Manitoba PNP Points Calculator

The Manitoba PNP Points Calculator 2020 is the selection-based criterion for candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada through Manitoba Immigration Nominee Program (MPNP) and then, attain permanent residency status in Canada. Candidates have to meet the minimum points on this Winnipeg Points System to be eligible to apply for Manitoba PNP.

Before applying to Manitoba PNP, applicants need to ensure that their occupation is available on the Manitoba In-Demand Occupation List. When a candidate gets 60 points out of 100 as per the Manitoba  Immigration points calculator grid, they better step further for the next grid called the Expression of Interest grid. The points are given according to this grid become a reason for the candidate’s file rejection or acceptance. This Manitoba PNP Point Assessment system consists of six factors: age, work experience, language proficiency, adaptability, risk assessment, and adaptability.

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Manitoba PNP Points Calculator 2020

                                               Factor 1 – Language Proficiency
First Language
CLB 8 or higher20
CLB 718
CLB 616
CLB 514
CLB 412
CLB 3 or Lower
 Second Language
CLB 5 or higher5
Maximum Points25
                                                            Factor -2 Age
50 or Older0
Maximum Points10
                                                      Factor -3 Work Experience
Work ExperiencePoints
Less than One Year0
One Year8
Two years10
Three years12
Four years or more15
     Maximum Points15
                                                      Factor-  4 Education
Level of EducationPoints
Master’s Degree or Doctorate25
Two Post-secondary Program of at least two years each23
One Post-secondary Program of two years or longer20
One year Post-Secondary Program14
Trade Certificate14
No Formal Post-Secondary Education0
Maximum Points25
                                                        Factor- 5 Adaptability
Close relative in Manitoba20
Invitation to Apply received from MPNP as part of recruitment mission or exploratory visit20
Previous work experience in Manitoba ( at least six months)12
Completed post-secondary program of two years or more in Manitoba12
Friend or distant relative living in Manitoba10
Regional Immigration5
Maximum Points25

Manitoba PNP Skilled Worker Ranking Grid

FactorPoints Allocated
Factor 1: Language Proficiency
First Official Language
CLB 8 or higher25
CLB 722
CLB 620
CLB 517
CLB 412
CLB 3 or lower0
Second Official Language
CLB 5 or higher (overall)25
Maximum Points125
Factor 2: Age
21 to 4575
50 or older0
Maximum Points75
Factor 3: Work Experience
Lessthan 1 year0
1 year40
2 years50
3 years60
4 years or more75
Fully recognized by provincial licensing body100
Maximum Points175
Factor 4: Education
Master’s degree or Doctorate125
Two post-secondary programs of at least 2 years each115
One post-secondary program of three years or more110
One post-secondary program of two years100
One-year post-secondary program70
Trade Certificat70
No formal post-secondary education0
Maximum Points125
Factor 5: Adaptability
Close relative in Manitoba200
Previous work experience in Manitoba (6 months or more)100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (2 years or more)100
Completed post-secondary program in Manitoba (one year)50
Close friend or distant relative in Manitoba50
Manitoba Demand
Ongoing employment in Manitoba for 6 months or more with long-term job offer from the same employer500
Regional Development
Immigration destination in Manitoba is outside of Winnipeg50
Maximum Points500
Factor 6: Risk Assessment
Close relative in another province and no close relative in Manitoba0
Work experience in another province-100
Studies in another province-100
Previous immigration application to another province0
Maximum Points-200
Maximum Overall Points: 1000

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