Essential skills work visa

Individuals who have received an employment offer from the New Zealand employer and if you have required work-experience and qualifications in that job then you can apply under Essential Skills Work Visa Program.  It is a temporary visa that allows an individual to live and work in New Zealand for the period of three years under New Zealand Immigration. The time period can be get extended from three years to five years under certain conditions.

Essential Skills Work Visa Category is solely based on the occupations that are mentioned in the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) and even on the factors like your work experience and qualifications. This visa category is accessible only when an employer proves that there is no New Zealand citizen available to fill this job vacancy.

What are the key requirements of Essential Skills Work Visa?

1)    You should meet health and character requirements.

2)    An offer from the New Zealand employer to work for full-time job in New Zealand.

3)    Your employer makes sure that no New Zealand people are available to work in that specific field of work.

4)    If “stand down period” clause is there in your application then for continuous 12 months you have to live outside New Zealand prior applying gain for this visa program.

5)    You must have genuine intentions to work in New Zealand for long-period.

6)    If you are an employer:

a) You must have filed the Employer Supplementary Form.

b) You should try searching New Zealanders for the particular job before hiring overseas immigrants.

c) The occupation must be present in the Essential Skills List.

Length of stay of Essential Skills Work Visa:

This visa program has the validity of three years but it is extendable up to 5 years depending on labor market conditions and on the skill level of your job/work.

What are the benefits of Essential Skills Work Visa?

1) You can study for the period of three months for the duration of any 12 months.

2)    You are allowed to work with an employer who has offered full-time job employment for you.

3)    You can take your    spouse or dependent children along with you to New Zealand.

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