EB2 Employment Based Immigration (Permanent Work Visas)

The EB 2 visa is an employment-based green card category that makes possible for the foreigners blessed with extraordinary talent or having an advanced degree to get the US permanent residency. It is the second preference visa of the EB visa category.

Although you can assess your eligibility by reading the requirements for each of the category falls under the EB2 visa, it’s wise to be patient and contact any immigration specialist with extensive knowledge about the USA immigration system. You can stay updated with the latest news, changes, rules, and policies related to the USA immigration. Furthermore, how you present and submit your documents and forms can determine whether your application will be approved or disapproved. So, you must hire a professional who can help you with all this.

The EB 2 visa is further divided into the following three categories:

  1. EB 2A for an advanced degree holder
  2. EB 2B for individual endowed with an extraordinary ability
  3. EB 2C for the National Interest Waiver

EB 2 A Visa Requirements

A candidate must satisfy the EB 2 A visa requirements to be qualified for the advanced degree subcategory.

They hold an advanced degree must be proved with the proof given below:

  1. Copies of the diploma, degree, or certificate
  2. Copies of official transcripts
  3. Any other official documents from the institution
  4. Assessment from the educational assessment agency if the degree was received out of the USA
  5. For bachelor’s degree, letters from previous or current employers showing increasing experience

Their degree is relevant to their working field requires evidence like:

  1. The documents that describe the company
  2. The copy of their company’s annual report, if relevant
  3. The letter describing the present or prospective work

EB 2B Visa Requirements

The following are the EB 2B visa requirements that must be met:

  1. The candidate needs to have a permanent job offer from a US sponsoring employer/petitioner or they need to eligible for a national interest waiver (NIW).
  2. They are required to possess an exceptional ability in science, arts, or business field.
  3. They have to be regarded as more talented than others in the same profession.
  4. They must have an employer ready to sponsor them via labour certification or PERM.
  5. Candidates have to satisfy the health and character requirements.

EB 2 C Visa Requirements:

The last one is EB 2C visa requirements, in which a candidate has to prove that their permanent residency will benefit the USA’s national interest. In other words, they must show their exceptional ability or skill in the field that will positively provide support to the US. There are 7 requirements to prove that talent. The candidate has to show minimum 3 points out of them to be eligible by showing documents:

  1. Academic qualification proof in the relevant field of extraordinary talent
  2. Proof of having minimum 10-year experience of working full-time in the field
  3. A professional licence, if required in their profession
  4. Proof of earning as per own exceptional talent
  5. Proof of membership with the associations of their field
  6. Having awards or prizes for their contribution to their field
  7. Any other proof of their exceptional ability

For availing more information about the EB 2 A, EB 2 B, and EB 2 C visas for the USA immigration, call the corporate hotline +91-7042 184 185 / email your queries on info@makevisas.com. You can visit our nearby office for more details and inquiry.

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