Best Immigration Consultancy in Chennai for Australia and Canada

Make Visas is best immigration consultants in Chennai for Australia and Canada. If you are looking for work visa consultants in Chennai or Canada permanent residency visa, you will have the ideal immigration services from our experienced immigration specialists. Despite being regarded as the Top visa consultants for Canada and Australia in Chennai, our immigration expert team is very humble and friendly. Furthermore, they are highly trained professionals who view each case considering the capability and requirement of an individual applicant. Knowing the true value of your dream, money, and the time comes first for them. After that, they know your potential and how can they help you get more points necessary for the immigration to Canada and Australia.

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Best Immigration Consultants In Chennai For Canada And Australia

 Make Visas knows very well their responsibility as being on the first on the best immigration consultants in Chennai for Canada and Australia list. It tends to happen that many changes take place in Canada immigration and Australia immigration policy and system. But, there is something fixed that always remains the same, and the thing is our concern for each prospective Canada immigrant. Reliability, dedication, professionalism, and priority to the clients’ satisfaction are taken as an integral part of our service.

What Makes Make Visas The Best Consultant For Canada And Australia In Chennai?

 Because of being the top consultants for Canada in Chennai, Make Visas still tries hard to enhance its services to provide its clients with 100% satisfaction and the Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) visa and Australia Permanent Residency visa. The consultancy always seeks the guidance, advice, feedback, and reaction of the people who visit it anyway whether by online or in person for own betterment. But, the qualities mentioned below are an integral part of service:

Different View Towards Each Case

Make Visas knows that each and every individual is different and they need to treated and viewed differently. Like you, many prospective immigrants find themselves eligible just by checking the Canada points calculator and get rejected because they don’t know the method used for preparing and presenting an application flawlessly. Our specialists first check the positive points of the client and provide top-notch guidance for its betterment, after that the negative points and offer optimal advice or instructions to get rid of them. Additional support for increasing points is also a part of our service.

Consecutive Records of 100% Satisfaction

Make Visas has never found any case that points its finger towards the consultancy’s reliability and professionalism. After our receiving our service, clients always come to us with a smile of content and enthusiasm for thanking us. We make our all-out effort to retain the unbreakable record of 100% satisfaction from anybody in Chennai or other cities.

Indubitable Transparency

Make Visas is well-reputed for its unquestionable transparency. Each step taken by us is shared with our client because keeping them in the dark goes beyond our professional ethics. This is the factor which makes our credibility firm and reliable.

Unchangeable Punctuality

Our punctuality makes our name the most striking from other immigration consultants. Due to knowing the precious time of our client and the strict deadline of visa policy, we step towards the clients’ satisfaction by doing all on the right time.

Affordable Fees

In spite of having well-trained and experienced Canada and Australia immigration specialists, we keep our immigration service fee affordable and within the budget of a common man. It is also a big reason for our growing fame and preference.

Canadian Visa

The IRCC issues different types of Canadian visas considering each candidate with specific needs and eligibility, and the Federal Express Entry is the most famous system among every potential Canadian immigrant to get the Canadian PR visa. There are many kinds of Canadian visas, and which one you are eligible for can be left on our immigration experts. It’s wise to keep track of Canada Express Entry draw conducted on a regular basis and the Canada provincial nominee programs. They can tell you about which visa you have the potential after knowing about you. Some most famous kinds of visas are given below with brief information about each one of them:

Canada Express Entry

Express Entry system a is an electronic system which issues Permanent Residency  (PR) status to the eligible candidates with the involvement of federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. Following are the categories of Immigration programs under the Express Entry:-

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Program

In the Provisional Nominee Program PNP  all provinces (except Quebec) are under the agreement of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). They nominate the candidates who wish to immigrate Canada and gain Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada. Every PNP Canada program is made to fulfill the needs and demands of professional in that particular province.

Canada Business Visa

The Canada Business Visa will allow an individual with the required business experience and funds to establish their own business in the country for their business growth and to lift their life standard. The country’s economy is very strong and it can take you to the global business level.

