Pay Limit Scheme

Denmark Pay Limit Scheme allows you to live and work in Denmark. If you have got the lucrative job offer by the Danish employer, you can apply for the work and residence permit. You need to have a specific educational background or job that belongs to the specific professional field. If you have a remunerative job offer and have requested for asylum in Denmark, you can apply on this scheme.  In order to be eligible for work and residence permit in Denmark under this Scheme, you must receive the Danish employment offer of at least DKK 375,000 per year (approximately USD 80,000). You don’t have to meet the requirements like education, work experience or job description to apply.

Conditions of the Pay Limit Scheme

You have to meet certain conditions of the Pay Limit Scheme to get the work and residence permit in Denmark.

a) You can get the permit on this scheme if the annual salary of your job offer is DKK 417, 793, 60 or above. The job offers with the annual salary less than DKK 417, 793, 60 are not eligible to get the permit.

b) The minimum amount for this Scheme is renewed every year on 1st January.

c) Your whole salary plus a minimum amount of Pay Limit Scheme should be directly deposited in the Danish bank account in an approved Denmark bank; it can’t be paid in cash or to any foreign account. Your employer has to mention in the application for that this condition will be fulfilled. You are open to both basic bank account and currency account.

e) Combination of your salary and Pay Limit Scheme minimum amount should consist of the factors like Basic salary, Paid holiday allowances and Payments to Labor market pension schemes.

Duration of stay in Denmark

You get the residence permit valid for one month if you apply from abroad. Your validity period begins prior to the beginning of your work.  You have to show that you can support yourself and your accompanying members (if any) during your stay. If you fail to declare this, your residence permit will be valid for 14 days prior to your work starts.

Your residence permit will be valid from the day you start working if you apply in Denmark.

a) Duration of the permit if your employment is less than four years

b) Duration of the permit if your employment is four years or above

c) Shorter validity because of your passport

Benefits of the Pay Limit Scheme

a) You can travel across Denmark.

b) You can bring your family members along with you during your stay.

c) Your spouse/partner is eligible to work in Denmark.

For availing more information about the Pay Limit Scheme, call on the official helpline +91-7042184185 or drop down your queries on at info@makevisas.com.