T Category Visa USA

The T1, T2, T3, and T4 visas fall under the category of T visa type. These visas are allotted to those who are traumatized individuals of human trafficking and their immediate family members to stay and work for a temporary period in the United States respectively. Their staying and working are allowed if they help in the law enforcement of the country by testifying against the criminals or perpetrators. Keep reading below for further information about each one of them. Apart from that, you will also have an outline of T5 visa.

T1 Visa

The T1 visa USA is given to those who fall in the following criteria:

  1. Their entry into the US was illegal, and their purpose of coming was to be a part of commercial sex work, peonage, unwilling servitude, debt bondage, or slavery.
  2. They have been involved in the commercial sexual activities or accepted to come to the country by force, coercion, or fraud.
  3. The individual will have severe hardship if deported to their home country.
  4. They will report their trafficking crime to the federal authorities for investigation and, if aged 15, provide assistance in prosecutions and investigations. Due to the 2006 modification, the necessary obeying of the law enforcement was considered unfit if it would increase the traumatized condition of the victim also known as “trauma exception”.
  5. They are recommended by a law enforcement agency, and the endorsement must be consisted in their application (if the agency doesn’t include an endorsement, the traumatized person has to give sufficient secondary proof).

To be eligible for a T1 visa, a candidate has to show that they will experience severe or painful harm if being deported from the US due to the following factors:

  1. The first one is the age and personal circumstances of the T1 visa candidate.
  2. They are suffering from a critical physical or mental illness for which their home country is unable to provide the appropriate treatment.
  3. They are likely to be traumatized again.
  4. The candidate can be harmed again by the people of same traffickers on their return.

On the basis of T1 non-immigrant status, a candidate can apply for their certain family members while filing own application, or after some time, with the USCIS. It all depends on the age of this visa holder for whom (family members) they can apply. Keep reading further about other visa types of T visa.

T2 Visa

The T2 US visa is issued to the spouse of a human trafficking, illegal sex trade, or forced labour victim who possesses the T1 visa. The T1 visa holder has to apply for this visa.

T3 Visa

To be eligible for the T3 visa, the candidate needs to have minimum one parent who is having a T1 visa.

T4 Visa

The T4 visa is issued to a parent of those who hold the T1 visa.

T5 Visa

The T5 visa is for the unmarried sibling (brother or sister) of the T1 visa holder.

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