O1 O2 O3 Visa USA

O1, O2, and O3 visas are issued to a talented person or primary contributor in a specific field, their assistants, and their family members respectively. They all are also called O type visas that are nonimmigrant temporary worker visas. Keep reading below to know about each type in detail with the requirements.

Before you go to any type of O visa, you mustn’t forget to consult an immigration specialist who has extensive expertise, especially in the USA immigration field. If you have an expert behind you for any assistance, you feel relaxed and do everything systematically. Otherwise, those who don’t hire a professional face severe rejections. Only a trained professional can guide you about filing visa application, submitting necessary documents, and so on. Keeping yourself updated with the latest US immigration news, policy, or rule can help you in preparing yourself better.

O1 Visa

An O1 visa is issued to those who are blessed with extraordinary talent in the field of arts, sciences, business, education, athletics, or who have set an extraordinary achievement record in the motion pictures or television industry and are well-known for such achievements in their home country or across the world. This nonimmigrant visa is further divided into two categories:

O1 A visa: An O1 A visa is made for individuals having an extraordinary ability in education, business, sciences, athletics. It doesn’t include arts, motion pictures or television industry.

O1 B visa: An O1 B visa is for a talented individual having extraordinary ability in arts or an extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry.

O1 Visa Requirements

A list of all O1 visa requirements is given below. A candidate has to satisfy at least three of the following conditions to qualify for this visa:

  1. The applicant has got a national or international award or prize that shows their high-level talent in their field.
  2. The candidate is a member of any association whose membership needs an achievement of high-level, assessed by nationally or internationally well-reputed scholars in the relevant field.
  3. The candidate’s work has been featured in professional or world-famous trade publications or mainstream media.
  4. The candidate has been a judge of others in the field or nearly field whether as an individual or a member of a judging panel.
  5. The individual’s articles have been published in professional or well-reputed trade publications.
  6. The applicant is known for making an original academic, scientific, business contribution in the relevant field.
  7. Candidates have served in a key or critical capacity for any well-reputed organization.
  8. The applicant deserves to be paid highly for the high-quality services they provided.
  9. Candidates must have any other related proof supporting their unparalleled talent not fitting into the above standard.

O2 Visa

The purpose of an O2 visa is to allow those individuals who will join an O1 visa holder to the USA for providing their assistance in the OI visa applicant’s work. It doesn’t matter whether that work is an event, a play, a movie, or exhibit. The role of the O2 visa applicant must a key role in that work.

O2 Visa Requirements

A Candidate has to satisfy O2 visa requirements by proving one of the following:

  1. The candidate is the main part of the work of an individual applying for the O1 visa. It must be clear that the work will not be done properly without the candidate.
  2. When it comes to assisting an O1 visa candidate in their work, the O2 visa applicant plays an important role in the production, exhibit, or the event, which must be supported by a working history with the O1 visa candidate.

More importantly, the petition for an O2 visa is tied to the O1 visa holder whom you will keep the company. This visa is not for friends or family of the individual with an O1 visa. And, it is not for any person who is working in that field of art, science, education, or business.

O3 Visa

An O3 visa falls in the category of a nonimmigrant visa. It makes possible for the spouse or children (below 21) of an O1 visa applicant and O2 visa candidate to be admitted to the USA and live with their family members.

O3 Visa Requirements

An individual has to all the O3 visa requirements listed below:

  1. The applicant’s spouse or parent needs to have an accepted and valid either O1 or O2 visa.
  2. The candidate has to be the primary visa holder’s spouse or unmarried children below 21.
  3. The candidate’s relationship to the primary visa holder must be proven.

Apart from the requirements mentioned below, there are not any other particular conditions that an O3 visa applicant has to satisfy. The main condition is that the applicant has to prove that they are either the spouse or unmarried child of the primary visa holder.

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