H2A and H2B Visa Programs

An H2A and H2 B Visa holders can work in the US on a temporary basis. A US employer may file a petition for a skilled and unskilled foreign employee to fulfill temporary or seasonal vacancies for the jobs in which there are not any US workers present. The two categories of H2 nonimmigrant visa are H2A for an agricultural worker and H2B for a non-agricultural one.

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Difference Between H2 A And H2 B Visa

The difference between an H2 A and H2 B visas is given below:

H2 A Visa (For an agricultural worker)

An employer can fulfill their seasonal or temporary requirements for agricultural labour. For this, they need to file a petition for the H2 A category for one or more foreign workers to work for a limited or specified temporary period of time. An approved petition for an H2 A work includes both of points listed below:

  1. The hiring of the foreign worker on a temporary basis must not negatively lay an effect on the wages or working conditions of a same hired worker in the United States. The wages and conditions must be equal to the standard wages and conditions in that area where the worker will work.
  2. The individuals possessing domestic work authority who want, able, and are qualified enough to do the required jobs are not available when needed, or in the numbers required.

H2 B Visa 2019 (For a non-agricultural worker)

An employer can meet the temporary requirements for skilled and unskilled non-agricultural workers. To do that, the employer needs to file a petition for the H2 B category for one or more foreigners work for a limited period of time. An approved petition for H2 B workers must include the following:

  1. The prospective hiring of a foreigner will not affect negatively the employment of a US worker (hired similarly) or their working conditions
  2. The requirements of the employment that can be met by the foreign worker are temporary.

H2 A Visa Cap

There is not any H2 A Visa cap that is placed annually.

H2 B Visa Sponsors Requirements

The H2 B Visa sponsors requirements are given below:

  1. The needs of the employer should be one-time, seasonal, peak load, or intermittent.
  2. The job-time needs to be limited for less than 1 year.
  3. It must be clarified that there are not any US workers who are ready and eligible for that work.

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