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The Canada Spouse Visa makes possible for a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident of minimum 18 years old to sponsor their spouse or conjugal or common-law partner who is living out of Canada. But, before you read further, it’s wise to know about each one of the categories mentioned above that fall into the Canadian Spouse visa:

Common-Law Partner: A Common-Law Partner is an individual of either opposite or same gender with whom you have a conjugal relationship for minimum one year. Both you and your Common-Law partner must have lived together for 12 months continuously, including the exceptions of trips for family and business reasons for a short time. It’s mandatory for you to prove that you have established a household together.

Conjugal Partner: A Conjugal Partner is a common-law partner with whom you couldn’t live for one year continuously or a spouse who can’t get married to their sponsor lawfully because this option is unavailable owing to marital status, immigration obstacles or sexual orientation.

Spouse: A spouse is that opposite or same gender person whom you have married.

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Types of Canada Spouse Sponsorship

There are two types of Canada Spousal Sponsorship which are given below:

  1. Inland Sponsorship
  2. Outland Sponsorship

Inland Sponsorship: This way is used when both partners are in Canada. And, the partner going to be sponsored has temporary status in the country like the tourist, student etc. the individual being sponsored for the Spousal Sponsorship visa can also apply for the open work permit to work in Canada, during the processing of their Spousal Sponsorship visa.

Outland Sponsorship: This way is used when the individual being sponsored is out of Canada. Outland applications are usually taken and put into processing at the visa office of the applicant’s own country. However, an outland applicant can be in Canada and apply as an outland applicant too.

Canada Spouse Visa Requirements

The following are the Canadian Spouse Visa Requirements:

  1. It’s a must to provide a marriage certificate from the territory or province where your marriage took place, if in Canada.
  2. You must provide the evidence of a valid marriage if you got married out of Canada. This marriage has to be lawfully valid in the country where it took place and according to the Canadian law too.
  3. Providing evidence of being legally married if you got married in an embassy or consulate is compulsory. The marriage has to be legal as per the country of the consulate or embassy.
  4. You need to show that you will live in Canada after the becoming of your spouse or common-law or conjugal partner’s Canada Permanent Resident (if the sponsor lives in Canada while applying for the visa).
  5. It’s a must for you to sign an agreement for the assurance that both the sponsoring and sponsored individuals are aware of their mutual responsibilities and obligations. Not only you, but your partner also needs to sign this agreement.
  6. As a sponsor, you have to sign an agreement, wherein, you promise to satisfy the basic requirements of your partner.
  7. You must prove the genuineness of your relationship with your partner. It’s a must to show that the relationship between you and your partner is reliable, indubitable and genuine. The reason behind their immigration to Canada is you not their own wish to live and work Canada. You must have the following to prove the genuineness of your relationship:
  8. Your marriage certificate
  9. Constant communication evidence like letters, phone calls, and emails
  10. Photo of your partner and you together
  11. Joint agreements like bank accounts and a lease agreement

Canada Spouse Visa Processing Time

The Canadian Spouse Visa processing time can be less if proper preparation, flawless representations, and all the necessary supporting documents are provided and done systematically, which will reduce the burden of the Canadian Embassy. The Canada Spouse visa generally takes around 1 year for the final approval.

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