Canada Work Visa

The Canada work visa makes possible and easier for those skilled and experienced workers to immigrate to Canada and enjoy a better professional life. The country’s powerful economy always requires the workers who can make it much stronger and stable.

 Canada Family Visa

The Canada Family Visa is required by those who miss their family after immigrating to Canada to get them to the country and live with them peacefully. The Canadian government offers such visas to keep every immigrant enjoying the company of their dear ones.

Canada Tourist Visa

The Canada Tourist Visa is a boon for the individuals who want to travel in Canada, and we are on the first of best tourist visa consultants in Chennai list. By visiting the country, one can know more about the culture, economic, political, and social system of the country very well.

Canada Student Visa

The Canada Student Visa allows an individual to study in Canada and know more about the country along with their study. You need a Canada Temporary Resident Visa to study there.

Australian Visa

To get an Australian visa, you must be eligible in terms of educational qualifications, work experience, adaptation skills, and so on. Australia is the ultimate choice for a career, holiday, study, and etc. countless skilled workers, students, businessmen, and tourists visit the country each year for their own objectives. But, those go to Australia once either settle there permanently or come back to their own country with unforgettable memories they experienced in Australia. To get settled in Australia permanently, you must check your eligibility with the Australia points calculator for permanent residency. Some most famous Australia visa types are listed below with a little information about each one:

Australia Subclass 189

Australia Subclass 189 is for those skilled immigrants who does not have any sort of sponsorship from Australian state or territory or from an employer or from any family member who is the permanent resident of Australia. Australia offers them the opportunity to live and settle in the country.

Australia Subclass 190

The state sponsorship visa is known as Australia Subclass 190 visa. Australian state sponsors the visas for those skilled candidates who want to live and settle down in Australia. Visa can be applied weather candidates are residing in or outside the Australian land.

Australia Subclass 489

Under the Australia Subclass 489 visa a candidate is allowed to live and work in a particular designated area or region for the span of 4 years. The candidates must  live for atleast 2 years in a particular state and ought to possess minimum work experience in the designated area of Australia to convert Subclass 489 visa to Australian PR. This visa acts as a doorway to Skilled Regional (permanent) visa subclass 887.

Australia Tourist Visa

The Australia Tourist Visa is a must for you if you want to visit the country to fulfill your business purpose, work purpose, medical treatment needs, or simply enjoy your vacations. A tourist visa is a temporary visa which allows somebody to spend time in the country for a fixed period of time like three, six, or twelve months.

Australian Business Visa

An Australian Business Visa can allow you to do a business in Australia. Establishing own business in a developed country like Australia makes easier for a businessperson to reach the global level business platform.

Australia Student Visa Subclass 500

Australia Student Visa Subclass 500 is a boon for an international student who aspires to study in Australia to pursue their education for a period longer than 3 months. Being educated at a recognized Australian education institution is a guarantee to a bright and successful future for a student.

Australia Working Visa

The Australia Working Visa permits a foreigner to live and work in Australia. By doing so, the foreign national can become a part of one of the world’s most powerful economically developed countries. Gaining Australian work experience will add more to your eligibility and prepare you to get a work permit in other developed counties like Australia.

Australia Family Visa

The Australia Family Visa makes easily possible for somebody whose family members are living in Australia to go to the country on a temporary or permanent basis. The person can live with dear ones who live in Australia.


In a few words, Make Visas is the best immigration consultant for Canada and Australia in Chennai. We remain in touch with our clients from the application process to their landing in the country. All you have to do is to contact us to be assured. Your contacting us can be your first and wisest act for the Canada or Australia immigration.

For availing more information about Canada immigration or Australia immigration, call the corporate hotline +91-7042 184 185 / email your queries on info@makevisas.com or Visit the Official Website. You can directly walk-in to our nearby office for more details and enquiry.

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Best Immigration Consultancy in Chennai for Australia and Canada

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