You know you can work in your dream country and after that return to your homeland. Countries like Australia, Canada has work permit visas under which people can work for the limited time and can even return to their native country if they don’t want to settle in abroad on the permanent basis. At Make Visas, we help in processing your work visa. We work on all the components that play a vital role in your visa process.

1) Job search tools

Make Visas helps in the searching job for you while you are in your home country. We send your resumes to employers so that your profile comes into limelight among the employers who are searching for qualified candidates for certain profiles. We make sure that your resume reaches thousands of people and the probability of getting job increases.

2) Resume writing

As said always- the first impression is the last impression. The resume is the first element that projects you. No matter if you are highly skilled if your resume is not updated and as per the standard of the company then, chances are high you will face the rejection. But as you are the client of Make Visas, we make sure that your resume is eye-catching and highlights all your achievements. We have an in-house team of skilled experts who write the resume as per the other countries standards and conditions.

3) Cover letter designing

Introducing Cover letter with your resume or curriculum vitae is the best way to get notified among the Company or Employers. Job seekers usually add the cover letter with the resume so that their chances of getting noticed get higher and it is the way of expressing their capability for desired positions. Make Visas helps you in designing the cover letter for you so that you get the job from high employers.

4) Salary Negotiation 

What if your resume gets selected by Employers? The next step would be about salary status. Bingo! You don’t have to worry at all about Salary negotiation as all such factors and terms are taken well care of by the Make Visas experts. Make Visas uses latest technology and techniques of HR expertise that aims to select the right candidates for right profile.

The motto of Make Visas is to address all the queries of the clients associated with overseas jobs.   Make Visas provide Job opportunities for countries like Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Denmark and Hong Kong.


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