of Australia to get a structural work-based training comes under this program.

c)    Professional Development

Under this category, employers are eligible to send their employees to Australia for professional development program that helps in enhancing the development of Organization.

What is the Eligibility Criteria of Training Visa (Subclass 407)?

1)    You should be 18 years of age or above.

2)    You must have sponsorship from the approved sponsor to take part in the occupational training or a professional development.

3)    If Commonwealth Government Agency is sponsoring you, you must receive an invitation to apply for this visa program.

4)    You must receive a nomination for an approved occupation from the Australian Organization (unless you are being sponsored by Commonwealth Government Agency).

5)    You have to meet all the health and character requirements.

6)    You must fulfill all the requirements that are necessary for your training Visa.

7)    You must have proficient English to do the training and also to meet the occupation health standards.

8)    You must have enough funds to finance your family members or relatives who are accompanying you in Australia during your stay.

The processing time of Training Visa (Subclass 407):

Training Visa

75% of applicant processed in90% of applications processed in

Subclass 407

44 days68 days


How much this visa costs?

The cost of Training Visa is AUD 280.

Who can’t apply for this visa?

The candidates whose only desire is to work in Australia are not eligible to apply under this visa program.

What are the key benefits of Training Visa (Subclass 407)?

  1. Whether in or outside the Australia, you can apply for the visa program.
  2. You can travel in and out of Australia till the time visa is valid.
  3. You can live in Australia for two years and also complete the required training as per your application requirements.
  4. You may bring the eligible family members along with you in Australia.

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