Quebec Permanent Residency

If you are looking for Quebec Permanent Residence, and want to settle there permanently, you are one of the uncountable applicants who make their all-out effort to get this. Or, if you are living in Quebec as a temporary worker and desire to be settled in this Province Permanently, you just need to follow the steps mentioned below to apply for Quebec Permanent Residence. It’s wise to know all the information not only it will remove any confusion but also provide you with the appropriate guidance for your convenience.

You must know the difference between the selection and admission of workers and the different roles played by the Government of Canada and Government of Quebec. It will make many doubts in your mind disappear.

The differences are listed below:

    1. Both the government of Canada and Quebec have the authority to make official decisions regarding immigration.
  1. For the Quebec immigration, a candidate and their families must fulfill all the necessary admission and selection requirements.

Selection System

Quebec makes the selection of the eligible workers who want to be settled on the territory of this province. The selection must meet the immigration goals. If selected, the candidate will get a (CSQ Quebec Selection Certificate), the Quebec government issues this official immigration certificate.

Admission System

    1. Canada government manages the admission of workers who want to be settled on its territory.
    1. Only the Quebec selected workers get admission. For admission, the candidate has to apply for permanent residence (the same for family members) and go through and pass a medical exam and necessary security checks.
    1. If the applicant or their family members’ health is found to be risky for Canada’s dwellers and a big burden on the health and social services of the country, the permanent residence application will not be approved despite obtaining a CSQ.
  1. When the candidate arrives in the province, permanent residence is issued. Almost all rights of a Canadian citizen a permanent resident can have except for voting and passport. After a short period of three years, a permanent resident can apply for the citizenship of Canada.

The Process for Selection

Status of the application

La Direction de l’immigration economique – Amerique du Nord is responsible for checking for all application documents. Read below to know more:

If the file is found complete, a receipt is sent to the applicant for the confirmation of their application.

If the file found incomplete, the applicant is asked to send the other necessary documents and the file will not be processed.

Application Processing

There are three possibilities that may happen


In an initial review, a candidate is not found eligible as per the selection criteria, and they don’t pass the selection interview will be rejected. The candidate will be given a refusal letter.

Invitation for an interview

Mostly, candidates have to be interviewed by an Immigration-Quebec counselor.  If the review of the immigration application is promising, the candidate will get a notice for a selection interview. The notice mentions the location, date, and time, and the necessary documents which the candidate has to carry with them.

In the interview, the immigration counselor carefully examines all the information given by the candidate for a Quebec Selection Certificate, mainly related to schooling, language proficiency, and work experience.

When the interview task is done and a positive decision is made, the counselor tells the candidate about the next steps in the immigration process. It may happen that the counselor may give the candidate the Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ – Quebec Selection Certificate). In case it doesn’t happen, the candidate will get it by mail. Apart from this, the candidate will also be given an information folder that contains the documents must be read, and the candidate can be given some other specific documents as per their needs. If rejected, an explanatory letter will be given to the candidate.

The selection interview may last for from half an hour to an hour


Sometimes, the applications for immigration are processed only on the file (no interview is required for a decision). If an application is found well prepared, it can make the process fast. If the file is complete (certified supporting documents, true and legible copies, and exact amount etc.) and the candidate has obtained, at an initial phase, the general passing grade of the selection grid (if the candidate excels in the profile), they may not be interviewed. If it happens, the candidate will get a Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQ – Quebec Selection Certificate) in the mail and other documents which are important for information about Quebec. Furthermore, the candidate will be given the guidance for the next steps in the immigration process.

Official immigration application

For submitting an official immigration application, an applicant has to fill an Application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate by using the guidelines listed below:

To get rid of delays, remember to attach to the application:

  • All the necessary supporting documents, dependent on the candidate’s situation
  • ✍ All the necessary forms (declarations, appendices, and so on), dependent on the candidate’s situation
  • ✍ The payment of the fees for file review. The fee amount and way of payment may be different as per each territory.

A Candidate has to send all their documents to the Direction de l’immigation economique – Amerique du Nord.


If an applicant is going to submit an official application (Application for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate) that includes processing fees which are not refundable, they should first evaluate online their selection chances by Quebec. The applicant will get a response immediately without any charge.

If an applicant faces problems in downloading the forms, they should contact the Direction de l’immigration economique – Amerique du Nord to get them. The applicant should remember to mention that if their dependent children or spouse who are above 18 will be with them and the trade or profession that is chosen for doing in the province.

If an application found devoid of the necessary documents, the applicant will get 60 days to provide those documents from the date of the receipt acknowledgement mentioning the missing documents. It’s prudent to submit an application with all the required forms for convenience.

Application for the Permanent Residence to the Canadian Government

It is the responsibility of the Canadian government to make the final decision on the applicant admission. When a candidate receives their Certificate de selection du Quebec (CSQQuebec Selection Certificate), after this, they have to submit an application for the Permanent Residence to the Canadian Visa Office that serves their country.

The country government will assess the medical records of the candidate and their family members, if accompanying the candidate, and will also do a security check.

The candidate will be issued a permanent residence visa providing that they have to fulfill all the requirements.

If the health of the candidate or their family member is found risky for the Canadian public or security, or that appears as a burden on the social and health services in the country, the permanent application may not be accepted.

Fees and Processing for Permanent Residence Visa

The Canadian government levies the fees for the application Processing for Permanent Residence (PR) Visa. Apart from this, the country’s government also levies fees for the security checks and medical examinations. The processing times can vary according to each territory.

If someone has lived in the Quebec Province for a period of three years, the person can apply for the country’s citizenship with the Canadian government. Except for the fees levied, the person also has to face and pass the exam on their knowledge of the Canada country.

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