Canada Express Entry Draw of Year 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

The Express Entry system is an immigration system of Canada mainly based on points. It selects eligible skilled workers as per the points of a Candidate for Canada immigration under the Federal Economic Program.  The purpose behind all this is to fulfill the shortage in the labour market of the country. If a candidate aspires to live, work, and get the Canada permanent residency, they have to prepare their express entry profile online and submit an EOI (Expression of Interest) in this system. It is possible for both the employers and provinces of the country to see and pick the promising candidates out of the express entry pool of candidates. The Express Entry draw is organized by the IRCC, generally after a period of every two weeks. The organization chooses the candidates carefully, and then it issues the Invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence (PR) in Canada.

Express Entry Next Draw Date

These draws are based on the judgments of the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.  When this draw is going to be conducted and how many candidates received ITAs are not released until the draw takes place.

Canada Express Entry Latest Draw

The Canada Express Entry latest draw conducted on  5th September 2018 shows that 3900 candidates who scored minimum 440 or more received Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada permanent residence.

Details of Express Entry Draw 2018


Draw Date of DrawMinimum CRS Score RequiredNumber of ITAs Issued


30-May-18902 (*Provincial nominee programs only)

288 (*Federal Skilled Trades candidates only)


Canada Express Entry Draw 2017


DrawDateInvitation NumbersLowest CRS score
3020 December2750446
296  December2750452
2815 November2750439
278 November2000458
251 November290673
2418 October2757436
234 October2801438
2220 September2871433
216 September2772435
2023 August3035434
199 August2991433
182 August3264441
1712 July3202440
1628 June3409449
1531 May3877413
1326 May143775
1217 May3687415
114 May3796423
1019 April3665415
912 April3923423
85 April3753431
724 March3749441
61 March3884434
522 February3611441
48 February3664447
325 January3508453
211 January3334459
14 January2902468

Canada Express Entry Draw 2016


Draw Date Invitation NumbersLowest CRS score
2722 December2878475
2616 December1936497
2530 November559786
2416 November2427470
232 November2080472
2219 October1804475
2112 October1518484
2021 September1288483
197 September1000491
1824 August750538
1710 August754490
1627 July755488
1513 July747482
1429 June773482
1315 June752488
121 June762483
1118 May733484
106 May799534
920 April1018468
86 April924470
723 March1014470
69 March1013473
524 February1484453
410 February1505459
327 January1468457
213 January1518453
16 January1463461

Express Entry Draw 2015


DrawDateInvitation NumbersLowest CRS Score
2318 December1503460
224 December1451461
2127 November1559472
2013 November1506484
1923 October1502489
182 October1530450
1718 September1545450
168 September1517459
1522 August1523456
148 August1402471
1317 July1581451
1210 July1516463
1126 June1571469
1012 June1501482
922 May1316755
817 April715453
710 April925469
627 March1637453
520 March1620481
427 February1187735
320 February849808
27 February779818
131 January779886

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