Canada Permanent Residency Visa

Canada Permanent Residency Visa  is the most aspired visa by Canadian immigrants. There are various Canada PR requirements a candidate needs to fulfill in order to qualify for Canada permanent resident eligibility. In order to calculate eligibility for PR in Canada a candidate can use Canada pr eligibility calculator or a candidate can come to Canada wizard. Candidate can apply Canada Permanent Residency through various modes like Canada immigration express entry, Canada PNP etc. A candidate can calculate the eligibility through Canada PR eligibility calculator.

A point to be noted at this stage, Canada Permanent Resident visa does not make a candidate the citizen of Canadian state. Being a permanent resident means you are the citizen of another country.

Permanent Resident Card

The Permanent Resident (PR) card is the proof of having the permanent resident status in Canada under the Canada Immigration. A candidate will need this PR card if they travel overseas, they must show their card to the Canada authority on their return to the country using a commercial vehicle like an airplane, train, ship, or bus. It must be enough to let you know the importance of the PR card. As a permanent resident of Canada, a candidate can live outside the country, on the condition that you have to live in Canada for minimum 2 years in a period of five years. If a candidate’s live away from Canada for more than this period, candidate could be devoid of the permanent residence.

In case of a PR traveling out of Canada and not having a valid PR or keeping it, is required the permanent resident travel document application before coming back to Canada using a commercial vehicle.

Permanent Resident Card Holders Rights

There are various rights a permanent resident card holder enjoys. They get some rights as citizens but not all. In order to be considered to further rights they need to convert permanent residency into Canadian citizenship.

  • A permanent resident can live, work, and study anywhere in the country.
  • ✌ A permanent resident can apply for the Canadian citizenship.
  • ✌ A permanent resident is entitled to the same social benefits as the citizens of Canada, also healthcare facilities.
  •  Permanent resident is also entitled to the protection as per the law of Canada and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

As a permanent resident, a candidate has to pay taxes and respect and conform to Canadian laws at the federal, municipal, and provincial levels.

Canada Permanent Residence Visa Process

If a candidate desires to settle in Canada, they must apply for Canada Permanent Resident it without any delay. Choose an immigration program in which you are capable of. A candidate needs to have the required experience as per the occupation list you have chosen or in case of being a skilled worker; you need to apply for a program (PNP’s, QSWP, Express Entry, etc.).

Having selected the appropriate program, the candidate should provide the necessary documents like work experience, education qualification, proof of having proficiency in the language, and having sufficient funds to settle in the country. After all this, the candidate’s application will be submitted to the Canadian high commission, and the commission will review their profile and reply about your eligibility for Canada immigration. Such applications are processed according to the Canadian immigration procedures.

Canada PR Requirements

In order to apply for Canada Permanent Residence a candidate has to fulfill the following Canada PR requirements which are made by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC):-

  • ✌ Proficiency in English or French language
  • ✌ Required age for the program
  • ✌ Educational qualification according to the Canadian education system equivalency
  • ✌ Having sufficient funds to settle and get by in Canada
  • ✌ A candidate must have the report of Education Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • ✌ Having police and health clearance

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