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Canada student visa is for those international students who want to study in Canada. There are various Student Visa Canada requirements from India which candidates need to fulfill in order to get the said visa stamped on the passport. The requirements may include the finances or IELTS band requirement. In order to apply for the visa, an applicant should fill Canada visa application online and pay requisite visa cost or fees. Prospective candidates should make the Canada student visa checklist in order to file the visa as per the visa rules.  After going through all this, Canada immigration will take some Canada student visa processing time in order to verify all the documents and find the eligibility of each candidate.

To get admission to the best universities in Canada, candidates need to have a high academic score. The study permission is validated by virtue of a study permit. If you aspire to take professional, academic or vocational training in a Canadian university, college or any educational institution, a candidate must have a study permit before entering the nation. When students reach Canada, they are issued this student permit. To go there, the first thing a candidate need to keep in mind is to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa; the Canadian High Commission provides this visa, and the Visa Application Centers facilitate this visa.

Canada Student Visa Fees

Under Canada Immigration the cost of the Study permit for the country is CAD$ 150, that is almost equal to 7,400 INR (as the information given on the CIC Website) according to the current exchange rate. This exchange rate tends to change; therefore you should check it before applying for the visa.

The applications for Canadian Visa are available both offline and online. You can pay for the visa processing fees by both online (credit card) and offline (by demand draft if paying at the Canada High Commission) or, you can use cash at the VAC. While submitting the application, you must pay the fee or provide a fee receipt of online payment. The Demand Draft needed to be in favor of High Commission of Canada in the Indian rupees. Only Cash Payments are accepted by VACs. Apart from this, the visa fee mentioned here excludes the VAC service charges. You have to pay extra for these service charges as applicable for the region you have chosen. On the receiving of each and every payment, a receipt is issued. Candidate must keep the receipt with care as they may need it as the payment proof in the future.

Canada Student Visa Requirements

After receiving the college acceptance letter, you need to apply for the visa. Start for visa process near to June if candidate plans for the September intake. Below are given the documents you need to apply:

✍ Valid Passport

Candidate must have a valid passport when you apply for a Study Permit. According to the High Commission of Canada, you must have a passport, and the validity of that passport should extend to cover the intended stay in the country. For example, if your plan for Canada travel is in September 2016 for a course of two years, your passport validity must be minimum September 2018.

✍ Acceptance Proof from a Designated Learning Institution

Candidates are required to have the letter of acceptance from the institute or university you have to go to. A Designated Learning Institute is that university having recognition from the Immigration Department. If candidate apply for Quebec, they will be required to have a CAQ.

✍ Proof of Sufficient Funds

At the time of applying for the Study Permit, a candidate have to prove that they have enough funds. According to present standards, candidate need to prove that they are financially capable of paying your tuition fees and the living expenses. The Canadian Immigration finds minimum Canadian $ 10,000 for a year enough for a student’s stay. Also, the student has to prove that he/she has enough money for the return fair.

Note:- When you fill the application form, you need to show the proof of fees paid and the cost of living CAD 10,000.

✍ Passport-sized Photographs

In case of choosing the offline application, you need two passport-sized photographs according to the given standards while in case of online application, you need a digital copy of the photograph not more than 4MB. Other necessary things are standard about neutral facial expressions, plain background, and no headgear.

1) The Photograph size should be minimum 35 x 45 mm.
2) The Photograph must not be older than 6 months.

✍ Immigration Medical Examination (IME)

The Canadian Immigration makes it compulsory for international students from India to undertake Immigration Medical Examination from the impaneled doctors. The student has to book an appointment and meet the listed doctors for the medical examination, a week before applying for the visa. Doing so, you can provide the doctor enough time to upload the required documents and make them valid. It is advised for the convenience and betterment of the applicant to book in advance with the closest practitioner.

The empaneled physician is chosen for a complete medical exam, and he/she may refer you for laboratory tests and chest X-Rays. On the completion of your exam, the physician will send CIC the results.

✍ English Language Test Score

This test is not compulsory while applying, but you are strictly advised to appear for and have the English Language Proficiency Score before starting the Visa Application Process. As the rules are, you must submit your English language test score for the confirmation of your admission to the Canada University. English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and so on are accepted.

✍ Statement of Purpose

If a candidate is applying for a Canada Study Permit, you will be required to have a formal essay that states why you want to have a trip to the country, also why you have picked a particular institution. This essay could be as an optional document on the checklist, but you are strictly advised to submit it.

✍ Credit Card

If candidate is applying by means of online, you are required to have a credit card for the application fee payment. The cost of visa application fee is CAD $150. Remember that the system does not accept debit cards; it accepts only credit cards. You don’t need to have your own credit card; you can use your parents’ cards too, providing that you need to have the explicit permission for this.

Besides the upper mentioned thing, if you apply online, you must have a digital scanner. But, if you choose the offline mode, keep the copies of the documents mentioned above. When applying online, you could need to download some documents; you should fill, sign, and upload them. A scanner is a must for all this. This system also allows you to upload a digital image of high quality. You are recommended a scanner to a camera.

