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working holiday visa canada

Canada Working Holiday Visa 2020 or International Experience Canada (IEC) Visa gives you an opportunity to work while exploring the country as a tourist . Getting work and vacation simultaneously is like the cherry on the cake, right?  CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) offers ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for the young people between the age group 18-30 or (18-35), depending on the nationality, to work in the maple syrup country for t 12 – 24 months, in any province and with any Canadian employer.


Canada Working Holiday Visa or IEC offers you the chance to witness the beauty of cities like Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, along with the right to work. This program is supported by the countries that have signed a bond over the Youth Mobility Agreement with Canada. A total of three categories fall under this program and all three of them are temporary work permits and duration of stay is between 12 months and 24 months, depending on the nationality of an applicant.

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To become eligible for this visa ,the candidate must:

a)    Be a citizen of one of the countries that have a “bilateral Youth Mobility Agreement” with Canada.

b)    Have a valid passport till the duration of the stay in Canada.

c)    Not be followed by dependants.

d)    Be between the age group 18 and 35 years and for some countries the age limit stands at 30 at the time of filing the visa application. The upper age limit is valid upon the candidate’s citizenship.

e)    Financial status- candidate needs to have at least 2,500 CAD to meet all their expenditures for the three-month duration in Canada.

f)    Pay the required fee.

g)    Be permitted to live in Canada.

h)    Health insurance needs to be done for the complete duration of their stay on this visa. In most of the cases, candidates have to submit the evidence of insurance at the time of entering Canada.

i)    At the time of applying Canada Working Holiday Visa, citizens of definite nations are supposed to be resident of their country of citizenship. 

Country of Origin Age Requirement Country of Origin Age Requirement
Australia 18-35 Denmark 18-35
Austria 18-30 Estonia 18-35
Belgium 18-30 France 18-35
Chile 18-35 Germany 18-35
Costa Rica 18-35 Greece 18-35
Croatia 18-35 Hong Kong 18-30
Czech Republic 18-35 Ireland 18-35
Latvia 18-35 Japan 18-30
Lithuania 18-35 Netherlands 18-30
New Zealand 18-35 Norway 18-35
Poland 18-35 Portugal 18-35
San Marino 18-35 Slovakia 18-35
Slovenia 18-35 South Korea 18-30
Spain 18-35 Sweden 18-30
Switzerland 18-35 Taiwan 18-35
United Kingdom 18-30 Ukraine (under review)
Mexico (under review)    


Check out the other categories that fall under IEC work permits and you might be eligible for:

a) Young Professionalsb)International Co-op (Internship
working holiday visa canada
This category is structured for International youth, mainly for post-secondary graduates, who are looking forward to establishing their career by gaining work experience in Canada. Before applying under this category, contestants must have a signed employment letter or service contract with a Canadian employer.This category belongs to the overseas youth who are registered at a post-secondary institution in their home country. The duration period is up to 12 months in this category, but, it might get longer for some participants depending on their nationality. Participants, looking to complete a work placement or internship in Canada as a part of their academic curriculum need to be registered students at the time of the internship. You must have a signed employment offer or work placement/internship contract in Canada that matches the requirements of their country’s academic curriculum.

 Fee structure

Fees $CAN
Working Holiday Visa fee CAD$150
Open Work Permit CAD$100

Why you should apply for Canada Working Holiday Visa?

  1. Freedom to explore the ethnicity and standard of living of Canada.
  2. Live in Canada for one or two years, depending on the nationality.
  3. Right to work in Canada with authorization.
  4. Having work experience in Canada can help you to gain points of you want to settle permanently in Canada in future.

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