Prince Edward Island Permanent Residency

Prince Edward is a small province in the eastern part of Canada that provides world class opportunities for applicants who wish to work or settle in Prince Edward Island for Permanent Residency. Under Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI-PNP), applicants have several immigration options to apply for Permanent Residency. Here are some categories, from which an interested applicant can take guidance to apply for Permanent Residency in Prince Edward Island.

  1. Prince Edward Island PNP Express Entry Program
  2. Labor Impact Category
  3. Business impact Category

An applicant can submit their application with regard to these three categories to the province and may get a Prince Edward Island provincial nominee certificate once their applications have been reviewed.

PEI Express Entry System

Prince Edward Island under express entry program chooses the candidate who matches with their job profiles and skill requirements. If an applicant receives nomination letter under PEI’s Provincial Nominee Program, then the applicants has good chances of getting Letter of Invite (LOI) from the federal government through Express Entry profile. It functions under Expression of Interest (EOI) which means the candidate have to maintain an active profile on Prince Edward Island expression of interest (EOI) system with regard to Immigration, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants should be eligible for any one of the federal economic immigration classes through Express Entry System:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • ✍ Federal Skilled Trades Class
  • ✍ Canadian Experience Class

Applicants have to get registered in the federal express entry system in any of the above classes and then required to maintain a profile in PEI’s EOI System which would be evaluated and awarded points on the grounds of age, language, experience, educational qualifications, employment record and adaptability.

  • ✍ Age must be more than 18 years and less than 49 years
  • ✍ Have a minimum language proficiency equivalent to a Canadian language Benchmark 7 or above
  • ✍ Minimum completion of Secondary School to any master’s level or PhD.
  • ✍ Holding at least one or two year experience in the required job opportunity with full time job offer in PEI
  • ✍ Must be adaptable to the day-to-day expenses or cost requirements while living in PEI.

Candidates who are interested to apply to PEI Permanent Residency through express entry category should submit an EOI form accessible through PEI PNP website. EOI form is of free of cost as it is not a formal application to PEI. Nevertheless, applicants who are invited to apply for PEI nomination, are needed to deposit an application fee of $300 CAD. There is no guarantee that all applications under Express Entry profiles will be overlooked or accepted. One who qualifies this process will be subjected to get provincial nomination from PEI with an elevation 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System points. An Invitation to Apply (ITA) will be issued for Permanent Residence from Express Entry pool in a draw.

PEI Business Impact Category

In total there are three streams under PEP Business Impact category through which an applicant can apply for PEI Permanent Residency.

  1. 100% ownership stream
  2. Partial Ownership Stream
  3. Work permit Stream

1. 100% Ownership Stream in PEP

Eligibility criteria to follow for obtaining Permanent Residency under PEP 100% ownership Stream:

  • ✍ Possess a minimum personal net worth of $600,000 which should be purely legal and legitimate accumulated.
  • ✍ Minimum education of high school or any equivalent course
  • ✍ Must be in between 21-59 years at the time of application
  • ✍ Have management skills and past employment experience
  • ✍ Must meet minimum language requirements with CLB/NCLC 4 within last two years.
  • ✍ At time of application for PEI Permanent Residency, the applicant should provide detailed business plan for 100% ownership stream that falls under eligible sector.
  • ✍ Provide an active and continuing regulation of business from within Prince Edward Island.
  • ✍ Sign an Escrow agreement carrying stipulations on the deposit of $200,000 to be held by the PEI province until all the terms and condition got addressed.
  • ✍ Require a minimum investment of $150,000 into a new or existing business in Prince Edward Island.

NOTE: All the transaction must operate under the guidelines provided by Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. Also, if an applicant confirm with the eligibility criteria, then he/she is issued a nomination certificate by the PEI.

2. PEI Partial Ownership Stream

The partial ownership stream as the name suggests, is exclusively for those foreign nationals who want to purchase a part of business in Prince Edward Island.

Check out the minimum Requirements for PEI Permanent Residency.

