Essential Skills Work Visa

New Zealand Essential Skills Work Visa is for the applicants who have been offered full-time job and have relevant skills and work experience to be eligible to apply for this visa. It is a temporary visa that allows an individual to live and work in New Zealand from one to five years. It is  a stepping stone towards attaining Skilled Residence Category.

You can achieve this visa only if  employer has no New Zealanders available for that particular job. If you wish to apply for this visa program, check out the Essential Skills Work Visa checklist, processing time, changes and requirements before applying.

Benefits of Essential Skills Work Visa

After the grant of New Zealand Essential Skills works visa :
a) You may sponsor your dependent children or spouse for the visa.
b) You are free to study for three months per year or if your employer wants you to do an as a part of employment.
c) You can live and work in New Zealand till the time your visa is valid.

Essential Skills Work Visa requirements

If you are willing to apply for the New Zealand Skills work visa , you have to meet the requirements and checklist in order to be eligible:
a) You have to provide evidence that you have good character and are away from unwanted activities.
b) You have to meet health exam requirements. You have to get done your medical exam to show that you are medically fit. The medical exam lasts for 12 months.
c) You must have the full-time job offer in New Zealand.
d) You must have the required skills and qualification in that field of work.
e) You have to show that you have a genuine intention to work in New Zealand and there is no other purpose to have this visa.

Application process of this visa

a) To apply for this visa, you need to have employment form and an employer supplementary form which is to be filled by the employer.
b) The employer needs to show that they have tried their best to find New Zealanders for that particular job but unable to find right candidate either.
c) You need to submit all the required documents that are present in document checklist:
1) The two latest photographs with original passport.
2) You need to submit health certificate and character certificate.
3) You have to submit the copy of employer document as well as you should make sure that your employer is not in the record of non-compliant employers.
4) The employer needs to go through the Labor market test.
5) You have to make sure that your skills and qualifications match with the requirements of ANZSCO. You have to submit the copy of your original or certified qualification or degree/qualification that is recognized by NZQA.

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Conditions of this visa

This visa has numerous terms and conditions. The employer/ skilled worker have to meet the “Conditions to Apply”. You must have desired occupation, employer, and location and  travel conditions.
There are no English language requirements for this visa but you must have proficient English language proficiency to fulfill the commitment or responsibilities in your work.

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Length of duration for this visa

You can live  in NZ for one to five years. You can renew your visa.

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