In the personal interview, the interview may ask you for some additional documents. These documents should be enough to prove your financial and academic status. The documents might include:

a) Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, or certificates from your school

b) Marks and grades from the tests like TOEFL, GRE, SAT, or GMAT

c) Your intention to leave the country after completing your study

d) The way that you will use to pay for your living, travel, and educational costs

How to Apply for a Canada Visa for Study?

Before applying a candidate must get the letter of acceptance from the Designated Learning Institution. Following is the information that is shown in the  letter of acceptance,

  1. Starting & ending dates.
  2. Exact amount of tuition fees needed to be paid by the candidate.
  3. Date by which the candidate needs to register.

The letter of acceptance must be issued on the official letterhead. After receiving the acceptance letter, a candidate can submit application for study permit.

There are the several steps for the visa application listed below:

1.) Check the Process Time

Candidate need to wait for 3 to 4 weeks because the visa application cycle takes this much. It’s wise to visit the Canadian consulate website to know the time used to process the said visa. However, the time shown here is not a guarantee; it’s only an estimate.

2.) Decide the Way to Apply

There are couple of ways through which a candidate can apply for the visa. Following are the ways through which it can be applied:-

Use online for application:

If candidate wants to apply online, they must have either a scanner or camera to create the electronic copies of the documents to upload and a valid credit card to pay. After all this, candidate still need to provide a finger scan at the regional Visa Application Centre (VAC). For applying online, you are required to visit the VFS offices to hand the passport and provide the confirmation of fee payment too. The steps may be different only in case of the documents you carry to the VAC.

Applying in Person:

For this, candidate need to download the application kit and read the instruction guide. The guide has important information related to study permits and instructions which will help you in completing the application. It’s prudent to read the guide completely and use the document checklist.

3.) VFS Consent Form

Fill up the VFS Consent form and don’t forget to attach it with the application form. This form is helpful for candidate to get the assistance of VFS services for the process of visa filing.

4.) Processing Fee Payment

Remember when candidate submits an application using the VFS, in person or by mail, visa fees have to be paid with the VFS Global service charges. This fee is not refundable in all cases. If candidate has  spouse/common-law partner and/or kids with them, and their application is for temporary resident visas, work permits or study permits for them, then they to have to pay the processing fees for themselves.

5.) Document Submission

For this purpose, you must visit the VFS office closest to you. After reaching there, pay the service charges and hand them the complete application for a receipt. The given receipt includes the unique tracking number that will help you track the status of your application online.

6.) Application Approval

If you have your application approved, you will get a notification from the Canada government asking for your passport. You can submit your passport request letter and passport by means of VFS or in person. You will be given a Letter of Introduction and Temporary Resident Visa.

What needs to done after application of visa?

After the approval of visa application, the candidates are issued the Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction. But some students from some country may require the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) or a temporary residence visa. eTA will be directly linked to the passport and is valid for five years or until passport is expired, whichever is earlier. A candidate needs to present the following documents on the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) in order to get the Canadian study permit issued:-

  1. Letter of Acceptance
  2. Passport
  3. Proof of finances

Student Direct Stream

Canada Immigration has introduced a new field named as Student Direct Stream in order to process the visa faster. This stream is specially designed for candidates from India, Philippines, Vietnam and China. Under this there are stricter rules for language requirements. A candidate needs to score atleast  7 in the Niveaux the Compétence Linguistique Canadiens for French or 6 in IELTS or ought to have graduated from a Canadian-curriculum high school.  If the requirements are not met by the candidates under this stream and other requirements are met under the student visa, then in that case they are considered under the normal visa for students.

Work while Study

Canadian immigration allows students or the candidates to work part time i.e. for 20 hours a week and full time when there are breaks. In order to work while candidates study, they need to possess the following documents:-

  1. Ought to be a full time student.
  2. Ought to be studying in an academic, vocational or professional training program. This should lead to a degree, diploma or certificate.
  3. Ought to have a valid  study permit.
  4. Ought to be enrolled at a designated learning institution at post-secondary level. If in Quebec vocational program at secondary level must be the education level.

Plus to add on a candidate ought to possess the Social Insurance Number (SIN) issued by Service Canada to be able to work in Canada.

 Spouse on a Dependent Visa

A Full-time student can accompany their spouse on the basis of a Dependent visa. You just need to show and prove that you have sufficient funds to support them, after that you can get a Spousal visa. Apart from that, a spouse can also work full time if their stay is longer than a year or more.

There are some cases, in which, you may apply for an open work permit if you have your spouse or common-law partner accompanying candidate to the country. On an open work permit, candidate could find and accept any job after reaching Canada. Candidate won’t be required to have a positive labor market impact assessment or a job offer to apply for the Work permit.

For availing more information, call the corporate hotline +91-7042184185 / Email your any queries on  info@makevisas.com. You can directly walk-in to our nearby office for more details and inquiry.

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