Working Holiday Visa Canada

Working Holiday Visa Canada provides temporary work permits to young professionals from many countries so that they can live and work in Canada.  Working holiday visa is valid for either 12 months or 24 months depending on the country of citizenship. For all the countries coming under this visa there is a working visa Canada age limit under which candidates can apply in the working holiday visa. In order to apply for the working holiday visa for Canada, the candidates need to submit a Canadian working holiday visa application form to Canadian authorities.

In order to be considered for the working holiday visa following are the things that are to be kept in mind:-

Candidate should be willing to work for more than one employer in Canada.

Candidate is also willing to work in more than one location.

Candidate must not be in possession of job initially.

Candidates would like to earn some money so that they can travel.

Eligibility for Working Holiday Visa

In order to be eligible for the working holiday visa for Immigrating to Canada, a candidate needs to consider or take care of the following things:-

The person must have age between 18-30 or 18-35 based on the nationality.

They must not be accompanied by a dependent.

Must submit the application not more than 12 months before the date of visit.

The location of the candidate must be outside of Canada when submitting the application.

They should be a citizen of the countries who have bilateral youth mobility agreement with Canada.

Required visa fees must be paid

Must possess a round ticket or funds to purchase the same before the departure.

Must have atleast CAD 2500 for supporting the stay.

Health insurance covering the period of stay in Canada.

Must meet the health and character parameters.

Must be admissible to Canada.

How to become a candidate

In order to become a candidate following steps needed to be followed:-

Completion of Come to Canada form. A candidate will receive a code after the completion of the form.

Enter the code to create an account.

IEC profile building.

Submission of profile and selecting the IEC pool a candidate wants to be part of.

Submission of work permit application.

Pay fees

Checking the status of application

Country’s under Working Holiday visa with age groups

Following is the list of 30 countries whose country’s citizens are eligible for the working holiday visa with the age gaps in which their eligibility would be considered:-

1Australia18 to 30
2Belgium18 to 30
3Chile18 to 30
4Czech Republic18 to 35
5Costa Rica18 to 35
6Croatia18 to 35
7Denmark18 to 35
8Estonia18 to 35
9France18 to 35
10Germany18 to 35
11Greece18 to 35
12Hong Kong18 to 30
13Ireland18 to 35
14Italy18 to 35
15Japan18 to 30
16Korea, Rep.18 to 30
17Latvia18 to 35
18Lithuania18 to 35
19Mexico18 to 29
20Netherlands18 to 30
21New Zealand18 to 35
22Norway18 to 35
23Poland18 to 35
24Slovakia18 to 35
25Slovenia18 to 35
26Spain18 to 35
27Sweden18 to 30
28Taiwan18 to 35
29Ukraine18 to 35
30United Kingdom18 to 30

If the candidate is not from any of the countries listed above then it can be possible that Canada may establish a partnership for youth work and travel.

Benefits of Working Holiday Visa

There are various benefits for working holiday visa which it offers to the candidates who are aiming for Canada Immigration in somewhat an easy way. It can only be done through working holiday visa Canada. Following are the listed benefits of the same:-

A candidate is allowed to work in Canada legally

Candidates can gain work experience in Canada and can be beneficial for them in order to gain Canadian permanent residency.

As per the nationality of the candidate, they can live in Canada for 1 or 2 years.

It provides a great opportunity to explore Canada.

A point to be noted here is that working holiday visa will not allow candidates to work in certain fields such as healthcare or with children because in most cases a medical exam is not required.

Canada immigration has designed this visa in such a way that visiting youth can seek for the Canadian work experience. This is one of the best Canadian visa if a candidate wants to reach there and finally apply for permanent residency.

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