Best Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad for Australia and Canada.

Make Visas being on the top of the list of the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad for Australia and Canada has never left any applicant disappointed who came to us. Mostly, the people who look for the top Australia and Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad find not any other option besides us. Prospective immigrants looking for work visa agents in Ahmedabad come to us in search of job, and we assist them in getting a job offer from a Canadian or Australian employer conveniently. After being dissatisfied with other work permit visa agent in Ahmedabad for Canada and Australia, countless eligible candidates get demotivated. A large number of Canada work permit consultants in Canada are found to indifferent to the applicant’s individual problems; our whole staff is very co-operative and dedicated not only for dealing with personal issues a probable candidate has, but we also make our all-out effort to help them in dealing with some minor issues on their own by providing instructions.

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Best Australia And Canada Immigration Consultants In Ahmedabad

 Make Visas is the best Australia and Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad. And, we are very well aware of the responsibilities and expectations that you want to have in our service; therefore we keep adopting new methods and technologies to make our service much better every next day than the previous one. Whether a client comes to us with any question regarding Australia immigration or Canada immigration policy or system not only we satisfy them with the right answer, but we also take their feedback, advice, or complaint in mind for our betterment. Our service consists of 100% dedication, indubitable credibility, best timing, and ideal professional ethics.

Why Make Visas Is Best Canada And Australia Immigration Consultants In Ahmedabad?

We are thought to be the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad is not worth-taking pride in for us, our aim is to make the service much more accessible and better for each and every probable immigrant desiring for the Canadian permanent residence (PR) visa or Australia Permanent Residency visa to get it comfortably. Striving for getting more and more advice, feedback, guidance, and suggestion separate us from others. And, the other qualities which set us apart from others are given below:

Seeing every client differently

According to our nine-year experience, we understand that each client is different from others. Everybody has their own problems and needs, and it is always considered first before training them. Although you can evaluate your eligibility through Canada points calculator and Australia points calculator for permanent residency and think that you are eligible, you must be in touch with an immigration specialist because completing and presenting an application improperly can be a reason for your rejection. So, it’s wise to follow the guidance given by our experts not only for a proper and complete application, but also to increase your points and chances of being considered an ideal candidate.

Providing With 100% Satisfaction

Our hugest achievement is in the satisfaction of our clients. We have been trying to preserve our credibility since 2009 and feel content with our success. When someone thanks us it encourages us to work better by providing the optimal service to everybody without any partiality. Greeting all clients with a warm attitude and keeping them satisfied 100% is our priority.

Unquestionable Transparency

The purpose of the transparency that we keep between us and our clients is to keep them aware of each and every step being taken for any immigration process. It adds more to our reliability and takes the client out of darkness.

Indubitable Punctuality

As we all know that immigration is a very strict system, and even a minor delay can be a reason for the rejection of an application. Considering this in mind, all is done on time from our side like the application submission, document collection, and contacting a client when required. Apart from that, all documents are sent to the immigration authority on the accurate time or before the time. We truly understand the value of everyone’s dream and do all to change that into reality.

Easily Accessible Fees

Despite having an efficient staff of highly-trained and qualified immigration specialists, we offer our services within the limit of everyone’s financial reach. Seeing a common man moving to their planned foreign country is our goal.

Canadian Visa Types:

As a Canada immigration aspirant, you must know about the Canada visa types which are issued by the IRCC to the promising candidates. Keep reading below to know about some most famous ones:

Canada Business Visa

Businessmen from all over the world desire for a Canada Business Visa to set up their own business and live there. They must check their eligibility like the business experience, funds, all documents, preparation for an interview if required, and so on to be sure. Getting this visa offers uncountable opportunities for them to step towards the global level business competition and make own identity there.

Canada Work Visa

Every international skilled worker must try for a Canada work visa to live a comfortable life and get international level opportunities to work in other developed countries after acquiring Canadian work experience. After getting this visa, one goes to Canada on a temporary basis and can know more about the lifestyle of the country for improving their adaptation skills.

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry system  is an electronic system which issues the eligible candidates with the permanent residency  (PR) status with the involvement of federal government, provincial governments, and Canadian employers. Following are different categories of immigration program under this head:-

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Provincial Nominee Program

In Provisional Nominee Program (PNP)  program all the provinces, except the province of Quebec, are under an agreement of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Eligible candidate is nominated by these provinces  who wish to immigrate Canada and gain Canadian Permanent Residency (PR). Quebec has its own immigration system which is separate from all the provinces.

