Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana for Australia and Canada

Choosing the best Immigration Consultants in a city like Ludhiana is quite difficult when you are surrounded by hundreds of Immigration firms all around. When it comes to the top leading Immigration Consultancies in Ludhiana, you simply can’t ignore Make Visas. Known for their adept staff, flexibility, and expeditious process and commitment to make their clients happy by making their Immigration journey easier and joyous. Their motto is to guide clients in choosing the best visa option for their dream destination country. Choosing Make Visas is always an ideal choice as they provide a plethora of services to their clients at equitable rates. Students, business people, skilled worker, family or globally recognized artists everyone is welcome here.

Why Choose Make Visas?

Make Visas is the leading Immigration firm on national as well as International level. Apart from delivering supreme exceptional Immigration services, we also guide the users in choosing the appropriate visa category keeping their skill factors on priority.

Check out the points that make us different from the rest of competitors:

a) Personalized Services

Every client is equally taken care of by the Immigration experts. We pay heed to our clients and always help them in their visa processing. Whether documentation or visa filing, we are always there to guide you the best.

b) Transparency

We don’t do things behind the curtains and make sure that our clients are aware of the visa services and process that we deal with. We inform our clients at the beginning about the whole process including fees and assure our clients are attentive about their Immigration activities.

c) Consultation

Immigration is a big decision and assistance in the initial stage is must as it’s quite perplexing to choose the right country as well as to know which visa category is the most suitable one. Our Immigration experts are always there to guide you in the right direction and helps in releasing your mental state. We thoroughly explain the whole process so that the applicant gets confused while making the final call.

d) Documentation

Documents filing is the most difficult stage of the Immigration process as one single wrong document can spoil your case. Our team helps in filing your visa application so that there are no chances of rejection of visa approval.

e) Immense support from Professionals

We value Immigration is a lifetime experience, therefore, we try our level best to make it more memorable to you. Our mission is to provide a friendly environment to our clients so that they get a clear idea about the process and can also remove their doubts if they have any.

Number of benefits given to the Clients:

  1. The official helpline number is active around the clock
  2. Immediate response to Emails and Messages
  3. Filing of the visa application
  4. Documentation
  5. Job Assistance
  6. Pre and Post landing Services

Types of Visa we offer

Make Visas deals with all categories of visas and have 100% success rate for both countries Australia and Canada. If you have plans to migrate abroad and confused which visa type you should opt. So, check out the visa types which you can apply depending on your stay period as well as your requirement.

Australia Visa Categories- 

a) Tourist Visa

If you are a tourist want to explore the kangaroo land or businessmen who want to participate in an official meeting or you want to meet your family members residing there then, you can apply for this visa. It is a short-term visa and is valid for three, six, nine or twelve months. You must have a sufficient amount of money during your stay to look after all your expenses.

b) Family Visa

If your family member is residing as a permanent resident or citizen and is ready to sponsor you, you may apply for family visa. The sponsorship from your relatives is must and if qualifies, you may study or work in the country.

c) Permanent Residency Visa

This visa category provides you with a chance to live in Australia on a permanent basis. You get the numerous benefits and are eligible to apply for citizenship after meeting the initial requirements. Your family members can accompany you in the nation.

d) Business Visa

The businessmen who are looking forward to expanding their business in Australia and ready to invest in the country are eligible to apply for this visa. To need sponsorship from the Australian Government, your business plan should be exceptionally well.

e) Work Visa

Work permit gives you the privilege to stay and work in the country for the temporary or permanent basis. The applicant must have work experience in their field of expertise and their occupation should be in demand list.

Canada Visa Categories

a) Tourist Visa

The travelers who yearn to visit Canada and explore the whole country can apply under this visa. We provide Tourist visa services to the applicants who want to visit the Canadian land on a short-term basis. You can even apply for this visa if you want to visit your family members residing there.

b) Family Visa

It is an opportunity for parents, spouse or any dependent family member to join their respective family members living in Canada. The applicant can choose any of the three visa categories-Super Visa, Spouse Visa, and Dependant Visa.

c) Permanent Residency Visa

Permanent Residency (PR) Visa permits an applicant to live and reside in the nation on a permanent basis. The applicants who want to attain PR visa can either opt for PNP program or Express entry program. PR Visa is valid for a span of five years.

d) Business Visa

A business visa allows you to expand or start a new venture in Canada and it is also a gateway to get Canadian PR. It is of three types- Startup, Employed, and Immigrant Investment Venture Capital (IIVC). The applicants can nominate any of the visa categories depending on the eligibility and skill factors.

e) Work Visa

It allows you to work as well as reside in the nation depending on the visa duration. The applicant can opt for either temporary or permanent visa as per the requirement.

For availing more information, call on official helpline number +91-7042184185 or write down your queries at info@makevisas.com.

Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana for Australia and Canada

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