  • ✍ Applicants must have work experience in that particular available occupation, meet minimum age requirements, and mandatory language skills to start a business in PEI.
  • ✍ Submission of English language exam results such as IELTS/TES score. If test results are not satisfactory, applicants may also have other option for application process in PEI.
  • ✍ A letter of intention is mandatory to submit stating the valid purpose to settle in PEI.
  • ✍ Submit a business plan and business proposal for the partial purchase in favor of PEI business.
  • ✍ Present evidences of having personal net worth of $400,000 CAD and also required to make an investment of $150,000 for the new business in PEI.
  • ✍ Sign a Escrow agreement and make a deposit of $100,000 to be retained under PEI until all the terms and conditions get settled.
  • ✍ Present an investment agreement defining candidate’s investment terms and conditions.

3. PEI Work Permit Stream

The work permit stream in Prince Edward Island allows the individuals to start operating in PEI’s working atmosphere before prior nomination letter for permanent residency. After that when a person receives a letter of support from the office of Immigration from PEI, he/she is required to submit application to Immigration , Refugee and Citizenship Canada for the work permit or work visa. Before getting nomination, applicant has to work for at least one year to receive a nomination for permanent residency. To be eligible for the work permit stream in PEI, following are the requirements.

  • ✍ Possess a minimum personal net worth of $600,000 which should be purely legal and legitimate accumulated.
  • ✍ Minimum education of high school or any equivalent course
  • ✍ Must be in between 21-59 years at the time of application
  • ✍ Have management skills and past employment experience
  • ✍ Must meet minimum language requirements with CLB/NCLC 4 within last two years.
  • ✍ Intention for working and living in PEI, simultaneously furnishing day to day activities of PEI-based company.
  • ✍ Candidates have to sign a Performance Agreement and submit $200,000 to the office of immigration prior receiving a nomination certificate from PEI. This amount can be shattered into Residency portion ($50,000) and Business portion ($150,000)

NOTE: Once applicant cleared all the terms and conditions under Performance Agreement, all the deposited money shall be refunded in accordance with rules and regulation of performance agreement of PEI.

PEI Labor Impact Category

PEI labor impact category has been segregated into two distinctions under which an applicant can choose for PEI Permanent Residency.

Review the two streams provided below for further information.

  1. The Skilled Worker Stream
  2. The Critical Worker Stream

1. Skilled Worker Stream in PEI

This category of PEI Permanent Residency Program is for international applicants who are hired by PEI employers under specific job requirements, skills, education and other related experience offered by the province and are also recognized under Canadian Immigration Law. Applicants have to fulfill the following criteria for PEI Skilled Worker Stream.

  • ✍ Must have a job offer from a recognized employer of PEI in National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level O, A , B
  • ✍ A valid work visa or permit to work in Canada
  • ✍ Completed a post secondary degree or diploma for at least two years
  • ✍ Attended an interview with the Office of Immigration, only if required
  • ✍ Applicants must be a legal resident of his/her current country.
  • ✍ Age should be between 21-55 years and possess an experience of minimum 2 years as full time worker within past five years.
  • ✍ Must have language proficiency with English or French by providing 1.) the results of PEI tests from an IRCC approved testing institute within the past two years with a minimum score of CLB/NCLC 4

2.) or employer signed PEI PNP-LO6 Employer Language Declaration; 3.) or documents from internationally acclaimed institution indicating that the primary language studied was in English or French.

  • ✍ Have adequate financial funds to support the living and other immigration costs while in PEI.
  • ✍ Provide a genuine interest in settling in PEI

2. PEI Critical Worker Stream

PEI Permanent Residency can be applied through Critical Worker Stream of Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) if you are currently employed in PEI. The objective is to fill the low skilled work vacancies which the local population failed to accomplish. There are five occupations which come beneath this category, namely: truck drivers, customer service representatives, laborers, food and beverage servers and housekeeping attendants. Kindly consider the below mentioned Critical Worker Stream eligibility process for your convenience.

  • ✍ Employment offer should be for full time position
  • ✍ Job offer must be acknowledged under Canadian Immigration Law, in one of the following occupations as mentioned above.
  • ✍ Carrying 6 months experience with PEI employer
  • ✍ A valid work permit and a loyal intention to settle and work in PEI
  • ✍ Attended an interview with the officer of Office of Immigration if required
  • ✍ Must have age between 21-55 and minimum 2 year past experience as a full time worker within five years
  • ✍ Exhibit required efficiency in English or French language
  • ✍ Display financial capacity or financial resources to support their own expenses as well as of family members.

For more information regarding the eligibility requirements in Prince Edward Island Permanent Residency, kindly refer to the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program.

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