USA Immigration

US immigration has always been an aspiration of innumerable foreigners due to the country’s powerful economy, luxurious lifestyle, unmatchable health and education benefits, and low inflation and unemployment rate. All the points mentioned must be enough to know why the country is compared to heaven. Apart from that, the USA promises to be prosperous forever. America is also called the land of opportunity; because it provides countless offers and scope for its dwellers to make money and live the life they wished for.

After reading this whole article, you will have a clear idea of the USA immigration. But, having knowledge is not enough, to know about the USA visa requirements; you must consult the best immigration consultant for immigration to USA. Having an immigration specialist will help you with the appropriate required forms and documents. And, they can also provide you the useful tips necessary for you to increase your eligibility.

Talented workers from all over the world are selected and can receive the USA Permanent Residency or Green Card if fulfilling all the requirements of the country. The USA visas are split into two types:

US Immigrant Visa:

An immigrant visa is issued to a person who desires to live in the USA permanently.

US Visa Programs:

US Non-Immigrant Visa:

A nonimmigrant visa for a Permanent Resident or citizen of any other country who want to visit the USA for a temporary and fixed period.

There are several US visas, and each USA visa satisfies its owner’s purpose, requires own eligibility criteria, and has the validity for a fixed period of time.

Some of them are:

USA Family Visa:

It will delight you know that US citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents (LPRs)’ family members who are living in a foreign country can come and live with them on the basis of Family Preference Visa (F1, F2, F3, and F4 visas) and visas for immediate relatives (IR1, IR2, and IR3 Visas). Apart from that, many other visas allow their holders to apply for their dependents’ visa to come to the USA and keep them company.

US Business Visa:

A USA Business Visa also called B1 visa falls into the category of a nonimmigrant visa. The individuals who go the US on this visa can stay there for a limited period of time to satisfy their business purpose.

US Travel Visa:

A USA Travel Visa that is known as the B2 Visa is a nonimmigrant visa that is issued to a foreigner who wants to go the USA for tourism or medical treatment. On a B2 Visa, its holder can stay in the country for a limited time.

US Student visa:

There are three types of US Student Visas given below with a brief overview of each one of them:

US Student Visa Types: The following are the US Student Visa types:

F1 Visa: An F1 visa is for a foreign student who wants to achieve an academic degree at a designated US university or college, or to learn the English language a recognized English language institute.

M1 Visa: The M1 Visa is given to those foreigners who want to have a non-academic or vocational study or training at an accredited US institution.

J1 Visa: The USA J1 visa is for those wishing to participate in a work-and-study-based exchange and visitor program in the USA. Such programs are sponsored by a non-profit or educational institution, which has to be officially recognized through the Exchange Visitor Program approved by the US State Department. A J1 exchange visitor comes to the USA to study, teach, get training, or show extraordinary skills.

USA Work Visa:

A US work visa allows its holder to work in the USA  for a temporary period of time and mostly requires the sponsorship from an employer. By means of a job or employment in the USA, one can also achieve a green card (US permanent residency). The following are the most sought-after types of US work visas provided by the US to fill its labour market needs with foreign workers, capable of contributing to its economy positively.

US Work Visa Types: The following are the US work visa types: 

J1 Visa: As mentioned above (in the student visa section), this visa allows its holder to work in the USA.

H2 B Visa: A USA temporary non-agricultural H2 b visa is given to a foreign capable of working in the non-agricultural fields. It is given in the situation when there are not enough US labourers are available to do such work.

H1 B Visa: An H1 B visa is a nonimmigrant visa issued to a skilled, educated person working in a specialized occupation. The H1 B visa makes possible for a foreign employer to work for a specific employer in the USA temporarily.

H2 A Visa: The H2 A visa (US Seasonal Agricultural Worker) is for an experienced foreign agricultural worker. It allows them to work in the US on a seasonal or temporary basis on the condition that there is a dearth of domestic workers for the job.

L1 Visa: An L1 visa is given to a foreign employer who works in an international company in their own country and is transferred to a branch of their company in the United States. Those who work as a manager or hold specialty occupation positions are eligible for L1 visas.

O1 Visa: An O1 visa falls in the category of a nonimmigrant visa made for a foreigner having extraordinary ability. To get this visa, the foreign candidate needs to have the extraordinary talent in the field of arts, science, business, athletics, education, television industry or business.

E3 Visa: An E3 visa is a nonimmigrant work visa that given to Australian citizens. An Australian architect, economist, teacher, lawyer, and computer professional achieve an E3 visa.

R1 Visa: An R1 visa is given to those who want to work in the United States as ministers or in religious occupations.

NAFTA Work Visa: A Canadian or Mexican national working in eligible professions can be eligible for a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Professional (TN) nonimmigrant status in the USA, which is like the H1 B status.

In the many USA visas, there is also a dependent visa that allows the primary visa holders to sponsor their spouse and children to come and live with them in the USA. Such visas are called USA dependent visas.

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