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Canada Permanent Residency Visa is a status that grants someone right to live and work in Canada. In order to apply for Canada PR, Immigrants need to fulfill the eligibility criteria set out under the different visa categories of Canada Immigration. Canada Permanent Residency holders have the same rights as compared to citizens of with a few restrictions. Check out your eligibility for PR in Canada

What are the various categories to apply for Canada PR? 

Canada offers various immigration programs that helps the candidate to apply for Permanent Residency. Following are the ways through which a candidate can gain a Canadian Permanent Residency:-

1) Express Entry System

The express entry program of Canada attracts lot of applications form immigrants across the globe. It creates a  pool of skilled immigrants and relevant candidates are chosen out this pool.

Useful Link – Check out the stepwise process of Canada Express Entry System

Following are the categories under which the candidates are classified to given away the PR status in the country:-

  1.  FSTP or Federal Skilled Trades Program
  2.  FSWP or Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3.  CEC or Canadian Experience Class

2) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Every province has its own specific immigration program which is a part of Canada Immigration. A candidate can immigrate to any of the provinces if they are nominated by any of them. Before applying they need to check their eligibility as per the points calculator and make sure their occupation, in which they are experienced in, falls under the in-demand occupation list.

Useful Link : How to apply for Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) 

3) Business Visa

Canada offers various opportunities of business people under the visa for business. Candidates need to do a minimum investment of specific amount in Canada under the business visa rules. This sort of visa allows the candidates to pay a short-term visit to have business dealings. The business people can also take part in interaction with their counterparts and trade conferences. Candidates can gain the Pr visa under the following sub-categories:-

  1.  Self-Employed Visa
  2.  Start-up Visa program
  3.  Immigration Investment Venture Capital (IIVC) program

4) Family Visa

Under the Canadian family visa, the family members can also gain the Permanent Residency visa if the principal candidate is the PR holder or the citizen of Canada. There are different subcategories under which the family members are divided into. Following are those sub-categories:-

a) Visa for Spouse

b) Parents and Grandparents Visa or Super Visa

c) Visa for Children

Useful Link – Apply for PR through Canada Family Visa Categories  

How to apply for Canada Permanent Residency Visa?

There is a specific procedure to apply for the Canadian PR. Following are the ways through which a candidate can apply for the same:-

a) Submission of filled up application form

b) Paying Application Fees

c) Attending the interview with the Immigration Representative

d) Character and Medical Certificates etc.

What is the processing time for Canada Permanent Residency Visa ?

The processing time for Canada PR is longer as compared to other visas. The processing time of the visa is 6 to 10 months.

What are the benefits given to a Canada permanent resident visa?

There are various benefits of permanent residency visa for Canada. Being the PR visa holder, a candidate can enjoy the following benefits:-

  • a)Candidate can apply for the Citizenship of Canada.
  • b) They can live, work or study anywhere in the Canadian region.
  • c) Candidates are protected under the Canadian law and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  • d) Candidates get the social and health care benefits which are similar to the facilities received by a Canadian citizen.

How can Make Visas help you for Canada Permanent Residency Visa?

Make Visa is a team of experts who have full knowledge and expertise in dealing with Canadian PR process. We have thousands of satisfied clients who fulfilled their dream of Canada PR. Following are the reasons as for why Make Visas are always the first choice of the candidates:-

  • a) End to End approach
  • b) Doubt clearing sessions
  • c) Fit to pocket rates
  • d) High Success rate
  • e) Individualistic approach

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa Documents Checklist ? 

In order to be considered eligible for the Permanent Resident status in Canada, candidates need to fulfill certain criteria and submit the required documents  to go forward in the visa process. When the candidate fulfills all the criteria and necessities, they are issued a permanent resident card explaining their immigration status. Following are the documents required:-

  • a) Educational Credential Assessment (ECA)
  • b) Sufficient Fund’s Proof
  • c) Language Assessment Tests
  • d) Skill Assessment Test
  • e) Requisite Fees
  • f) Documents required under various visa categories
  • g) Legal documents suggesting the name change, court order or adoption order
  • h) Marriage Certificate
  • i) Divorce papers
  • j) Union declaration
  • k) Registration
  • l) Revocation of declaration or union annulment
  • m) PR Card (if applying for renew the PR card)

If the candidate is under 18 years, they need to provide these documents:-

  • a) Birth certificate
  • b) Photocopy of records of school
  • c) If with a legal guardian, candidate has to submit the requisite documents issued by Canadian court which helps to prove the guardianship

Candidates who have been living outside Canada for more than 5 years period, they need to submit the following documents:-

1) Candidate applying is accompanying the citizen of Canada

  • a) Citizenship proof of the accompanied person.
  • b) A validation that the Canadian citizen spouse, parent or common law partner was outside with the principal candidate.
  • b) Relationship status proof with the accompanying person.

2) Accompanying Canadian Permanent Resident working abroad for a Canadian business

  • a) Validation of a full-time job.
  • b) Permanent Resident Proof.
  • c) Relationship status proof with the person.

3) Translation Document

A candidate sending the documents that are not in English or French, unless otherwise stated:-

  • a) Certified copy of the original document
  • b) English or French translation
  • c) Affidavit of the person who completed the translation

 For further information, contact our Immigration experts on Toll  PH: +91-7042184185/Email- info@makevisas.com.

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