New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

New Zealand is one of the happening countries to apply for permanent residency (PR) visa. Lowest personal rates, no capital gain tax, and powerful economy are the factors that catch an eye of overseas expats who are in for permanent residency. The New Zealand PR Process is stern, unambiguous and entirely based on the point system that includes skill credentials.  In this page, we will discuss the parameters like process, processing time, requirements, fees that are steps to attain the permanent residency status in NZ.

One should be aware of below-given factors before applying for PR Visa:

a) New Zealand Occupation List – It consists of all the occupations that are in high demand in New Zealand. The motto of creating the occupation list is to fill the occupations that are not fulfilled by the New Zealand locals. If your occupation is mentioned on the list and you already have work experience in that chosen occupation then, you can easily apply for PR visa after spending the required period of time.

b) New Zealand Points System – It is essential for the candidates who want to apply under Work Visa categories. The points system includes the factors like age, qualification, employment, work experience, and any family or close member in NZ that is taken into consideration. Candidates need to score the minimum of 100 points to lodge an expression of Interest (EOI) but to receive an invitation to apply you must score 160 points.

Why choose New Zealand?

Kia Ora! New Zealand is a country of stunning and craggy mountains, turbulent rivers and beautiful beaches. It has been called as “God’s own country” since ages. Factors like low population, natural landscape, best colleges and universities, low employment rate; high economic growth make NZ one of the finest places to settle.

New Zealand PR Benefits

The permanent residents of NZ get immense rights and entitlements. Not only the right to live in NZ but also numerous benefits are given to the PR holders:

a) The permanent residency visa holders get the right to work anywhere in the nation in their  chosen occupation.

b) You are eligible to travel in and outside the country multiple times within the span of two years and lately, you can renew your visa if you meet the eligibility criteria.

c) After living on the PR visa for the beginning years, you can apply for the citizenship.

d) The right to study, stay and reside is given without any obligations.

e) The children born in the nation, automatically get the NZ citizenship by birth.

f) You have gotten the authority to sponsor your relatives and family members for the permanent visa provided they have to meet all the eligibility requirements.

g) You are exempted from paying International fees; you only have to pay for domestic fees for education.

h) Medical, as well as social security benefits, are also provided.

Check out the New Zealand PR Visa categories:

a) Skilled Migrant Visa

b) Work to Residence

c) Residence from Work

d) Business Visa

e) Family Category Visa

f) Dependent Child Visa

Apply for New Zealand permanent residency

The PR process of New Zealand is quite subtle and plain. The New Zealand Government has crafted various visa categories that can lead you to the stoppage of permanent residency. Skilled Migrant Visa is the easiest and common category opts by several aspirants to settle in the nation.  First of all, you should be clear about the visa category you choose and accordingly, you have to meet the requirement and process criteria. The process of every visa category differs and you should choose the visa wisely that suits your profile the best. Check out the categories through which you can gain PR of NZ:

  1. Skilled Migration Category

The Skilled Migration Category allows an individual to live in New Zealand for the indefinite period. This visa category counts on the points system and the visa aspirants have to meet all the requirements and obligations to be eligible. The factors that examine your eligibility are Age, Qualification, Work experience and employment.  Go through the key requirements that should be fulfilled:

a) Your age should be less than 55 years and below.

b) Good command in the English Language. You have to show your English language skills to the higher authorities by appearing in English exams like IELTS, PTE, and CAE etc. Your score should be good.

c) You should be physically fit and have good moral conduct. You should not be indulging in any activities that are obscene to New Zealand laws.

Apply for New Zealand PR under Skilled Migrant Category (SMC)

The SMC consists of points system and minimum requirements. The minimum score to be eligible is 100 points and the minimum requirements need to be fulfilled are that the applicant should be 55 or less, have good moral conduct and physically fit, and have good command over English language.

Skills Assessment 

  1. The applicant achieves 50 points, if he/she has job offer in the nation or is already working in skilled job in NZ in the span of less than a year. However, if the work experience is more than 12 months then, 60 points are allocated to the applicant. In addition to it, if your job is outside the region of Auckland, additional 30 points are also being added towards your overall score.
  2. The applicant gets 40 points for the recognized level 4-6 qualification, for a recognized level 7 or 8 qualifications , 50 points are given ( it includes bachelor degree and bachelor’s degree with honors), and 70 points for the holders of Master’s degree or Doctorate which is considered as a recognized level 9 or 10 post-graduate qualifications. The Foreign degrees should be verified by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

Selection process-

  1. First of all, you have to lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI) , via online or paper. You have to pay fee to the same. The fee for online application is NZ$530 and for paper application is NZ$650. The selection criteria is done through pool system. The applicants who score around 160 points automatically get accepted without being in the pool system.
  2. If your EOI gets selected, you will be informed about it via email within the time span of six months and the minimum span could be of two weeks and ITA (Invitation to apply) will be issued for the visa.
  3. Lastly, you have to complete all the documentation and submit the visa application to the Immigration New Zealand Authorities.

2. Business and Investment Visa

The people who are interested in setting up or expanding their business in the kiwis land and if their business idea is unique and can lead to the contribution in the economy of NZ are eligible to apply under this visa. You can apply either through the Investor category or Entrepreneur category.

  • Investor Category

The aspirants who want to live and start their business to live permanently in the nation by investing in the business can apply. You can either opt Investor or Investor plus category as per your eligibility.

  • Entrepreneur Category

The individuals who have the desire to establish their business can apply under this visa. If you run your business for the span of two years on this visa then, you are eligible to apply for the residence visa.

3. Family Category Visa

There are various family visa categories through which you can apply for permanent residency. If you are a partner, child, or parent of the NZ permanent resident then, you can apply. One of the obligations you need to follow is, to get sponsored by the relative or family member who is the permanent resident of New Zealand.

Silver Fern Visa

Silver fern Visa is for the young and experienced talent who wish to dwell and work in the country. If the applicant manage to find the long-term employment in the country then, he/she is eligible to apply for PR visa.

How to apply for New Zealand permanent residency visa from India?

New Zealand is the best nation for education and employment offers. New Zealand and India share the exceptional bond. Every year many Indian migrate to New Zealand for better career opportunities or for further education.If you want to migrate to NZ for permanent basis , you can apply for any of the above-mentioned visa programs but the majority of the Indians prefer Skilled Migrant Visa to get permanent residency New Zealand.  If you have no idea about the permanent residency NZ, you can take assistance from our team of counselors. Our experienced experts will help you in achieving your dream at very reasonable rates. To Contact us for more information, you can call on the official helpline +91-7042184185 or email your queries on info@makevisas.com.