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New Brunswick Point(s) Calculator helps the government in assessing the required eligibility for New Brunswick Immigration under New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream. The process for applying for being able to immigrate to New Brunswick Canada as per the New Brunswick information session is to first score a minimum of 67 points on the New Brunswick Immigration Points Calculator gridAfter which the candidates will be eligible to submit their files to the Express Entry pool.

Candidates who are eligible to enter the federal Express Entry pool and are interested in living and working in New Brunswick may apply to the New Brunswick Express Entry Labour Market Stream and score points in New Brunswick Express Entry Points Calculator.

This stream allows the province to nominate individuals who are already in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) Express Entry pool and who have the necessary education, skilled work experience, language ability, and other factors to help them settle successfully and integrate into New Brunswick’s labor market and communities.

To enter the federal Express Entry pool, candidates must be eligible for one of the three federal economic immigration programs:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program
  3. Canadian Experience Class

Candidates who meet all eligibility requirements of one of these three federal programs must begin by creating an Express Entry profile. Based on the information the candidate submits, his or her profile will be given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score and the top-ranking profiles will be invited to apply for Permanent Residence. Receiving a Provincial or Territorial Nomination will boost the candidate’s score by 600 CRS points, greatly increasing his or her chance of being invited to apply for Permanent Residence.

This points calculator of New Brunswick is of Employment Support stream and nominates the candidates who have gotten a permanent , full-time job offer from a New Brunswick employer.

Find the New Brunswick PNP Point Calculator Below:

Factor 1: Education

This factor assess the applicant on the basis of the highest level of education that the applicant has and awards them points for the same. Maximum 18 points can be scored under this factor.

SecondaryHigh school diploma awarded after junior/middle school and before college, university or other formal training10
Post- secondaryAcademic degree awarded by a college or university to those who complete an undergraduate curriculum that required at least three years full-time study. Diploma completed in a specific trade that required at least two years fulltime study.15
Post-GraduateMaster’s degree awarded by a graduated school of a college or university, after you have completed a Bachelor’s degree. Doctorate degree awarded based on at least three years of graduate studies and thesis, after you have completed a Master’s degree18

Factor 2: Language Skills

This factor scores the candidate on the basis of their language proficiency in Canada’s official languages that are English and French. Points are given for both English and French proficiency. A maximum of 9 points can e scored under this.


Factor 3: Work Experience

Candidates can avail points under this factor if they have the required work experience in an Occupation In-Demand in New Brunswick. Having work experience in an occupation present in the New Brunswick PNP Occupation List. A maximum of 10 points can be scored under this category.

Work experience ( years)Points

Factor 4: Age


Factor 5: Adaptability

This factor helps to assess if the candidate will be able to adapt well in the neighborhood once he/she moves to Canada. This can be done by checking the candidates background or relations in Canada. A maximum 15 points are awarded under this category.

Family in New BrunswickYou or your spouse/common-law partner, has a son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father, child, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew living in New Brunswick as a Canadian citizen or permanent resident10
Education in New BrunswickYou have completed at least one year of post-secondary education in NB5
You have completed at least two years of post-secondary education in NB10
Employment  in New BrunswickYou have worked for at least one of the last five years in NB10
You have worked for at least two of the last five years in NB15
Your spouse/common-law -partner has worked for at least six months in the last calendar year in NB5
Area of Skills ShortageYou have a positive, labour market impact assessment (LMIA) from the Federal Government OR10
Your employer demonstrates that they have been unable to find a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada to perform the job duties AND they participate in recruitment activities with the NBPNP.
You can demonstrate successful employment in a second occupation, where the occupation is different from your intended occupation in New Brunswick. The occupation must be skilled and supported by a diploma or trade certificate.5

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Once the candidate scores 67 points on the New Brunswick Immigration Points Calculator 2018, the file can straight away be sent to the New Brunswick Express Entry System where the candidate will be judged under the New Brunswick EOI along with the other people who have applied. People with the highest scores will be given a New Brunswick provincial nominee certificate which will later help to speed up the process for obtaining a Canadian Permanent Residency Visa.

For availing more information about the New Brunswick PNP points calculator, call the corporate hotline +91-7042 184 185 / email your queries on info@makevisas.com.

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