Skilled Independent Visa For Australia Subclass 189

Australia Subclass 189 Visa is a points-tested stream that allows the candidates to live, work and study in Australia for the indefinite period of time. This visa is designed for those candidates who have no sponsorship from the state/territory government or an employer and also, have no nomination from the relatives or family members who are permanent residents in Australia. Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 allows you and your accompanying family members to live and work anywhere in Australia on the permanent basis.

Benefits of this visa

1)    You can live and work anywhere in Australia on the permanent basis.

2)    You can sponsor your   eligible family members for the Australia permanent residency.

3)    You get the access of World’s best healthcare facilities in Australia.

4)    After spending initial years, you can apply for Australian citizenship.

189 Visa Checklist:

Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) Requirements-

The first and important thing you should focus on before applying under Australia 189 visa is your eligibility. Are you eligible to apply for Australia Immigration under Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189? Check out all the eligibility requirements which are given below:

1)    Is your occupation available on MLTSSL – Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List?

The MLTSSL- Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List consists of those occupations that are in high demand in Australia and have urgent need of overseas skilled workers to fill the labor gap. Before applying for the Skilled Independent Subclass 189, you have to check whether your occupation is mentioned in the list. In addition to that, you must have work experience and required qualification in that occupation.


2)    Australia Permanent Residency Points Calculator

You have to score at least 65 points on the Australia Permanent Residency Points Calculator in order to be eligible to apply for the Australia 189 Visa. The Point system consists of the factors like:

a) Age

b) English Language Proficiency

c) Work experience

d) Education Qualifications

e) Other Factors


3)    Pass the Skills assessment and receive the Invitation to apply (ITA)

You have to make your skills assessment done in your chosen occupation by the Recognised authority and it turns out to be positive. Afterward, you have to submit the expression of interest (EOI) via Skill Select program. If you have desired score on Australia points calculator, you may receive the invitation to apply (ITA).

Other major requirements of the Australia 189 Visa:

1)    You should be less than 45 years of age.

2)    You have to qualify the health and character requirements.

3)    You must have good communication skills i.e. you must have proficient English.

4)    You should not have any outstanding debts from the Australia Government.

How to apply for Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189 Visa?

Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) is a multi-stage process. Thus, check out how the visa process goes:


You need to select and make sure that your chosen occupation is present in the Medium and Long-term Strategic list.


You have to make sure that you fulfill all the eligibility requirements i.e.

1)    Your age should be less than 45 years of age.

2)    You must have proficient English language.

3)    You have to meet the health and character requirements.

4)    You should be free from all kind of Australian government debts.


You must receive positive skills assessment by the accessing authority for your chosen occupation.


You have to submit the expression of interest (EOI) through Skill Select program. Skill select is an online program that helps Australia in choosing the right candidates for immigration based on the factors like age, work experience, qualification etc. Your expression of Interest (EOI) will be checked by Australian authority and even by employers who may be interested in hiring skilled workers.


If your profile is good and you have attained good score on point-system then you may receive Invitation to apply (ITA). After receiving it, you may fill for the Australia 189 visa application. If outcomes come out in your favor then you may receive Australia visa and you will be eligible to migrate to Australia.

189 Visa processing time:

The processing time process of Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)  varies depending on the below-given factors:

1)    If all the required documents are not submitted on time.

2)    How many applications are received by the Immigration Department for the Skilled Immigration?

3)    How many positions/seats are available for the skilled occupation?

4)     If you have not submitted all the required documents along with your visa application.

Skilled Independent Visa  (Subclass 189)    75% of applications processed in   90% of applications processed in
Australia 189 Visa  9 months   12 months

 189 Visa Cost

Skilled Independent  Visa (Subclass 189)Main applicantAdditional applicant charge ( 18 years and above)Additional applicant charge (less than 18 years)
Australia 189 Visa  $ 3755$ 1835      $925


Additional costs: you may have to pay for the police clearance , health exam and other important documents.

a) Police clearance certificate: This certificate states your moral conduct. You have to pay for the respective authorities where you have resided from last 12 months.

b) Health certificate: You have to pay full cost for your health exam. The health exam is valid for 12 months.

c) If documents are not available in the English language then you should get it translate it into the English language with the help of authorized accessing authority.

How can Make Visas help you?

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