Australia Permanent Residency FAQs

This Australia Immigration and Permanent Residency FAQs 2020 page consist of common frequent questions asked by candidates who want to settle in Australia permanently.

What does Australia Permanent Residency mean?

The Australia Permanent Residency allows an individual to live, work and study in Australia on the permanent basis. The applicant can sponsor their family members or relatives for Permanent Residency in Australia. You can live anywhere in Australia. After spending the starting years on Australia permanent residency visa, you are eligible to apply for Australia citizenship provided you have to meet certain requirements.

What is the difference between Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190?

Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 and Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 both are permanent residency visas. In case of Australian subclass 189 visa, the applicant can live anywhere in Australia whereas under Australian Subclass 190 Visa, the candidate must have sponsorship from state/territory government and have to live and work in nominating state for the initial two years.

Do you have to renew your Australia Permanent Residency Visa in Australia?

The Australia Permanent Residency comes with the ‘International Travel facility’ that permits you to travel in and outside Australia for the span of five years. Before the expiry of the Permanent Residency Visa, you have to renew your visa in order to access all the facilities of Australian residents. For the renewal of Australia permanent visa, you can either apply for Residence Return Visa (RRV) or Australia citizenship.

What are the benefits of Australia Permanent Residency?

Australia Permanent Residency allows you to live and settle in the nation permanently. Check out the benefits.

1)    You get the full right to live and settle in Australia indefinitely.

2)    You can complete your higher-education in Australia.

3)    You can sponsor your family members for Australia permanent residency.

4)    You can travel in and outside Australia as many times till the time your visa is valid.

5)    You get the access to Medicare; it is an Australia’s Scheme for healthcare and medical facilities.

6)    The child born in Australia gets the citizenship of Australia since birth.

What is the age limit to apply for Australia permanent residency?

The applicant less than 45 years of age can apply for the Australia PR. However, in some cases like business visa, the age can go up to 50 years if the applicant has total worth and can really contribute to the Australian economy.

What are the requirements that have to be fulfilled to get the Permanent Residency in Australia?

To attain Australia Permanent Residency, the applicant has to go through the following factors. Under Australia point-based visas, the applicant has to score 65 points on the Australia Immigration Points System 2019. The Australia Permanent residency calculator includes factors like:


b) Education Qualification

c) Work experience

d) English Language Proficiency

e) Adaptability.

What is the cost of Permanent Residency in Australia?

The cost of permanent residency visa programs varies according to the subclass. As per the new changes w.e.f 1st July 2019, the cost of Australia permanent residency program for the main applicant is $4,045. For the additional applicant (more than 18 years of age) the cost is $2,020 and the cost of additional child applicant is $1,015.

Difference between Australia Permanent Residency and Citizenship

There is an extreme difference between Australia permanent residency and citizenship:

1)    Australia citizen can leave and re-enter Australia frequently but permanent residents have to renew their permanent residency visa after five years in order to enjoy the benefits. Permanent residency visa comes with the International travel facility and people have to renew their visa in order to travel in and outside of Australia.

2)    Australia citizens have the right to vote in elections whereas the permanent residents cannot vote in elections except the permanent residents who were registered before 1984 (British subject).

What are all documents required for the Australia Permanent Residency?

The documents play an important role in the approval of the visa application. The candidate has to submit all the documents with visa application in order to avoid delays. The applicant must provide their travel as well as birth documents at the time of filing the visa application for permanent residency in Australia.  The applicant has to submit health and character requirements and must submit your English language exam score. You also have to submit your work experience and qualification as per your chosen occupation.

What is the cost of Australia PR from India?

If you are Indian and looking forward to settle in Australia permanently  then you should be aware of the cost of Australia PR. The cost of Australia PR from India is given below:

Visa Application Charge$ 4,045 (For Permanent Residence Visas)
Skill assessment Application Feefrom $300 to $1,050 for most occupations
IELTS or PTE Test (if required)As applicable
Medical ExaminationAs applicable
Police Clearance Certificate FeeOn average $20 per person
Translations and Document Certification Chargesup to $ 500

How can New Zealand Citizens Apply for the Permanent Residency in Australia?

The New Zealand citizens can easily enter in Australia on the Special Category Visa that allows New Zealand citizens to live, work and study in Australia on a temporary basis. However, people who have entered Australia on Special Category Visa prior to February 2001 may apply for the Australia Citizenship.

Who can Sponsor or Nominate you for Permanent Residency in Australia?

If you are applying under the State Sponsored visa, you must receive the nomination from the state/territory government whereas for Regional Skilled Visa (Subclass 489) you can either have the nomination from state/territory government or sponsorship from family members who are permanent resident or citizens in Australia. Under Employer-Sponsored Visa, you must receive the nomination from the approved Australian employer.

What are the reasons behind the rejection of Australia Visa Programs?

There could be the various reasons behind the rejection. Here are some reasons that play an important role in the approval or rejection of the visa application:

1)    Submitting visa application with wrong documents.

2)    Unable to meet the health and character requirements.

3)    English language exams score is less and ineligible according to the score set by the Australian Immigration Department.

4)    Submitting the visa application under the incorrect occupation

For availing more information about Australia Immigration or if you want to attain assistance in the documentation process or visa filing, you can contact the Make Visas experts by dialing official helpline +91-7042184185.  You may write your queries on the official email ID info@makevisas.com.

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