New Brunswick Permanent Residency

New Brunswick is one of the princely states of Canada, with three major popular cities which are Moncton (the largest), Saint John (the “HUB” of the Maritimes) and the capital city of Fredericton (picturesque destination). Most of the inhabitants here speak French language as it was invaded by French colonies, so French has been recognized as official language. Apart from scenic beauty, New Brunswick is an impeccable amalgamation of rural-urban living standard and stupendous career opportunities, where immigrants preferred according to the skills and occupations available in the list mentioned under New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. NBPNP is a program that operates with Government of Canada, where NBPNP selects and nominates, skilled business people and workers applying around the world who want to hold New Brunswick Permanent Residency. New Brunswick has some eligibility requirements for certain immigration streams, the programs are stated below.

  • NB Express Entry Labour Market Stream
  • ✍ NB skilled worker with family support
  • ✍ NB Skilled Worker with Employer Support
  • ✍ Business Applicants

NB Express Entry Labor Market Stream

The express entry labor market stream is a newly introduced program where potential applicants have to submit an Expression of Interest to NBPNP. Please note that New Brunswick only accepts EOI (Expression of Interest) under Express Entry Labor Market Stream from applicants who are currently working in NB and also, who can present French as their first language, evident by the test d’evaluation de Francais (TEF), with a experience in following occupation like information system analyst, computer network technician, software engineers and designers, database analyst, cook, restaurant and food service managers, health care managers, accounting technicians, and retail sales supervisors etc. Once you determine whether you fall into this category, resultantly you have to follow minimum eligibility requirements.

  • ✍ Age should be between 22 years to 55.
  • ✍ Should have proficiency test results equal to or greater than Canadian Language Benchmark 7 (CLB 7) and score should have validity of two years maximum in any of the test: IELTS for English, CELPIP (general test), or TEF for French.
  • ✍ Have accomplished secondary or post secondary education from a recognized institution in Canada or any foreign country.
  • ✍ Possess an experience of one year full time as skilled worker in New Brunswick in three years when application has not been made. No volunteer work or unpaid internship is considered in this type of category. Also, the occupations mentioned in National Occupation classification (skill type 0 or 1 or 2)only experience in those occupation are eligible to apply.
  • ✍ Present a strong commitment of living and working in New Brunswick economy through a form.
  • ✍ Provide with adequate financial resources or funds to support the daily expenditure of themselves as well as of family members.
  • ✍ Must have scored a minimum of 67 points out of 100 in the selection factors mentioned by the CIC’s Federal skilled worker program needs.

NB Skilled Worker with Family Support

New Brunswick Permanent Residency can be obtained through NB skilled worker with family support program which pinpoints to those candidates who have close ties or relation to the province in the form of non-dependent child, brother or sister, niece or nephew, or as a grandchild and have an employment experience in New Brunswick.

Minimum Eligibility for NB-Skilled Worker with Family Support

  • ✍ Age must be lie in between 22 to 50 years
  • ✍ Sufficiency in English or French language with the latest proficiency test score not older than two years. Testing agencies like IELTS, CELPIP (both for English) and TEF for French are preferred for language test.
  • ✍ Have minimum education level ranging, from post-secondary education in any specific domain in which they want to further study or work, as a full time courses. You will be rewarded with points on the basis of your highest qualification.
  • ✍ Should have prior two year experience in desired occupation in New Brunswick within last five years.
  • ✍ Justify your intention of settlement in New Brunswick and submit a plan approved by immigration program officer.
  • ✍ An employment in any one of the occupation subjected under National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill levels:
  1. A) skill level 0, A, B
  2. B) skill level C (1, 3, 7, 8, 9)
  3. C) Skill level D (1, 3, 7, 8, 9)
  • ✍ At least $10,000 CAD, and additional $2,000 for per person in the family are required.

How Family Supporters Can Match All Requirements?

  • ✍ Must be Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident in New Brunswick with full time residency.
  • ✍ Managing a business for at least 12 continuous months in New Brunswick at the time of NBPNP application receipt.
  • ✍ The supporter should have employment in New Brunswick while receiving an application for permanent residency through NB-PNP. Job must be in the occupation stated in skill levels O, A, B or skill level C (category 1, 3, 7, 8, 9).
  • ✍ Financially strong and independent to support
  • ✍ Have to involve in an interview with an official from Population Growth Division for evaluation
  • ✍ Helping the aspirant applying for NB Permanent Residency with a living intention plan and also conclude that at a time only one applicant can be supported by respective family member.

