Arrima-Quebec Skilled Worker Program Portal Opens

Candidates have to create an Expression of Interest profile in Arrima first for the Quebec immigration via QSWP

Arrima, the new online portal for the QSWP is in effect now.  The Canada immigration Aspirants striving for the Canada permanent residency using the Quebec Skilled Worker Program or QSWP can express their interest to the Quebec government making a profile with Arrima.

The province’s government moved to an Expression of Interest or EOI system in September for the QSWP. This system has made mandatory for every interested candidate to make a profile providing the asked information related to the educational qualifications, area of training, French and other language proficiency, work experience, and so on.

According to the Quebec’s Immigration Ministry (MIDI), the invitations will be issued to the eligible candidates fulfilling certain criteria, paying attention primarily to the labour market requirements in the different Quebec regions.

Any prospective immigrant awarded with an invitation will be allowed to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) to the Quebec government. This certificate will allow its holder to submit a full Canada permanent residence application to Canada’s government.


This system is quite different from the previous first-come, first-served model. The number of candidates entering the QSWP bank is not limited. For a profile submission, the only requirement is that the applicant must be minimum 18. But, for selection, they must attain the passing score for the employability and selection factors as per the QSWP points grid.

Only limited information is provided about the ranking system in the bank of QSWP. Although the existence of a ranking system is mentioned, it is not clear whether it will be like the Express Entry system’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) or not.

Arrima Working System

A user gets into a virtual waiting room, where they have to wait by the time they are notified about their turn to access the portal. After being allowed to access the portal, they will have 90 minutes in here. The MIDI advises saving frequently to keep away from losing the information given to that point in the event one’s 90-minute session expires. 30 days are given to complete a profile, and it will be valid for one year.

A placed candidate in the EOI pool can update their profile by providing new information or revise the information they gave any time in this 12-month validity period. If invited by the Quebec province to apply for a CSQ, the individual will have 90 days to submit their application.

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