Migrate to Australia as a Skilled Worker from Oman

Australia is an exemplary destination for Overseas Immigrants especially for the skilled workers who are looking out for job opportunities. Factors like high development, quality of life, enormous job opportunities lead to the migration of people from many Asian countries. Talking about Oman, Australia and Oman share a cooperative and friendly relation in the education sector, defense, foreign investment, agriculture etc. If you are planning to move to Australia from Oman than the Skilled worker is the most favored Australia visa category. To begin the process of Australia Immigration from Oman, you have to meet the eligibility requirements and chose the right Australia visa as well. Just go through the ways that can help you in getting the Australian visa from Oman:

Ways to move to Australia as skilled worker from Oman

Australian immigration has determined some eligibility requirements and immigration programs for Oman people. First thing they have to check is the Skilled occupation list (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation list (CSOL).

If you qualify and match the occupations that are mentioned in the list, then you are eligible to apply for any of the below mentioned program.

After you have cleared the Occupation List, next step is to select the category you wish.

  1. Skilled Independent subclass 189 visa – It’s a permanent kind of visa which allows you to live in Australia. As it is independent visa, there is no obligation to possess state sponsorship or any family relative or employer sponsorship.
  2. Skilled Nomination subclass 190 visa – For Skilled nomination visa, you need a nomination by state simply.
  3. Skilled Regional Provisional Subclass 489 visa – Skilled regional (provisional) Subclass 489 is a temporary visa; candidates have to live for at least two  years and should have minimum work experience in the designated area of Australia to transform 489 visa to Permanent Residency. Australia 489 visa is a gateway to Skilled Regional (permanent) visa (subclass 887).

These above-mentioned visas are the pathway to attain permanent residency in Australia from Oman.

How to apply for Australia Immigration as a skilled worker from Oman?

To apply for Australian immigration from Oman, native citizens have to comply with application process, eligibility criteria and other requirements for a successful visa application.

  1. Primarily, You have to look whether your occupation is listed in the Skilled occupation list (SOL) and consolidated sponsored occupation list (CSOL).
  2. If your nominated occupation is available, then you have to complete the eligibility criteria that includes IELTS score, age limit, educational qualification, work experience, health requirements etc. Based on these factors you will be awarded points through Skill Select system by the Australian government.
  3. You are required to score 65 points to be eligible to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). You can submit Expression of Interest through Skill select system. Check Australian PR points calculator  to know more.
  4. After you deposit your EOI, the Australian government will review it and if they spot the available place for the nominated occupation, then you will receive a letter of invitation to apply (ITA) as a Skilled worker.
  5. With Invitation to Apply (ITA), you can apply for Skilled visa online from Oman within 60 days.

You have to supply all the documents required for visa Application and if they find all the documents accomplished, they will grant you the applied visa. This visa has endless number of opportunities for people of Oman, as it offer you a path to permanent residency to Australia.

Benefits of Moving to Australia as a skilled worker from Oman

  1. You can live and settle in Australia for a period of time.
  2. You can get the benefit to work and study in Australia economy.
  3. Free to enroll in the Australia medicare facility.
  4. Can apply for Australian citizenship.
  5. You can travel to and from Australia at any point of time.
  6. You are able to sponsor your family members or relatives for visa.

How Make visa can assist you to get success in your visa?

You are just one step away from getting your visa as a skilled worker from Oman, if you now avail and experience our immigration consultants guidance for to get a better idea of what you really need to apply for Australia immigration. For availing more information about How to migrate to Australia as a Skilled worker from Oman or if you want to gain assistance in the documentation process or visa application filling, you can contact the Make Visas experts by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185. You may write your queries on the official email ID info@makevisas.com or visit the website.

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