Family reunification scheme

Denmark Family Reunification Scheme allows you to apply for the residence permit if your relative or family member is living in Denmark. You can live and work in Denmark under  Denmark Immigration.

Key requirements of Denmark Family Reunification Scheme:

a) For spouse/ partners:

1) You and your partner should be more than 24 years of age.
2) Your partner or spouse is financially strong enough to support you in Denmark.
3) Applicant has to clear the Danish as a second language test within the span of 6 months.
4) The marriage or registered relationship must be recognized by Danish Law.

b) For children:

1) The child should be less than 18 years of age and is dependent on his parents.
2) The child should be single.

c) For other family members:

1) The relationship should be followed up by family ties.
2) You must have a family relationship with the person living in Denmark.

Funds required supporting Family members under Denmark Family Reunification Scheme:

a) For Family members: DKK 64404/year for spouses or de-facto partners
b) For Children: DKK 16104/year for married or de-facto parents
c) For children: DKK 19428/year for single parents

Documents required :
1) The child should be less than 18 years of age.
2) The marriage certificate should be provided (If married).
3) Birth certificate of the child needs to be submitted.
4) De-facto partners need to submit the proofs of their relationship that their relationship is genuine and continuing.

Working of Denmark Family Reunification Scheme:

You have to submit the Denmark Family Reunification Scheme Visa application along with supportive documents. Applicant has to meet the health and character requirements.

How much time does the process take?

The processing time may vary but the average processing time is 6 months.

The cost of Denmark Family Reunification Scheme is: DKK 2095(For dependent applicant)

Benefits of Denmark Family Reunification Scheme:

1) You can live and work in Denmark under Residence permit.
2) You can live in Denmark under Temporary Residence permit for three years which can be extended for one more year and later on the further extension of four years can take place.
3) After spending specific time, you can apply for the permanent residency visa program.
4) You can get Danish citizenship after spending continuous nine years of the period in Denmark.

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