USA C1 C2 C3 Visa

The C visas (C1, C2, and C3) are for those foreigners who find the USA on the way to their final destination and want to stay in the USA for a fixed period of time (approved time). The C visas make possible for a foreign national to stay in the USA if the country is a layover. In a nutshell, if someone transits through the US, they will need a transit visa that is denominated as C visa. This visa can’t be used to fulfill tourism or business purpose.

After reading this article if you think that you are eligible for a C type visa or United States of America immigration, it’s an illusion. You will definitely need an experienced immigration specialist from filling the application form to your landing in the USA. The prospective applicant who is over-confident and submits their application on their own, mostly, face rejections.it happens due to improperly completing and presenting their applications or missing the required documents. Furthermore, the expert can help a probable USA immigrant to become more eligible.

USA Transit Visas (C Visas)

As mentioned above, the C visa types are called Transit visas. These visas fall into the following three categories listed below:

General Transit Visa (C1)

A foreign national going through the USA to their final destination needs a C1 visa to stay on their layover within the USA.

U.N Headquarters Transit Visa (C2)

A C2 is the transit visa for a foreigner who is travelling to the United Nations (U.N.) Head office in New York or a U.N. officer who is transiting through the USA to reach their destination. An individual having C2 visa is permitted to stay in the vicinity of the U.N. headquarters. The C2 visa holder can go from the U.N. headquarters or a place in its vicinity only when departing the USA.

Foreign Government Transit Visa (C3)

If a foreign government officer transiting through the USA to get to their final destination, they need a C3 visa to stay in the USA. The purpose of this travel has to be government or work related activities.

C Visa Requirements

An individual aspiring for a C visa or transit visa to the USA, the prospective candidate must fulfill the any of the following criteria:

  1. An applicant has to be a common foreigner who is transiting through the USA to reach their planned destination.
  2. Candidates need to be non-US citizens or UN officers who are going to the UN headquarter located in New York.
  3. The potential visa holder must be a foreign government official who is passing through the USA to their intended destination on a work related trip.

Those aspirants who don’t fall in any of the categories mentioned above can’t obtain a C visa or transit visa. Apart from this, another notable point of the C visa is it’s not providing dependent visas. Anybody passing through the USA whether they are a spouse or child needs to have a C visa. In simple words, a government official who is transiting through the USA with their family, their family members need to have their own C visas as well.

C Visas Application

The C visas application process is like the application process for other visas. The candidate just needs to follow the steps given below to get a transit visa:

Candidates need to decide which type of C visas they need before making any step.

  1. The first thing they need to do is to file the Online Form DS-160 (don’t forget to get a barcode and confirmation page).
  2. They need to pay the fee for C visas which is $160 (varies from Embassy to Embassy).
  3. The applicant needs to fix their interview.
  4. Submit the necessary documents (which are given in detail for each C visa below).
  5. The candidate has to face their interview.
  6. If the applicant is found eligible, they will be granted a C visa.

C1 Visa Documents Required:

  1. A passport
  2. DS-160 Form confirmation page
  3. Confirmation letter for interview
  4. One photo
  5. Receipts of paid visa fees
  6. Proof of being permitted to enter the planned country
  7. Ticket for your planned destination
  8. A letter mentioned the purpose of the visit to the planned destination
  9. Proof of being financially capable of paying the expenses in the transit
  10. Strong evidence of returning to own country or another country after the stay in the USA (including a property deed, apartment lease or any other proof)
  11. Being HIV positive requires a letter from the doctor mentioning the medical condition of the patient and the risks included, and proof of a medical health insurance
  12. Having been arrested in the USA before means that the candidate has to submit a letter of explanation of the offense, why arrested, and proof of whether the candidate was convicted or not

C2 Visa Documents Required:

  1. A passport
  2. DS-160 confirmation code
  3. One photo
  4. Receipt of the paid fees
  5. As a UN official who is transiting through the US, you must prove that you are permitted to enter your final destination country

To be kept in mind: the candidates can apply for the C2 visa after the submission of a request by the UN or other foreign organization to the closes US embassy.

C3 Visa Documents Required:

  1. A passport
  2. DS-160 confirmation code
  3. One photo
  4. Receipts of the paid fees
  5. Evidence that you are approved to enter your final destination country
  6. Ticket for your planned or final destination
  7. Proof that you can cover own expenses during the transit
  8. A letter showing the purpose of your visit to the final or planned destination

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