H3 Visa Requirements

An H3 Visa is used for those candidates who want to receive a training or special education in the USA. This visa makes possible for a foreigner to stay in the USA for a fixed period of time. On the basis of this, the individual can enter the US and take the training or special education in the institution they have chosen. It is a must for the applicant to get enrolled in the program that is unavailable in their own country. The program mustn’t be a complete academic degree or medical training; in fact, it must be practical programs necessary for the enhancement of the trainee’s skills. The candidate must receive the provided knowledge and skills and offer the firm proof that they will get back to their own country and use them. The prime purpose of the training is to make the candidate’s career more advanced. The visa holder can’t work in the US.

The two types of programs eligible for the H3 Visa are provided below:

Training Program: The training program can be in any study field except for the medical professions and training. The examples of such fields are finance, agriculture, transportation, government, communications, business, and so on.

Special Education: The special education means that the candidate will get enrolled in a practical or theoretical program to increase their knowledge about children requiring special needs like mental challenges, physical needs, and emotional challenges.

To be kept in mind: There is a fixed number of the H3 Visas that the US government issues each year. Out of countless applications received, only 50 candidates are found to be blessed with H3 Visas to enter the county and receive their training or special education.

All prospective US immigrants must be more careful when planning for the H3 Visa due to its limited and short number. It’s prudent to receive service from a proficient immigration expert because small mistakes play a huge role in the rejection of an application. US immigration is getting harder and harder, so if you want to increase your chances for this visa, you must be under the guidance of an immigration expert not only for assurance but also for being updated with the latest US immigration news and rules.

H3 Visa Requirements

If you want to fulfill the H3 Visa requirements, you must come to the USA with the intention to get training in the fields like agriculture, commerce, government, finance, professions, or in an industrial establishment. You have to show and prove that:

  1. You will not get a graduate medical education or training in the country.
  2. The training you want to get is not available in your own country.
  3. You will receive this training in order to advance own career off the USA.
  4. You will not work unless it is important for the training.
  5. The training that is being provided doesn’t hire a US citizen and resident employees

H3 Visa Process

The H3 Visa process can’t be started by an applicant, which is like other types of H visas. First, an applicant needs to look for the suitable training program and apply for the admission. The organization or institution that provides such training will begin the H3 Visa process. This institution must file a petition for the candidate to the agency for the visa.

This institution will file a petition to the USCIS with the proper description of the training or special education program that the candidate is looking for. Apart from this, the following documents must be attached:

The details of all staff of the institution

The candidate’s profile that includes:

  1. Their education
  2. Previous degrees or diplomas
  3. Former training
  4. Work experience in the field of the training is related to
  5. Proof that the candidate will get any financial benefits from that training and so on

And, when it comes to a special education institution, it has to prove that it provides such training or services. Apart from that, the institution has to file Form I-129, which is a petition for nonimmigrant employees to the USCIS. The document fee is $460.

The documents must contain the required information and sent to the USCIS with all the documents mentioned above. The filing of the petition has to be done at a particular time, primarily before the six months of the starting of the training program. Because the USCIS needs sufficient time to process it. It must be kept in mind that if a petition is filed later, the petition processing and communication of the decision can’t be guaranteed.

When the USCIS checks all documents and the Form I-129, they decide the approval or disapproval, and it is sent to the institution. On the approval, the Form I-797 is sent to the institution, which allows the participant to apply for the visa. The approval means that the special education or training participant should begin applying for the H3 Visa. The application process must be done at the US Embassy of the candidate’s own country. The following are necessary documents that the candidate needs to submit:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Complete Form DS-160 online
  4. Form I-129 and Form I-797
  5. A photo as per the Digital Image Requirements
  6. Documents proving that the prospective visa holder will get back to their own country like an apartment lease, property deed, or future job contract
  7. Payment of the application fees worth $190

Having submitted all the documents, the candidate needs to fix their interview appointment. The purpose of the interview is to check whether the candidate is eligible for the training or special program or not. If the candidate is found eligible, they receive the visa stamp and are officially allowed to take the training.

H3 Visa Duration

The H3 Visa duration for a foreign trainee will be for up to 2 years. And, for those who are involved in a special education training program will be for 18 months.

H3 Visa Extension

It’s futile to apply for the H3 visa extension because it is not extended. Before the visa expires, its holder has to leave the USA.

H3 Visa Processing Time

The processing time for each visa category is different. You must be sure that the employer or company that is petitioning on behalf of you needs to do it 6 months before the starting of your training program. The USCIS takes between 4 and 6 weeks to process the petition.

After all this, you will need to collect your all necessary documents to proceed with your application. As per the requirement of your local USA Embassy, they may reach you with a finalized decision between one and three months to let you know whether your application is approved or disapproved for the H3 Visa.

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