British Columbia Permanent Residency

Having the British Columbia Permanent Residency (PR) is almost equivalent to being the citizen of this provincial state of Canada. Living in British Columbia is a dream of many young aspirants. There are many pathways one can use to become a Permanent Resident of this beautiful and developed province. It’s very important to apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for Permanent Residence. The Canadian government conducts BC PNP Draw on a regular basis and selects candidates from the pool. If you want to know how eligible you are for British Columbia, then you must go through the British Columbia Immigration Points Calculator. But, before you apply, you must know your eligibility as per the programs set by the Canadian Government.

They Are Listed Below:

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP)

One of the best ways to make your dream of Permanent Residence come true is by being selected via the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program by the province. This program is made to grab the attention of foreign workers and entrepreneurs and retain them for the welfare of labour market and development wants. If you are a skilled or semi-skilled worker, international graduate, then you should follow this way for getting PR in British Columbia. For this program eligibility, the skills a candidate has must match the labour market needs. Along with this, the candidate must have a valid job offer given by an employer of this province.

Express Entry

It is for those who are doing a professional, managerial, skilled trade or managerial job. Such candidates are eligible for permanent residency by means of Express Entry. This system manages applications electronically for PR under these programs: Federal Skilled Trades, Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, and some part of Provincial Nominees. The applicant must be eligible for any of these programs to apply by means of Express Entry.

A candidate has to have an Express Entry Profile for applying through Express Entry. The information in the profile will create a score on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System criteria. Many times every year, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRTC) will nominate the applicants having the highest scores. After this, the selected applicant will be given the Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence. An applicant has 60 days for completing their application for permanent residence. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will put the most completed application into the process in a period of six months or less.

International Graduate and Postgraduate

This pathway is perfect for those who came to British Columbia as a post-secondary student. Such students can stay in Canada on the basis of a post-graduate work permit after their graduation. You can stay in the country permanently if you have work experience in Canada that you can get by this temporary work permit by means of either the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or the Canadian Experience Class.

Caregiver Program

This program can also be regarded as a convenient path leads to Permanent Residence in Canada. The Caregiver Program is for those people having experience in looking after children, the people suffering from critical health issues and live-in caregivers.

Probable Canadian Citizen

If a Permanent Residence Visa holder lives in Canada for a long time, the person can apply for Canadian Citizenship. After becoming a Canadian citizen, the person will be entitled to the rights only citizens do: the person can vote in elections, administrate a political office, and get a job requiring high-security clearance. The best part of all this is that the person doesn’t need to worry about their citizenship; they can come to and stay in the country despite being out of this for more than two years.

Stream for Businessmen

A businessman also has the golden chance for getting the PR. But, for this, the businessman has to show their eligibility for boosting, maintaining, and creating the Canadian economy. Apart from this, all this will generate jobs in the country and deal with unemployment in the country. There are four categories in the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) Business Immigration which are listed below with requirements:

Entrepreneur Category: for this category, an entrepreneur needs to have:

  • ✍ At least net worth of CDN $800,000
  • ✍ Minimum 33% of the business equity
  • ✍ A promising business plan that can provide three jobs to either permanent residents or citizens of Canada.
  • ✍ Skills, experience, and an active role in the business
  • ✍ At least investment of CDN $400,000 to found and expand the business you are doing.

Regional Entrepreneur Category: for this, a Candidate has to have:

  • ✍ A business project located out of the Abbotsford Metropolitan Areas and Vancouver
  • ✍ At least CDN $400,000
  • The capability of investing CDN $200,000 for an eligible business situated out of the Abbotsford Metropolitan Areas and the Vancouver
  • ✍ Ownership of minimum 33% of the business equity
  • ✍ A probable business plan that can provide a job for either a permanent resident or a citizen of the country a job.
  • ✍ The required experience and skills to uphold a current management role in the business

Strategic Projects Category: under this category, a candidate must:

✍ Have the eligibility for investing $500,000 at least

✍ Have the ability to create minimum 3 jobs for citizens or permanent residents in British Columbia

✍ Have proof of good business practices and fruitful business ventures before coming to Canada

✍ Found or purchase and expand a business anywhere in the British Columbia province

✍ Have the capability of integrating any subsidiary of Canada or registering an extra-provincial company in BC to operate the proposed business

✍ Prove that the workers are eligible for establishing, operating, expanding the business in the BC

✍ Have to sign a Performance Agreement with BC

Regional Business Succession Option

If a candidate fulfills the requirements for one of the three business streams, this option is for the candidate.

If a candidate applies by means of the Regional Entrepreneur Category, the applicant officially states that they will maintain the equal of the full-time workforce for permanent residents and citizens of Canada, there has to be minimum one full-time worker who meets these conditions.

A candidate will have different requirements for job creation if they apply using the Strategic Projects or Entrepreneur categories.  These requirements get less by one for every prevailing job preserved by the workforce that consisted of full-time permanent residents or citizens of the country. There required to be minimum 3 full-time equivalent workers.

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