New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

New Zealand is high income generating economy with a high ranking in Human Development Index which hand over its migrants the opportunity to travel and work in the regions of New Zealand through Working Holiday Visa. The New Zealand Working Holiday Visa is pathway to visit NZ for young generation who can contribute fruitfully to the economy while living in the New Zealand. Working Holiday New Zealand jobs are Farm work, Retail work, Hostel work, Hospitality, Tourism, Ski Field work , and Fundraising.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa Requirements

The working Holiday visa for New Zealand has some obligation which has to be accomplish before stepping further in the application process-

  1. The minimum age limit for working holiday visa is 18 to 30 years of age. For Canada it is 35 years.
  2. You must possess a passport of an eligible country.
  3. You are not permitted to take Dependent child along with you in the Working Holiday visa application.
  4. You must support the evidences of good health and good character (no criminal cases).
  5. You need to get medical insurance for the time period you are staying in New Zealand.
  6. Your intention of coming to New Zealand should primarily be the holiday and secondary be the work in NZ.
  7. You must have a specific funds to support living duration and for the return ticket.
  8. If applying within New Zealand, then you should have an acceptable temporary permit.
  9. There are additional requirements if you are applying from the countries lie UK, Canada, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan and Korea.

List of Eligible Countries for New Zealand Working Holiday Visa

Check whether your country comes into the category of eligible countries for Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand.

CanadaHong KongMalaysiaSingaporeUnited Kingdom

New Zealand Working Holiday visa Cost

The processing cost for Working Holiday visa is CA$345 for Canada and €205 for European Union countries. For UK citizens, the processing cost is £165 which involve embassy fee also.

Visa Duration for New Zealand Working Holiday visa Duration

The New Zealand visa authority has maintained different time duration for different countries.

For UK citizens, the time duration determined for Working Holiday visa is 12 months to 23 months. Citizens from UK can choose any of the visa duration.

For Countries like Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Israel, Italy, Ireland, Korea, Malta, Netherlands, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, and USA, the candidates have 12 months duration of the visa to live in New Zealand.

For countries like Austria, Malaysia, and Singapore, the time duration for Working Holiday Visa is 6 months.

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa processing time

The Working Holiday visa processes in 20 days from the time when you submit your visa application which may vary in any deficiency in providing information. Once you apply for the Working Holiday visa you will receive an approval mail from New Zealand government.

How can Make Visas Guide you in applying for Working Holiday Visa?

If you want more information about Working Holiday visa or any assistance in the New Zealand Immigration you contact our expert team. You can  call us on +91-7042 184 185. If you have any doubt related to the Immigration or you need counseling,  write down your queries on

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