Canada Family Visa

A Canada Family Visa makes possible for a foreigner to visit their family members living in Canada whether as permanent residents or citizens for a fixed period of time. Apart from meeting their own family in the country, they can explore it very well and prepare themselves better get permanent residency in the future that leads to the Canadian citizenship after a certain period.

Canada Tourist Visa

Foreign Travel lovers need a Canada Tourist Visa to travel in Canada not only for fun, but also for being familiar with the weather, culture, community, government system of the country. Having known all these things properly, they can know their eligibility for the Canada PR visa or prepare for the same.

Canada Student Visa

As students want to have the best education these days, A Canada Student Visa can make their dream come true. Studying in one of the most prosperous countries of the world enables them to get a bright future by having a desirable job in the country or other developed ones in the world. This visa is the best way to know more about the country and increase the possibility of getting the permanent residency there.


Australian Visa Types:

Having a valid Australian visa issued by the immigration authority of Australia allows you to travel, work, study, or run or establish own business in the country. The nation’s economic prosperity is the biggest reason for grabbing the attention of prospective immigrants across the world. There are many kinds of the visas of Australia, but the most demanded ones are given below:

Australia Tourist Visa

Getting an Australia Tourist Visa is what the people across the world dream of. The reasons could be like experiencing the coastal beauty, serene atmosphere, wildlife, diverse culture etc. of the country. But, except for all these, they can know their eligibility and increase their chances of being considered for the Australian permanent residency. Although it is a temporary visa, it’s the best way to visit the country and start adapting to the existing environment.

Australia Subclass 189

Under the Australia Subclass 189  those skilled immigrants are taken into consideration who do not possess any sort of sponsorship from Australian state or territory or from an employer or from any family member who is the permanent resident of Australia. Australia offers these sortof candidates a great opportunity to live and settle in the country and move their respective careers ahead.

Australia Subclass 190

Australia Subclass 190 visa is a state sponsorship visa. The Australian state sponsors the visa of those skilled immigrants who want to live and settle down in Australia and do not have any other sort of sponsorship. This type of Australian Visa can be applied while residing in or outside the Australian state.

Australia Subclass 489

Australia Subclass 489 visa permits a candidate to live and work in a particular designated area or region for the span of 4 years. The candidates must  live for atleast 2 years in a particular state and ought to possess minimum work experience in the designated area of Australia to convert Subclass 489 visa to Australian PR. This visa acts as a entry point to Skilled Regional (permanent) visa subclass 887.

Australian Business Visa

You must strive for an Australian Business Visa to set up or run your own business in one of the most prosperous countries of the globe. Except for earning more money, you can prepare yourself better to compete with international competitors to reach the top at the global level.

Australia Student Visa Subclass 500

When a student gets an Australia Student Visa Subclass 500, they are allowed to study in the country having their education longer than a period of three months. Those who have an Australian degree or diploma can get a top-notch job in the country and other developed countries equal to Australian economy status. Furthermore, they can gain more knowledge of the country’s lifestyle and prepare themselves for the same to settle there in the future.

Australia Working Visa

Skilled workers should apply for an Australia Working Visa to get the best use of their skills and talent for growth reasons. Earning a generous amount of money comes with an Australian work experience. Such experience results in a better professional life in the country or other prosperous countries and a secure life.

Australia Family Visa

An Australia Family Visa can allow a person to meet their family members living in Australia either as citizens or permanent residents. Not only the person can share the company of their dear ones in a foreign country, but the Australia Family Visa holder can know about the general lifestyle of the country and adapt to that by improving themselves. In the future, the person can apply for the Australia permanent residency without any hassle.

As mentioned above, Make Visas has always been on the first among the top visa consultants in Ahmedabad for Canada and Australia. Our immigration expert specialist team is well-reputed for staying in touch with their clients from preparing their application to the landing in their planned country. Besides providing assurance, they also help someone become more eligible by telling how to improve their points for being considered an ideal candidate to be issued the permanent residency.

For availing more information about Canada immigration or Australia immigration, call the corporate hotline +91-7042 184 185 / email your queries on info@makevisas.com or Visit the Official Website. You can directly walk-in to our nearby office for more details and enquiry.

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Best Immigration Consultants in Ahmedabad for Australia and Canada.

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