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Millions of people apply for Canada Immigration each year and many of them get through the process. The Canadian population is not much i.e. around 3 crore with a land area of 9.985 million square kilometers. This means Canada is in need of more people in its workforce so that they can contribute in the economic growth. That is the reason they have set a target of inviting 9, 80,000 new immigrants by 2020.

What are the Options Available in Canada Immigration?

There are various options to Immigrate to Canada. It provides everyone with a chance to visit and discover the beauty of Canada. Plus the immigration norms and policies of Canada provide various ways for the candidates to work and settle in the country. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (IRCC) invites many quality skilled workers in Canada every year through different programs.

Following are Different Immigration Options Available:-

1) Immigrant Visa

This type of visa is issued to candidates who wish to live in Canada. Candidates can get the visa under various ways i.e. Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) and Work Visa.

The following are the major types of visas wherein candidates can Immigrate to Canada.

Permanent Residency Visa for Canada

A candidate gets the 5 year PR Visa if they are found eligible for the same. Candidates can judge their eligibility by calculating the points through CRS points calculator. Through, permanent residency visa for Canada a candidate can avail, to some extent, the rights of citizens. After 3 years of completion of Permanent Residency visa, a candidate can apply for citizenship in the Canadian estate and can avail full rights of citizens. Following are the types of immigrant visas:-

a) Express Entry Canada

Canadian Express Entry is one of the most popular programs of Canada. It was launched in 2015 wherein a pool of skilled immigrants are created and the relevant candidates are chosen amongst them who can be offered the Permanent Residency of Canada and have the ability to contribute in their economy.

Canada express entry selects candidates on the basis of three subcategories classified under it. Following are those sub-categories:-

b) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

If a candidate is not able to qualify for the Express Entry, then they can opt for PNP or Provincial Nominee Program. As the name suggests, a candidate can immigrate to any of the provinces in Canada if they are nominated by any of the provinces as per the occupation in-demand and requisite points scores by the candidates. Following are the provinces which are the part of provincial nominee program:-

c) Work Visa

Canada offers various work-related opportunities for immigrants. Every year many immigrants come and work in Canada that adds to their economy on temporary or permanent basis. Under work visa, the immigrants are offered various ways to immigrate on Canadian soil. Following are the types of different work visas:-

2) Non-Immigrant Visa

The non-immigrant visa is issued to candidates who is a permanent resident outside of Canada and plan to visit Canada on a temporary basis i.e. on tourist visa, business visa, student visa etc. Following are the types of visa that are included.

a) Family Visa

To unite and let the Permanent Residency (PR) holders or citizens live with their families, they have provided them with the Family Visa Canada. There are requirements that a candidate needs to fulfill in order to be eligible under this visa. Following are the subcategories under this visa:-

b) Business Visa

Canada being a rich economy offers various opportunities for business visitors under business visa category. The business visa allows the candidates to visit Canada for short-term and take part in business dealings. Moreover, the eligible candidates can also explore the business opportunities, have interactions with their counterparts and be a part of trade conferences. Following are the different types of Business Visa categories in Canada:-

  • ✍ Start-up visa Program
  • ✍ Self Employed Program
  • ✍ Immigration Investment Venture Capital (IIVC) pilot program

c) Tourist Visa

People who want to enjoy the beauty of Canada, they apply for Tourist Visa for Canada. Candidates can travel to Canada for a particular period of time and have to go back to the home country.  In order to be eligible for the student visa for Canada, a candidates needs to fulfill the requirements in order to go forward.  Following are the subcategories of the tourist visa:-

d) Student Visa

There are various universities in Canada which provides immigrants to study their course. In order to be admitted to these universities, candidate need to have a high academic score. The study visa is valid according to the type of course of the candidate. After landing in Canada, candidates need to apply for Temporary Resident Visa.

What are the requirements of Canada Immigration?

In order to be eligible for the Canada immigration, a candidate needs to fulfill some requirements. Following are some of the basic requirements a candidate needs to fulfill:-

  • ✍ Age
  • ✍ Language Proficiency
  • ✍ Education
  • ✍ Experience
  • ✍ Adaptability

There are specific requirements for each of the categories. Points are allocated according to the sub categories defined in each of the main categories.

Canada Immigration Processing Time

Canada immigration takes it own to get it verified. The processing time of the visa is 6 to 10 months. So the candidates need to be patient enough to wait for that period. Following is the processing time of other visas under Canada immigration:-

  • ✍ Express Entry:- 6 months

  • ✍ Study Permit:- 4-6 weeks

  • ✍ Post Graduate Work Permit:-

  • a) Online- 50 days
  • b) Paper-based- 105 days
  • ✍ Permanent Resident Card:-

  • a) Processing Time- 61 days
  • b) Renewing the Card- 71 days
  • ✍ Permanent Residency Sponship for Spouse:- 12 months

  • ✍ Visitor Visa:-

  • a) Online- 14 days
  • b) Paper-based- 19 days
  • ✍ Business Visa:- 35 days

  • ✍ Provincial Nominee Program:- 12 months

  • a) Quebec:- 11-12 months
  • b) Saskatchewan:- 3-4 months
  • i) Express Entry:- 3 months
  • ii) Occupation in-demand:- 4 months
  • iii) Employment Offer:- Less than 1 month
  • c) Manitoba:- 4 months
  • d) Nova Scotia:- 3-6 months
  • e) Ontario:- 9-12 months
  • f) Alberta:- 6-12 months
  • g) Yukon:- 12-14 weeks
  • h) New Brunswick:- 6-8 weeks
  • I) British Columbia:- 4 months
  • i) Skilled Immigration- 2-3 months
  • ii) Entrepreneur  Stream – 3-4 months
  • j) Nova Scotia:-  3-6 months
  • k) Prince Edward Island:- 10-12 months

Why immigrate to Canada?

There are various reasons why a candidate should choose Canada. There are various things that are taken into consideration while a person immigrates to Canada land. Following are the reasons:-

  • ✍ Free of cost medical and education
  • ✍ Higher Standard of Living
  • ✍ Migration with full family
  • ✍ Transparency in each dealing
  • ✍ Better job opportunities
  • ✍ Benefit of Old-age insurance, unemployment insurance etc.
  • ✍ Eligible for the citizenship after 3 years of completion of Permanent Residency visa
  • ✍ Various childcare benefits.

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