How to apply for New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa

New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa allows overseas nationals to live and work in the nation permanently.  PR status in New Zealand allows the applicants to access benefits like citizens except for a few restrictions. In this page, we will discuss the parameters like application process, processing time, requirements, fees that are an important part of the permanent residency visa.

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What are the benefits of New Zealand Permanent Residency Visa benefits?

Here are the benefits  given by Immigration New Zealand to the permanent residents:
a) A permanent resident can work anywhere in the nation.
b) Get access to the  best education facilities for higher studies.
c) Get the free healthcare facilities by the New Zealand Government.
d) Travel in and outside the nation as many times for an indefinite period.
e) The children born in the nation get NZ citizenship by birth.
f) You have gotten the authority to sponsor your relatives and family members for the permanent visa provided they have to meet all the eligibility requirements.
g) You are exempted from paying International fees; you only have to pay for domestic fees for education.

Eligibility criteria to be eligible to apply for New Zealand  Permanent Residency Visa Process : 

Potential applicants who want to immigrate to Oz and looking forward to applying for PR visa have to meet the requirements set by Immigration NZ :

a) Age should be less than 55 years at the time of submitting the visa application.
b) You must meet the healthcare requirements.
c) IELTS score should be equal to 6.5 or above.
d) Your occupation should be in the New Zealand occupation list and you need to have relevant work experience in your field of occupation.

How does New Zealand Permanent Residence visa process work?

If you’re a skilled worker and looking forward to applying for PR visa, Skilled Migration Category (SMC) is the best option for you:

a) At first, you need to get done the Pre Assessment Report (PAR) test where your education qualification is being evaluated i.e., to know whether your college/university and education is equivalent to the New Zealand educational standards.

b) Once you get the positive PAR report, the next step would be submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) under the Skilled Migrant Category. EOI evaluates. To qualify for a PR visa program, you have to score at least 100 points on the NZ points system.

c) Candidates with score 100 or above are entered into a pool and highest-scoring candidates get an invitation to apply (ITA) through the regular draws take place in the NZ pool. At present, the selection score for the residency visa is 160 points.

d) The next step is the complete assessment where your profile gets evaluated thoroughly on both the factors -education and experience.

e) Once your complete assessment is done successfully, you are eligible to file your visa application for PR visa and wait for ITA to come.

If you want to apply for a permanent resident visa, go through the below-mentioned categories and choose the one which matches your profile the most:

a) Family Visa

You are eligible for this program if your partner, spouse or a family member lives in Oz as a permanent resident then they can sponsor you.

b) Investment and Business Visa

You can obtain permanent residency if you have funds to invest in Nz and also, your business idea should be approved by the higher authorities of NZ. You can choose the visa categories depending on your eligibility.

How to apply for New Zealand permanent Residency Visa from India?

New Zealand is the best nation for education and employment offers. New Zealand and India share the exceptional bond. Every year many Indians migrate to New Zealand for better career opportunities or for further education. If you want to migrate to NZ permanently, you can apply for any of the above-mentioned visa programs but the majority of the Indians prefer Skilled Migrant Visa to get permanent residency.

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