MPNP Draw 2019-20 – Manitoba Expression of Interest

The MPNP Draw Expression of Interest is the best way for those who wish for Manitoba Immigration to know their eligibility. The more you keep yourself aware of the MPNP latest news, the better you can prepare yourself for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program or MPNP.

There is detailed information about MPNP Latest Draw 2019 given below along with the draws conducted in 2017, 2016, and 2015 to give you a full idea of this system. Despite you have the complete information about the draws organized in the last three or four years, you must prepare yourself for Canada Immigration by seeing carefully MPNP Draw 2019. You are strictly advised to seek advice and consultation from a renowned immigration expert. Otherwise, you may experience your application rejected due to incomplete information or improper presentation. The support from an experienced immigration expert will boost your chances for the Canada Permanent Residence (PR) visa.

MPNP Draw 2019-20 UPDATES: 

Under the Skilled Worker Immigration Stream, there are further two ways for Immigration to Manitoba:

1) As a skilled worker in Manitoba
2) As an overseas skilled worker


Skilled Worker in Manitoba

The program, Skilled Worker in Manitoba, is designed for International skilled workers and overseas graduates who are at present working in Manitoba and holds a permanent, full-time employment offer from their Manitoba employer. Skilled Workers who are currently in Manitoba will not be assessed on the basis of any points-based system, to prove their eligibility.

Skilled Worker Overseas

The program, Skilled Worker overseas, is designed to select eligible candidates on the basis of a points-based assessment system, who may not be a resident of Canada. Applicants will be accepted for Permanent Residency Visa in case they are having connections in the province – Manitoba Support (family or friends in Manitoba), academic or work experience in the province – Manitoba Experience, or Invitation certificate given under MPNP – Manitoba Invitation and also have secured 60 points on the basis of various factors (Factors includes: age, language ability, employment experience, academic qualification and adaptability).

Following are the draws for the year 2018:-

DateStreamSub-StreamInvitations to Apply
1) Skilled Worker in Manitoba106
2) International Education Stream.35
3) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Express Entry Pathway307
b) Strategic Recruitment Initiative44
43441Skilled Worker in Manitoba213
Skilled Workers Overseas317
43412Skilled Worker in Manitoba300
Skilled Worker Overseas69
433851) Skilled Workers in Manitoba318
2) Skilled Workers Overseas36
433711) Skilled Workers in Manitoba201
2) Skilled Workers Overseas31
433571) Skilled Workers in Manitoba200
2) Skilled Workers Overseas82
433291) Skilled Workers in Manitoba410
2) Skilled Workers OverseasStrategic Recruitment Initiative105
43290Skilled Workers OverseasExpress Entry Pathway132
432871) Skilled Workers in Manitoba104
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative32
b) Human Capital Pathway217
c) Express Entry Pathway202
432721) Skilled Workers in Manitoba213
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative115
b) Human Capital Pathway150
c) Express Entry Pathway114
432511) Skilled Workers in Manitoba187
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative55
b) Human Capital Pathway262
432311) Skilled Workers in Manitoba267
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative99
b) Human Capital Pathway109
c) Express Entry Pathway151
432031) Skilled Workers in Manitoba316
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative84
431721) Skilled Workers in Manitoba184
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative57
b) Human Capital Pathway144
c) Express Entry Pathway253
431571) Skilled Workers in Manitoba283
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative36
b) Human Capital Pathway154
431311) Skilled Workers in Manitoba191
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative64
b) Human Capital Pathway143
c) Express Entry Pathway148
431121) Skilled Workers in Manitoba119
2) Skilled Workers Overseasa) Strategic Recruitment Initiative17
b) Express Entry Pathway155

Following are the draws for the year 2017:-


CategoryInvitations to apply

Lowest score


Skilled Workers in Manitoba133545
Skilled Workers Overseas45711


Skilled Workers in Manitoba209375
Skilled Workers Overseas45675


Skilled Workers in Manitoba250567
Skilled Workers Overseas22664


Skilled Workers in Manitoba351577
Skilled Workers Overseas44730


Skilled Workers in Manitoba300602
Skilled Workers Overseas49721


Skilled Workers in Manitoba401585
Skilled Workers Overseas42719


Skilled Workers in Manitoba458612
Skilled Workers Overseas36712


Skilled Workers in Manitoba180705
Skilled Workers Overseas24689


Skilled Workers in Manitoba258735
Skilled Workers Overseas143706


Skilled Workers in Manitoba201657
Skilled Workers Overseas24698


Skilled Workers in Manitoba250684
Skilled Workers Overseas63703


Skilled Workers in Manitoba200719
Skilled Workers Overseas124575


Skilled Workers in Manitoba150734
Skilled Workers Overseas39707

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