USA R1 R2 Visa

The R1 visa and R2 visa is issued to a religious worker to allow them to enter the USA and stay there for a fixed period of time, and their family members to keep them company in the country respectively. Keep reading below to know more about each of them for more necessary information.

Getting an R1 visa or R2 visa needs proper methods to be followed. So, it’s wise to look for an experienced and eligible immigration specialist with far-reaching knowledge of all the system like the necessary documents, policies or rules related to the USA immigration, and appropriate time of each step. Apart from that, the expert must always be within the reach of their client for any support. Not only somebody experienced behind you assures you, but it also increases your chances of being suitable for immigrating to the US.

R1 Visa

The R1 visa also called a religious worker visa is a non immigrant visa type. This visa makes possible for a foreigner involved in religious occupations to be admitted to the USA and work there as a religious worker.

R1 Visa Requirements

There are many R1 visa requirements, which is why it’s hard to get this visa. It’s just because of a large number of religions in the world, and only some of them can be prevalent and founded in the USA. Due to this, there are not only requirements for the person applying for this visa, but also for the organization hiring the candidate.

The candidate must fulfill the following to obtain this visa:

  1. The applicant has to be a religion member for the last two years.
  2. The religion is required to have a non-profit organization in the USA.
  3. Candidates must find a job in the non-profit religious organization, or any affiliated organization with that religion.
  4. It is a must for the applicant to be a minister or an individual working directly in the religious work.
  5. Candidates have to work (part-time) for minimum 20 hours in a week.
  6. Applicants have to work only in their religious role because other positions are disapproved.

As far as the non-profit organization is concerned, it needs to be any of the registered organizations in the USA:

  1. It should be a non-profit religious organization having its own Internal Revenue Service letter of 501(c) (3).
  2. This organization should be a non-profit religious organization having a group tax exemption.
  3. It is required to be an organization that is affiliated with a religion having tax exemptions as per 501 (c) (3) rules or any other IRS code, which doesn’t make it a religious organization according to definition.

R1 Visa Processing Time

The R1 visa processing time is more than the expected. It all starts when an employer files a petition, after that, the USCIS needs nearly 6 months to respond. It happens because they have to see the premises of the religious organization. And, if the USCIS has already seen the organization in the past and approved that, then the premium processing is provided by paying an additional fee of $1,225. The premium will make easy for you to have a response concerning your visa in around 2 weeks.

In case of not having the premium processing, when the USCIS accepts the application, it may consume an additional period of 2 to 3 months for the visa to be processed. Overall, an R1 visa processing may take between 8 to 9 months if not having the premium processing.

R1 Visa To Green Card

It is possible for an R1 visa holder to achieve permanent residence (Green Card) in the USA. It is possible by using usual ways like marriage, family, or changing the status to a dual intent visa like the H1 B visa. And, another way is to apply for EB 4 Green Card. It will help the religious worker to obtain a Green Card in the US.

R1 Visa Validity

In the beginning, the R1 visa validity is for 30 months. Within this period, the visa holder can work and stay in the USA as a religious worker. After that, an extension is possible, which will allow the visa holder to stay for more 30 months in the country. But, an extension beyond a 60-month period is not granted by the USCIS. If an individual possessing this visa stays in the USA for that maximum time, they can get back to their own country or get permanent residence.

R2 Visa

The R2 visa is temporary visa of the USA. It allows the spouse and unmarried children (below 21) of an R1 visa holder to enter and stay in the US. An individual having the R2 visa can stay in the US till the same period of time for which the primary visa (R1) holder can stay in the country. It means that the R2 visa holder loses their status when the principal visa holder loses their own status. 

R2 Visa Requirements

The following are the R2 visa requirements that must be fulfilled:

  1. It’s mandatory to provide the marriage registration certificate, and original birth certificates of all children.
  2. Providing a weighty proof of a marriage relationship is required like the photos of wedding function (whole album is not required only 30 photos are enough).
  3. Necessary documents to support provision for financial support for the whole family mustn’t be ignored.
  4. The copy of the agreement between the employer and the employee in the USA is the last but not the least.

Benefits Of R2 Visa

The following are the benefits of R2 visa:

  1. The visa holder is entitled to the full-time study in the USA.
  2. They can travel without any restriction in and out of the USA.
  3. The visa holder can apply for the Green Card.

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