Manitoba Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

The Manitoba Skilled Worker immigration stream is designed for the international skilled workers who are currently employed in Manitoba and have a full-time employment offer from a registered employer in Manitoba. It starts by means of an ‘Expression of Interest’ where candidates answer the questions asked online and get a score as per their answers to the questions.

To apply under this program, candidates should check all the boxes on the MPNP skilled worker checklist mentioned below for Canada immigration. It is strongly advised that all candidates must have necessary guidance from the best immigration expert to get all done smoothly and conveniently. Many times, eligible candidates don’t get their application accepted due to their not completing and presenting the application systematically and influentially.

This category accepts an application from qualified temporary foreign workers and international students (Graduates) currently working in Manitoba with a permanent job offer from a registered employer in the state of Manitoba. Unlike others, this category doesn’t require the skilled workers in Manitoba to go through the point-based assessment to prove their eligibility. The candidate must only meet the minimum requirements to be listed in the EOI pool where they will straight away be ranked according to some number of factors.

MPNP Skilled Worker Checklist – Minimum Requirements

Here is an MPNP skilled worker checklist for candidates to be able to apply for the Manitoba nominee application form:

The candidate should either be a qualified temporary foreign worker OR A graduate student from an International educational Institution;

If the candidate is an international graduate student, it’s necessary for the student to have attended a registered or authorized education program else training program with a public or private professional post-secondary institution in Manitoba (With the exclusions to Language programs).

The candidates need to show proof of being enrolled in an academic or vocational program that is a full-time program or at least one year long.

The candidate must possess proof of successfully completing the program or if a diploma, degree or certificate has been awarded to the candidate they must submit them as proof.

The candidate is required to have a full-time permanent job offer from their current employer in Manitoba.

The candidate must have a minimum six-month work experience under their current Manitoba employer.

Candidates who were self-employed, did any sort of unauthorized work, or were employed on a co-op permit during a full-time study period. Such employment experience will not be accounted for work experience when calculating the work experience for Manitoba provincial nominee certificate.

The candidate is required have a valid working permit or a post-graduation work permit from the immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada, (IRCC).

The candidate needs to have all the required qualifications for the position that he/she is applying for like certificates of successfully completing their training/Education or any other mandatory licence or education.

The candidate should have language proficiency in English or French that shows that they can speak fluent enough English required by their employer or in the job description.

The candidate must have any connection in Manitoba in the domain of employment as compared to any other province.

The Candidate must show that they are financially stable for living, working and have a decent living as a resident of Manitoba.

They have to show that they have the minimum required settlement funds. Normally a balance of $10,000 CAD is mandatory for the main applicant and $2000 for each dependent along with the application.

To be kept in Mind: The graduates from a post-secondary program in any province of Canada except for Manitoba or those wanting to apply to the MPNP under the category because they have a job in the Manitoba province required to have been working for the Manitoba employer for minimum one year to be eligible.

Requirements for an employer in the Manitoba Skilled Worker immigration stream:

The employer who is providing job offers must fulfill these eligibility criteria:

The employer has to be registered by an act of the legislature of a province or the Canadian parliament.

The employer needs to do a business that has an established production ability, plant or place of business in the Manitoba province.

The employer has to show for the satisfaction of the MPNP that their business is well-established and has the capability of offering the candidate full-time and long-term job in the province.

The employer must provide the candidate with a job offer which is signed, on company letterhead, and have specification regarding salary or wages and other position details.

Manitoba Skilled Worker immigration stream Process:

The following are the steps of Manitoba’s Expression of Interest (EOI):

As mentioned above, a potential candidate needs to make an expression of interest for the immigration to the Manitoba province by giving answers to some questions and must make an online profile. The profile is given a score which is according to the answers given by the candidate. After that, the profile is put in the Manitoba EOI pool with other promising candidates. A candidate is given a rank as per the unique MPNP Ranking Point system, and the score is given out of a maximum of 1,000 points.

Those candidates who have scored highest points may be invited to apply to the MPNP. When a candidate is chosen from the EOI pool, they get a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA). Having received the LLA, the candidate will have 60 days to submit their proper and complete application to the Manitoba province.

On receiving a nomination from the Manitoba province, they must submit their complete paperwork to the IRCC without any delay and apply for the Canadian permanent residence (PR) visa.

When a candidate can’t apply under the Manitoba Skilled Worker immigration stream:

There are some situations in which a candidate can’t apply under the Manitoba Skilled Worker Immigration Stream if:

  1. The candidate is self-employed, businessperson, owner-operators, or a person providing their services as an independent contractor to the business that supports their application.
  2. The candidate is exempt from needing a work permit to work in the province for example Ministers of Religion.
  3. The candidate submits an application which is based on a job offer that is a part of a work-study program.
  4. The candidate is a refugee claimant or having involvement in a federal appeal or removal process.
  5. The candidate is a live-in caregiver currently living in the country.
  6. The candidate is a foreign worker currently working living in any other province of Canada.
  7. The candidate is a spouse of a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.
  8. The person who has been rejected by the MPNP within the last six months, and they are unable to address the rejection reasons.
  9. An applicant has an active immigration application with any other provincial immigration program in Canada.

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