NB Skilled Worker with Employer Support

This category is much like the previous one but still there are some differences that applicants need to know like minimum eligibility process of various selection factors.

Basic Requirements for NB-SKES:

  • ✍ Lie between 22-55 years of age
  • ✍ Have a fundamental level of proficiency in either English or French taken by trusted testing agencies like IELTS OR CELPIP for English and TES for French with acceptable range score while submitting application for NB Permanent Residency. Applicants in semi and low skill occupation which comes under NOC levels C and D.
  • ✍ Have minimum educational qualification of high school, in order to operate in the job profile applied under NB-PNP Permanent Residency Program.
  • ✍ Possess two year minimum work experience as a full time worker in the desired occupation in New Brunswick, within last five years. Also have a relative management experience and supervision quality
  • ✍ Have a full-time permanent job offer from a recognized New Brunswick employer in the occupations, listed in National occupation Classification (NOC) Skill levels: Skill level O, A, B and skill level C, D (categories 1, 3, 7, 8, 9). Candidates eligible under C and D category should have worked for same employer for at minimum one year before submitting application.
  • ✍ Establish a certain intention to work and develop in New Brunswick
  • ✍ Must have a rating of 50 points in the selection grid.

How employers have to fulfill NB Skilled Worker with employer support program eligibility criteria?

Employers in NB have to provide evidence that:

  • ✍ They are unable to employ a Canadian Resident or citizen on permanent basis for the profession offered
  • ✍ The employer would pay a competitive industry pay rate adhering to provincial employment standards

NB Business Applicants

This program under NB-PNP is designed for business professionals who to propagate their own business that would be worthwhile for the NB’s economy.

What are the eligibility requirements for NB Business applicants program?

  • ✍ Between 22 to 55 years of age
  • ✍ Secured a minimum education of high school diploma
  • ✍ Should have a basic competency in English or French language examined by taking tests such as IELTS OR CELPIP and for French TEF. Points are granted according to the scores which one manages to score in this test.
  • ✍ Present an intention to live and operate in the business environment of New Brunswick by carrying day to day management responsibilities.
  • ✍ Provide an evident management experience of three years in the last five years of doing business operations.
  • ✍ A business plan that will justify that the business activities will boost New Brunswick economy, approved by NB government official. Applicants have basically three choices under which they have to operate in New Brunswick.
  1. Buying an existing operating business
  2. Or, to enter into a partnership with New Brunswick entrepreneur
  3. Or, to involve in a new business
  • ✍ Need a personal net worth of minimum $300,000 CAD. Candidates are liable to make an investment of $125,000 CAD in New Brunswick which consists of:
  1. Purchase of land and building for business
  2. Operating cost for equipment, and goods required for daily business process
  3. Purchase of office and manufacturing equipments, computers, initial inventory, and intellectual property.
  4. Expenses for marketing, promotions and professional services while dealing with the business.
  • ✍ Should demonstrate the availability of financial resources to support the business success and all the dependent family members for two years minimum.
  • ✍ $75,000 CAD has to be submitted which will be refunded once the nomination is successful and a signed copy of deposit Agreement prior to nomination.
  • ✍ Engage with NB-PNP officer for an interview process regarding the discussion of research they have done while on a business trip, which include briefing on labor requirements, business opportunities, competition, market trends, taxes and financials etc.
  • ✍ Pay a business trip to New Brunswick to obtain a complete understanding of business standards. The trip should of 5 business days, ignoring travel days, interview days, and statutory holidays. Should also conduct a research by connecting with several business persons in New Brunswick.
  • ✍ Score 50 points on selection grid on the basis of educational qualifications, age, business  experience, adaptability and many more factors are considered for NB personal residency.

Candidates who are ineligible for application

  • ✍ Are seasonal workers
  • ✍ Have unresolved refugee claim in Canada
  • ✍ Are restricted from entering Canada
  • ✍ Are under removal order in Canada
  • ✍ Are live-in caregivers
  • ✍ Are failed humanitarian and compassionate claimants living Canada
  • ✍ Are not lawfully residing in the country
  • ✍ Have an application in process under another immigration process.

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