Family Visa for Australia

The Family Visa for Australia allows the family members, of the Australian Citizens or of any Australian immigrant, to migrate to Australia on temporary or permanent basis. Family Visa enables the family members to live with their close ones living in Australia. One who is sponsoring a family member is needed to provide sufficient funds for first two years of settlement in Australia. In some instances, they may require to provide a written agreement or Assurance of Support (AOS) for family visa application.

Types of Family Visa for Australia

There are certain family visa categories designed for spouses, parents, children and relatives of Australian permanent residents, or Australian permanent visa holders where they can sponsor their family for permanent visas.

Parent Visa Category: Under Parent Visa, the parents are allowed to live in Australia with their sponsor child. The Parent Visa has been sub-categorized based on whether you apply from outside Australia or in Australia.

Outside Australia:

  1. Parent Visa (subclass 804)
  2. Contributory Parent Temporary Visa (subclass-173)
  3. Contributory Parent Visa (subclass-143)

In Australia:

  1. Aged Parent Visa (subclass-804)
  2. Contributory Aged Parent temporary visa (subclass 884)
  3. Contributory Aged Parent visa (subclass-864)

Child Visa Category: Under Child visa category, the child need to be younger than 18 years and should be single. You can apply from both in and outside Australia.

  1. Child (Permanent) visa (Subclass 802)
  2. Orphan Relative (permanent) visa (subclass-837)
  3. Child (permanent ) visa (subclass-101)
  4. Orphan Relative (permanent) visa (subclass-117)
  5. Child (Permanent) visa (Subclass 802)
  6. Dependent Child Visa (subclass-445)

Partner Visa Category: Partner Visa is for those who are spouse or Fiancé of an Australian Citizen or permanent visa holder.

Outside Australia:

  1. Partner (provisional) visa (subclass-309)
  2. Partner (permanent) visa (subclass-100)
  3. Prospective Marriage Visa (subclass-300)

In Australia:

  1. Partner Temporary Visa (subclass-820)
  2. Partner permanent Visa (subclass-801)

Remaining Relative Visa (subclass-835):  It’s a kind of Family Visa where the applicant must have nearest relative in Australia in a desire to live with them and obtain permanent visa. The respective applicant is needed to be in Australia at the time of family visa grant.

Remaining Relative Visa (subclass-115): Relative visa is for those who are having close-relation in Australia to sponsor them for permanent residency visa. The sponsor should be Australian permanent resident or citizens or any NZ citizen.

So, these are the family visa sub classes for Australia under which there are certain eligible requirements which the applicants are requested to review and check whether they are eligible or not.

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Family Visa for Australia
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