IELTS Score Required to Apply for Canada Immigration

IELTS  is one of the world most recommended language proficiency test system introduced by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). Ielts for Canada Immigration is the primary step if you are planning to enroll for Canadian Express Entry Program. Good Ielts score will be a plus factor in Express Entry Pool, so we recommend all to immediately approach our consultants, immigration experts for ielts general training. Over 3 million tests have been taken in the past year, showing significant rise in popularity all over the world. All universities, colleges and professional association in Canada accept IELTS test results as a requirement of evidence in language proficiency.

IELTS Score is basically determined by a test in four major language areas –


Test will be held for a duration of 30 minutes

Four Recordings of Native English speakers will be provided to

Questions to be replied with answers that will determine your ability to understand the main ideas, factual information, opinion of the speaker


Test will be held for a duration of 60 minutes

Material to be read consisting of 40 questions will be provided to test you reading ability to understand the main ideas, debating logic, main objective, factual information , writers opinion


Test will be held for a duration of 60 minutes

Given a topic of general interest, you will be assigned to complete to two written task.

Task-1: Describe the stages of the process , or the data that is depicted in the information given in a statistical diagram as graph , tables , charts etc.

Task-2: Essay writing in response to a point of view, arguments or problem.


Test will be held for a duration of 11 -14 minutes.

Firstly, introductory conversation between examinee and the examiner with general question about the examinee on familiar topics as home, family, studies and interest.

Secondly, Two minutes extempore speech on particular topic provided in the form of cards followed by few questions from the examinee.

Thirdly, Extension of questions round from the second round topic where the examinee will have the opportunity to discuss abstract ideas and problems.

IELTS Scores for Canada PR Express Entry Application 2018

Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has introduced the minimum scores required to qualify for Canadian immigration via Express Entry.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)


CLB LevelAbility: SpeakingAbility: ListeningAbility:ReadingAbility:WritingPoints per ability
76.06.0 –
10 and above7.5 – 9.08.5 – 9.08.0 – 9.07.5 – 9.06

What should be the IELTS score for a Canada PR visa in 2018?

Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB)With a spouse or common-law


(maximum 128 points)

Without a spouse or common-law


(maximum 136 points)

Less than CLB 400
CLB 4 or 566
CLB 689
CLB 71617
CLB 82223
CLB 92931
CLB 10 or more3234

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