Canada Multiple Entry Visa

A valid Canada multiple entry visa allows its holder to travel to Canada and stay there for a maximum of six months at a time. The person can do so as many times as they want and don’t need to reapply for this. This visa can be valid for 10 years or a month before the expiry of the passport. A multiple entry visa Canada holder has to reach the country before their visa expires. Now, all this has made Canada immigration much easier.

To be kept in mind: The multiple entry visa falls in the category of temporary resident visa that is also known as the visitor visa.

How to apply for Multiple Entry (Temporary Resident) Visa in Canada

If you want to apply for multiple entry (temporary resident) visa under the tourist visa, you need to do the following things which are given below:

You need to download the guide and kit of the temporary resident application in PDF. If you want you can be in touch with the embassy, high commission or consulate of Canada that has the responsibility of your area or has the application kit of the temporary resident visa which was mailed to you.

First, go through the guide. Remember that the temporary resident visa application fee is not refunded. Therefore, it’s wise to make sure that you have the eligibility for a temporary resident visa before applying.

Fill the form completely and properly and don’t forget to attach the necessary documents. If you don’t, it can be a reason for your application delay. After that, sign and date the application. Check it many times to be sure that you have enclosed the documents and completed the application properly. You are advised to have a copy of the application.

When you pay the fee, don’t forget to receive an official receipt. You can go to your nearest visa office for the guidance related to fees and the way to pay them.

Finally, you submit the application. It’s wise to have some consultation with visa office of your area about application submission methods.

Temporary Resident (Multiple Entry Visa Canada) Requirements

To be eligible for this visa, you need to follow all the conditions below:

You have to leave the country after the temporary stay period.

You don’t have any intention to study or work in the country unless authorized.

You will adhere to the Canada law.

You must have enough money to keep yourself and your family members while you stay in the country and sufficient amount for your return.

You need to have a Police Certificate as the proof of no criminal record.

You need to through a medical exam to prove your fitness.

You will not be any risk to the Canadian security.

The passport has to be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the planned date of arriving in the country. It must be remembered that the temporary resident visa validity cannot be more than the passport validity. If the passport is about to expire, you must renew it before applying for a temporary resident visa.

(Temporary Resident) Multiple Entry Visa Canada Processing Time

Mostly, an application for the temporary resident visa takes one month or less to be processed. An applicant has to apply for a temporary resident visa at least one month before their fixed departure date. If the applicant is mailing their application, they must allow at least 8 weeks.

It tends to happen that the processing time is variable. It depends on the visa office where the applicant applies. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada department is known for the maintenance of the information regarding processing times so that an applicant can have an idea of the application processing periods in different visa offices.

There are some extra formalities for the citizens of some countries, which can take more weeks in processing time. An applicant is informed if such requirements apply to them.

If a candidate is required to undergo a medical exam, it will take more months in the application processing time. As per general rules, a medical exam is not needed for the candidates planning to visit Canada for the period less than 6 months. A Canadian immigration officer informs the candidate and provides the instructions for a medical exam if needed.

Where to go for Immigration to Canada guidance?

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