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Canada Immigration Plan 2020 appears as the great news this year for all the aspirants who want to live in the country. This Canada new immigration plan is like that news which was given last year when the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) reduced the qualifying marks so that they could invite a large number of candidates by means of the Federal Express Entry System. This year, the IRCC plan is to invite around 74,900 using the Canada Express Entry. There is an increase of 1% compared to the last year.

Apart from this, the IRCC is ready to accept 55,000 candidates for Permanent Residence via Provincial Nominee Programs and the QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program) is going to accept 28,900 individuals under skilled worker Business Category this year. All the opportunities mentioned are enough to regard Canada Immigration News  as a golden chance for Canada immigration. A candidate also needs to know about Express Entry next draw date and how and when it organized by the Federal government of Canada.

Canada is very famous for its mesmerizing beauty, well-established infrastructure, the strong economy, high lifestyle, and so on. All these factors tempt millions of aspirants for Canada Immigration. But, only a few ones are nominated for the Canada Permanent Residence. The biggest reason behind all this is that many candidates don’t follow the rules properly, which leads to no other option except for rejection. Most of the candidates don’t know how to present their application, and some of them give incomplete information. It is also a noticeable fact that a great number of candidates also get barred from applying again by the IRCC for up to 5 years.

One should apply for the Canada Permanent Residence systematically and properly. The best way to all this is by being under the guidance of an efficient, professional, and cooperative immigration firm like Make Visas. The aspirant has to be updated with the latest news concerning immigration to Canada process and rules. One of such examples is the news of the Canada immigration rules 2018. Apart from this, an aspirant must have knowledge related to the Express Entry draw. Normally, the Federal government of Canada Conducts Express Entry draw after a period of every two weeks. So, it’s wise to take advantage of this immigration program. As an aspirant, you must keep yourself updated with the Express Entry next draw date.

Latest News: The IRCC (Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada) has made a change on 26, June 2018 by lessening the time deadline for the submission of documentation after receiving an ITA (Invitation to Apply) from the 90-day period to 60-day period.


The IRCC has reduced the bulk of the education criteria because it wants a flood of people to come to Canada and boost its economy. Some rules have been changed recently to this side of Canada immigration. Now, any prospective Canada immigrant holding a high school diploma can come to the country as a Canadian Permanent Resident. The candidate must have the required work experience too. For an Indian candidate, it’s best to be with a Master’s degree; because it allows them to find a comfortable job and also provides them with higher chances of getting nominated for immigration by means of the Express Entry Program.


As per the latest rules for Canada Immigration made by the IRCC for 2018, a person aged between 18 and 65 can apply for immigration to Canada. Before this change, it was between 21 and 65. These rules were changed with the purpose to help more aspirants to immigrate to Canada. The people aged between 25 and 35 will get the highest points because the IRCC finds it the ideal age for an immigrant. In such age, the immigrant will be capable of contributing very well for the future to the Canadian economy. If someone wants to move to Canada, the person must apply without any delay within the age range mentioned above. Remember, that it is only the perfect age not a guarantee for Canada immigration confirmation. The candidate has to fulfill other necessary requirements too.

Language Proficiency:

You must know the language of the country where you plan to travel or immigrate; the same also applies to Canada. If you want to run a business or work somewhere, you must know the most used language of the place.  In Canada, most of the people speak English and French. But, when we compare Canada to other English-speaking countries, the requirements for Canada immigration as the permanent resident is lower. You just need a score of CLB 7 to be eligible for immigration. It will be more helpful if you get an IELTS score more than CLB 9 to boost profile potential. In spite of having almost no possibility of the language proficiency criteria to get low in 2018, one should be ready to accept that as the year passes further, new rules and criteria that may be easier can be introduced. For instance, the IRCC declared this year that if a candidate knows both of the languages widely spoken in Canada English and French, they will receive additional points for this capability.

Work Experience:

The work experience plays a very important role in achieving a nomination for Canada immigration. As per the new rule, a candidate is required to have minimum work experience for immigration to Canada is only 1 year. But, it must be remembered that despite the minimum work experience is 1 year, it’s better to have minimum 3-year work experience. It increases the chances of nomination for Canada immigration by means of the Canada Express Entry 2018.

Adaptability Skills:

The factor that makes Canada immigration program very famous is that it allows family members to migrate and stay together. Apart from this, a candidate having his family already living in Canada get more points. In the latest change in the rule, the IRCC states that the candidate whose family is already living in Canada will receive one more benefit that they will get additional points to the profile.

As we have already discussed the latest changes in Canada immigration rules 2018, it’s wise to have a look back at some changes took place in 2017 in the immigration policy of the IRCC. In spite of having all this knowledge, it’s important to keep yourself in touch with our immigration expert team to be updated with the latest news related to Canada immigration:

The first change that was done by the IRCC in 2017 was to alleviate the rules concerning immigration overall process and application. After receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), the deadline to submit the visa application was increased to 90 days. It was helpful for many candidates who were facing problems in managing other parts of the immigration process; it gave them more days to do all this conveniently and properly. The limit was 60 days before this.

Because the IRCC finds it better to have more skilled workers to enter Canada, it has eased the problematic restrictions related to the immigration process to Canada for skilled workers. Earlier, the rule was that a candidate with a job offer would get 600 points while now the points will differ according to the category of the job. The people who fall in the management category jobs will get the highest points (200 points) whereas the people with other category jobs will get 50 points.

Many changes related to Canada immigration were done in 2017, but they didn’t appear as an obstacle for people to Canada Permanent Residency. You should only remember that you must score above the cut-off Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score to be eligible. All else is something additional to this. If you still have any doubt about whether Canada is suitable for you or not, allow us to make you believe.

Benefits of living in Canada:

Free Education:

The citizens and permanent residents of the country who are up to the undergraduate level can have free education. By having so, you don’t have to face severe problems of life for getting your children educated for an appropriate degree or educational qualifications necessary for survival in this competitive world.

High lifestyle:

Canada is known for its high standard of living, which makes suitable for immigration. Apart from this, the country has low crime rates and provides immigrants the experience of being in an advanced country.

Majority of Immigrants:

The working majority of the people living in Canada are immigrants. They come to Canada in search of a better, peaceful, and secure life all because of the immigrant-friendly environment of the country.  Foreigners often face violence and discrimination in other countries due to complexion, race, ethnicity, and so on. Such incidents have not been found so far in Canada.

Golden Opportunities for working:

As we all know that Canada has a strong economy, which results in golden opportunities for workers from a wide range of backgrounds. According to some experts, the country’s economy is making progress dramatically which will definitely require more eligible workers in the long run. Therefore, the country is one of the finest places to work and live a secure life.

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