Family Visa

If you want to join your family members in the UK, you have to apply under the right visa category of the UK family visa. Factors like your nationality, your relationship with the family member who is living in the UK, how long your family member has been in the UK and his/her nationality. You are eligible to apply for the Family visa if you are a spouse/partner, fiancé/ civil partner, child, parent or the relative who will be around you for the long run in order to take your responsibility, of the family member who is living in the UK. The applicant has to meet all the requirements and submit all the documents in order to avoid delays.

If you wish to join spouse/partner who is in the UK and is the citizen of EEA or Switzerland, you will have different conditions. For outside EEA and Switzerland nationals, only certain relatives can stay or apply for the extension in the UK.

If you’re already in the UK on a family visa, you can only apply for the extension period. If you’ve entered the UK in another visa category, you may stay with your spouse, child, or parent on the family visa. If you’re applying outside the UK, you are eligible to apply for the UK family visa if you are a spouse, child, parent or civil partner of your family member who is living in the UK.


With the motive of bringing families together, UK immigration policies have taken several appropriate measures. One such initiative, the UK Family Visa Program allows UK nationals and permanent residents residing in the UK to invite and sponsor partners, parents and children.

Upon receiving the sponsorship successfully, family members who are in through a UK Family Visa shall be able to access the same benefits as the main applicant in terms of work rights, and rights to education for the children. In some cases, partners or children may need to apply for entry clearance before coming to the UK.

UK for sure is the perfect place to establish your family and kids. Along with a peaceful standard of life UK offers interesting business opportunities, high quality education, health and old age benefits, and secure surroundings. UK can be the best choice when you are thinking for a successful settlement of your family and life.

In order to bring immigrants’ family together and support dependent partners or parents, UK introduced the family visa programs. It allows eligible migrants to sponsor their family members to join them in UK under a temporary or permanent visa program. With this migration scheme, children, parents and other family members can apply for immigration to join their UK citizen or permanent resident family members.

Processing time

It takes around 12 weeks for processing if you apply outside the UK. If you apply in the UK either via online or post, it may take around 8 weeks for processing. To attain a quick response, you can get the decision from the UK embassy if you apply in the UK individually using the premium service.


Your relationApply outside the UKApply in the UK online or by postApply in the UK in the premium service
Joining your parent, parent or child £1,523£1,033£1,643
Additional applicant£1,523 each person£1,033 each person£1,643 each person
Adults who need assistance from a relative£3,250£1,033£1,643


a) You can’t apply or switch to the Family visa if your family member is living in the UK on the work visa or student visa.
b) You are ineligible to apply for Family visa if you are on a visitor visa of the UK or you hold the visa which lasts for less than 6 months.
c) If you apply as a spouse/partner
1) You and your partner both should be 18 or above.
2) Your partner is the holder of British citizenship, or has settled in the UK, or is the holder of refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK.
3) You and your partner have the intention to live permanently in the UK.


You have to provide the information to qualify for the visa:
a) You have to submit evidence that you have good English language proficiency.
b) You need to show that you can support yourself and accompanying dependents in the UK during your stay.
c) If you’re in a civil partnership or marriage, your relationship should be valid and recognized in the UK.
d) If you’re a Fiancé, fiancée or proposed civil partner, you need to prove that in the initial 6 months of arriving in the UK, you will get married or come into a civil partnership.

Duration of stay

a) If you are a Fiancé, Fiancée or a proposed civil partner, you can stay for the span of 2.5 years or for 6 months in the UK.
b) If you’re a partner, you may apply for the indefinite leave to remain, after completing 5 years in the UK with permission to stay.
c) If you apply as a parent
If you’re applying as a parent under the Family visa, you can live with your child in the UK. Your child should be l less than 18 years of age

Visa Categories under the UK Family Visa

a) Family of a Settled Person Visa

This visa is for the family members of British citizen and the one who holds permanent residency or indefinite leave to remain in the UK. This visa category includes children, parents, dependent adult relatives, spouse or civil partners, and unmarried partners.

b) UK Marriage Visa

This visa category includes the spouses of UK citizens or permanent residents that have indefinite leave to remain. After the grant of visa, the spouses can work in the UK.
1) You are eligible for indefinite to leave remain in the UK, without meeting the condition of living in the UK for two years, if you have been together for the last four years or above outside the UK and you have met all the requirements of the UK test.
2) You must have sufficient funds to support yourself and your spouse’s living expenses. If any dependent is accompanying you, you have to look after his/her expenses.
3) After completing the three years of span in the UK, you may apply for the citizenship of UK if you meet the residency requirements.
4) You can’t change your status to the spouse visa if your visa is valid for six months or less.

c) UK Fiancé Visa

If you are a Fiancé of the UK citizens or permanent resident, mainly indefinite to leave remain, you are eligible to apply for the Fiancé visa.
a) If you are engaged to the EU citizen with a five years residence permit, you need to apply from outside the UK.
b) You can’t work in the UK on the fiancé visa and your spouse must have sufficient funds to support you in the UK during your stay.
c) You and your Fiancé have to live together after your marriage.

d) EEA Family permit

This visa belongs to the nationals outside the European Economic Area with an EEA national family member who is residing in the UK or planning to visit the UK in between six months. If Married or civil partners, dependent parents or grandparents, and children come under this category. The applicant needs to apply outside the UK, but if the applicant is in the UK, he/she must apply for the other family visa type.

e) Parent of a Tier 4 Child Visa

This category belongs to the parents whose children are less than 12 years of age and are studying in an independent fee-paying school. The child, should be the holder of a Tier 4 Child Visa. This visa is valid for six and twelve months. You can apply for the extension period of 12 months till the time your child gets 12 years of age.

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