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Canada Visa for Temporary resident is an official document issued by the visa office that is there in an individual passport stating that they have met the requirements for entering Canada as a temporary resident. More than 30 million temporary residents are entertained each year. People from all corners apply for Canada TRV for the purpose of visiting, working, studying and avail the benefits of temporary residents issued by the Canadian government.

Basically, these are the listed categories of Temporary Visa-





Canada Visitor Visa – This category of visa is for a person who is looking forward to visit Canada for the purpose of usual visit, work, study, and is not a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

Basic Steps to apply for Canada visitor visa-

You must submit the visit visa application to the authorized Canadian Visa office.

You will asked to attend the interview that verifies the following-

Reason to visit Canada.After visa expires, you should be willing to leave.

Your total assessment for eligibility checks to enter Canada.

You will be provided a visit visa.

Visitor visa can be further divided into two more categories –

Single Entry – This Visitor visa allows an individual to enter Canada just once. It is mostly applied by Tourist, Business men.

Multiple Entry- unlike Single Entry, here you can visit the country multiple number of times as long as it is valid. Multiple Entry visas are validated for the duration of 10 years.

Student Visa CanadaCanada attracts more than 300,000 students every year from all over the world. Getting admission in top Canadian universities you need good academic score and a permission to study in the form of study permit. Canada student visa is designed by the IRCC for inviting students all corners to assist them achieve excellent education provided by the Canadian Education System.

List of Eligibility Criteria to study in Canada –

  • ❅ That you have completed the selection process and accepted by the institution in Canada.
  • ❅ Provide a police certificate to verify that you hold no criminal record.
  • ❅ Proof that proves that you are able to suffice all the basic financial need of a student as tuition fess, usual living expenses, returns transportation.
  • ❅ Medical Certificate to prove you good health.

Canada Work VisaIssued by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) for foreign workers for a duration of certain period. It was introduced with intentions to suffice the labour need at the time of labour market shortages.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program is comprised of four streams –

High-Skilled Workers

❅ Low-Skilled Workers

❅ Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program

❅ Live-in Care Giver Program

Super Visa ( Parents and Grandparents) The Super Visa Program enables the parents and grandparents to come to Canada as long-term visitors. The applicants get multiple entry visas that last for 10 years, unlike the normal visas that need to be renewed every six months. A super Visa can be valid for two years at a time.

Eligibility Requirements for the Super Visa Program: The parents and grandparents need to meet all the visitor visa requirements and they should:

  1. Provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild residing in Canada.
  2. Show that their sponsor meets the minimum income requirement.
  3. Complete a medical exam for immigration.

Depending on the nationality of the parents/ grandparents, they might require a Temporary Resident Visa along with a super visa.

IMPORTANT: The Super Visa Program is the only option available at this time for undertaking the Parent and grandparent sponsorship visa.

An individual who is interested to sponsor their parent or grandparent need to show proof of being financially stable for the past three years. The table will help you understand better:

Total number of people for whom you would be responsible

Minimum Necessary Income 2017

Minimum Necessary Income 2017

Minimum Necessary Income 2017

4 $59,426$58,768$57,642
6 $76,015$75,174$73,733
7 $84,631$83,695$82,091
Each additional person over 7$8,616$8,522$8,358

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