IR1 IR2 IR3 IR4 IR5 Visa

The IR 1, IR 2, IR 3, IR 4, and IR 5 Visas allow an immediate relative of a US citizen to live with them in the USA. The ‘IR’ stands for ‘immediate relative’ of the citizens of the US. The visa holder can a spouse, child, adopted child, and parent. If you want to know about each of the categories mentioned above read keep reading further.

The guidance of an immigration specialist increases the chances of getting this visa and a systematic journey to the US. There is an uncountable number of applications received for the USA immigration, which makes the whole task very competitive and complex. The immigration expert helps their client fill and submit the application with the necessary documents properly. Apart from that, they also keep their client updated with the latest news related to the USA immigration. The types of visas fall under the category of immediate relative visa are given below:

IR 1 Visa

An IR 1 visa falls in the category of an immigrant visa reserved for foreign spouses of the US citizens. This visa can be provided to only the spouses of US citizens, not for the spouses of those living in the country as Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders). An LPR spouse visa is categorized as the F2 priority and it is held to a fiscal year cap. The IR 1 Visa makes possible the immediate filing of the permanent residency when the visa is approved.

IR 2 Visa

An IR 2 Visa allows its holder to get the same advantages as an IR 1 Visa holder does. The former visa is issued for a US citizen’s minor child and not for their spouse. Unmarried children whose age is below 21 are eligible for the IR 2 Visa. Similar to the IR 1 Visas, IR 2 Visas are categorized under the first priority and are not subject to a waiting line and cap.

IR 3 Visa

An IR 3 Visa falls in the category of immigrant visa, and it fulfills the purpose of international or intercountry adoptions. This visa is issued to a child who is adopted outside the United States when the adopting parent, whether single or both parents if a married couple saw and observed the child before the adoption, and this adoption was completed in any other country. The complete form of ‘IR’ is ‘immediate relative’. The classification of this visa demonstrates that the orphan has been legally adopted before the immigrant visa was issued. Before the IR 3 visa was issued, the authorized officer needs to be satisfied that this adoption was legal in the country where it happened, and it is valid for the purposes of the US immigration.

According to the federal laws, a child who is provided an IR 3 visa doesn’t need adoption or re-adoption in the United States. But, the state laws of their state of residence can demand a re-adoption procedure.

IR 4 Visa

An IR 4 Visa falls into the category of international adoption. It is given to those children who are coming to the United States for adoption. If children are coming to the US on the basis of an IR 4 visa, their adoption has to be decided in a US court to fulfill the Child Citizenship Act requirements. But, the decision is not needed if the children were officially adopted in their own country, and the children’s State of residence in the US approves the foreign adoption with the requirement of re-adoption.

IR 4 Visas are given to children in the following situations:

  1. The law of foreign country only gives the permission to the adopting parents to get the guardianship of the children. Fully adopting the children is not allowed in the country.
  2. The future adopting parents or parent did not see and observe the children before the adoption process.

The children having IR 4 Visas will become the citizens of the US on the very day when their adoption is decided in the country on the condition that they should be below 18 on the adoption date. After that, their family can apply for a Certificate of Citizenship for the child.

IR 5 Visa

An IR 5 Visa makes possible for a parent of a US citizen whose minimum age is 21 to enter the country and live there. The best aspect of this visa is that it gives them the golden opportunity to work in the US and keep the company of their children as a family in the same country. When a parent gets an IR 5 Visa, they are legally allowed to work in the country without an Employment Authorization Document or EAD.

Due to being an immediate family visa, the IR 5 visa is free from an annual limit or cap. In other words, those who meet the eligibility criteria and have an accepted application can receive this visa, and they don’t need to wait for priority dates to be current.

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