Dependent Children Visa

What you need to be eligible for the Visa Program?

Basic Requirements

  1. The applicant should be less than 19 years of age.
  2. Financially dependent on the sponsored parents.
  3. The sponsored child should be an ongoing full-time student.
  4. Proof of relationship with the sponsored parents.

How Dependent Children Visa works?

  1. The prospective sponsor(s) must show that the children they are sponsoring are financially dependent on them.
  2. The sponsor parent must sign an undertaking to provide for the dependent child.
  3. After the visa is granted, the dependent child will be given permanent residence.

How much time does the process takes?

The Dependent Children Visa for Canada usually takes up to 6months or above, depending on the applicant’s profile.

Benefits for Dependent Children Visa

  1. The sponsored child/children have the opportunity to live and travel in Canada indefinitely.
  2. The sponsored child/children can benefit from subsidized education plans.



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