Western Australia DAMA Occupations

The Western Australia has introduced its Designated Area Migration Agreement list under Western Australia DAMA, called Western Australia DAMA Occupation List or Goldfields DAMA list, that includes occupations which are facing critical shortage of skilled workers in the region.

Goldfields is the first region in Western Australia to establish a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA). The Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) enables employers of Goldfields to sponsor skilled workers and semi-skilled workers for occupations that are unfulfilled by the local workers. The Goldfields DAMA has been designed addressing present and upcoming labour shortages in the region as per the local terms and conditions of employment. 

The Goldfields DAMA is a five year labour agreement between the Federal Government, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder and the Shires of Coolgardie, Leonora and Menzies.

Occupations included in Goldfields, WA DAMA

 Presently, the Goldfields DAMA Occupation List consists of 72 occupations in multiple Industries. The main target of DAMA is not just at mining and heavy industry jobs, in fact, other jobs like childcare workers, hospitality supervisors and disability worker are included in this list to meet the shortages in these Industries.

Your business can get a Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) concession. Though, business case should be strong to get a TSMIT concession, which is available for specific occupations:

  1. Bar Attendant (Supervisor)
  2. Beef Cattle Farmer
  3. Child care Worker
  4. Waiter (Supervisor)

Your business have to show that the salary offered to an International skilled worker should be at least what an Australian citizen or permanent resident could expect if they were to hire on the same job and location.

Working Process of DAMA

The Goldfields DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program; therefore, individual workers are ineligible to apply for this visa separately. The Goldfields DAMA uses both the labour agreement stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Subclass 482 and the Employer Nomination Scheme Subclass 186. . The Goldfields DAMA enables eligible businesses access to occupations which are not provided through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) (subclass 186) or Standard stream of the Temporary Skill Shortage TSS subclass 482. Businesses enter into a labour agreement with the Australian Government, and workers, are then granted subclass 482 or subclass 186 visa.

Major Factors of Goldfields DAMA are:

  1. English language concessions for a few occupations.
  2. Goldfields DAMA is a five-year agreement.
  3. Pathway to Australian permanent residency visa for Goldfields DAMA visa holders that includes transitional arrangements for present visa holders.
  4. It provides a broad range of occupations reflecting skilled and semi-skilled shortages in the region.

English Language Concession

Presently, the Goldfields DAMA listed 28 occupations that include English language concessions that may be offered to International workers applying for a temporary TSS visa, and those transforming to permanent residency through the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) labour agreement pathway unless there is a requirement of a higher level of English for registration or licensing).

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